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If you’re an entrepreneur, you already know how hard selling can be.
Many business owners struggle in their attempts to move others to action. In order to succeed, you have to be able to effectively communicate what your product, service, or idea means to the people you need to influence.
A few Read More
Ron Gold was riding his bicycle in Northern New Jersey when an SUV struck him head-on without braking.
The driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. And Gold, having just come around a curve, didn’t have enough time to change course.
By all accounts, the accident should have killed him. But his acti Read More
The rocky start of Facebook’s IPO has done very little to discourage the company from charging full steam ahead and going after its competitors.
With its billion-plus users in its back pocket, the company has the confidence to challenge even the likes of Google and its video outlet, YouTube.
Earl Read More
Saturday night my wife and I rented and watched the movie Red Army, about the former Soviet Union’s commitment to international ice hockey domination and the migration of Russian hockey players to North America.
The movie took me back to a time when I loved watching those Soviet hockey teams becau Read More
A few months ago, I did a non-scientific survey on this site asking the following question of anyone who wanted to answer it:
“What’s the best way to learn more about entrepreneurship?”
I promised to present the results in a post. I’ve finally gotten around to doing that and have included the res Read More
There are few of us who, at some point in our life, have not found ourselves in a rut and unsure of how to move forward.
“Empowered!: How To Change Your Life In Your Coffee Break,” by Anne Mulliner (@Supercoach100), aims to empower us with ability to dispel any doubts and negative thoughts that we Read More
This cafe has a unique location — inside a nineteenth century train station. The Market Cafe is located in the sleepy little town of Topton in eastern Pennsylvania. When you visit, one of the first things you might notice are the two very active train tracks. The second would be the old train stati Read More
Small businesses today don’t just compete against other companies in their market for customers.
They also need to compete to recruit and retain the best employees, too.
Your employees are a huge part of your success.
Building a successful team involves more than just training, good communicatio Read More
Whether you run a business completely online or have a small town storefront, technology can offer tools to make your everyday tasks easier. Members of our small business community have plenty of experience dealing with these tools and keeping up with the technology trends that can impact their bus Read More
As July arrives next week, a Biz2Credit webinar approaches that will teach small business owners and entrepreneurs more about seeking loans for their ventures.
There are also a number of other great happenings in which small business owners and managers may be interested.
While you are taking a l Read More

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