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The Small Business Advocate radio program:

Jim Canterucci joins Jim Blasingame to ask the questions the answer to which indicate whether you're capable of being the calm and consistent leader your people need you to be. Read More
The Small Business Express #23:

The only thing that might be uglier than a divorce is a business partnership gone bad.
Business partnerships can be awesome. Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak, Warren Buffet & Charlie Munger, Mike Monroe & Gary Shouldis and Darryl Hall & John Oats are just a few exampl Read More
The Social Hour by Amber Mac & Sarah Lane:

Amber & Sarah chat with LiveNinja's Will Weinrub on the future of live video chats, Google+ makes view counts public, OkCupid's stance on the Firefox browser leads Mozilla CEO to step down, search Twitter via date range, social media jobs at HootSuite U Read More
The title of this post is a play on words as C-T-C (crush, tear & curl) "is a method of producing black tea."

It is time for my tea interest to grow into a hobby business with the potential of becoming a real residual income in the long-run... One of the tools that will help me facilitate the op Read More
Another friend asked the Windows laptop v. Macbook question on her Facebook today. You can predict what happens next. The cult came by.As with the last time a friend asked the same question.

The cult always comes and proclaims the superiority of the Apple Macintosh. And it is a blinding proclama Read More
Stefan Engeseth of Detective Marketing writes:

Zlatan is amazing in more ways than words can play.
Zlatan's Volvo commercial is made by Forsman & Bodenfors, the most awarded agency in this part of the world.

I think FB are really great but this is by far the most boring commercial I have eve Read More
I wonder how much silver they are using in Corning’s new Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass for mobile devices. Could you come up with some scope of use? Read More
Will you be able to survive another prepper show, or do you already have a full stockpile of stuff? Is it a question about mere survivalism, or is the prepper movement on something for the future? Could you both live after the motto, carpe diem, and be a prepper at the same time? How do you prepare Read More
Here is my first podcast in 2014! What do you think about the format, three things in three minutes? Please listen to the show on Audioboo:

Show notes:

Business idea - podcast. Example: John Jantsch's latest podcast.
New media - newsletter. Examples: TinyLetter (MailChimp), Mad Mimi, Constan Read More
It has taken a long time to develop my personalized kanban workflow system, but the pieces are coming together and I am starting to get an overview picture of the time management puzzle. I know that I should have one place for incoming stuff (ideas, notes, to-do activities, projects, etc.), but it Read More

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