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Interests: I am a "chile-head". I like hot & spicy food. I enjoy good things in life, e.g., tea, wine and chocolate.
Latest Blog Entry: TEUXDEUX TO-DO APP

What kind of productivity tools do you use in your worklife? I am still developing my own personal kanban workflow system based on both low-tech tools, e.g., bulletin boards, sticky notes, notebooks, together with information technology tools, e.g., Evernote, Eisenhower Matrix, Workflowy. I think I have found the missing piece of the time management puzzle... 

I have had a hard time to find an easy way to write down my to-do stuff. Most of the applications have had a pretty hard learning curve (at least for me), and I haven't been able to make a habit of updating my to-do list on a regular basis. I have been playing around with TeuxDeux for about a month now and I will evaluate it a bit more, before I sign up for the monthly plan ($2 per month). 

I like the design of the layout, it is like having an open paper calendar in front of you. The text content is pleasant to your eyes. Please listen to my podcast for my take on the TeuxDeux app and the development of F.I.X IT!

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To-Do List - KiRKWOOD by John Cox.

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