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One of the greatest fears entrepreneurs face when selling is being too pushy. Nobody wants to come off like one of those obnoxious salespeople.
You know what I’m talking about. Those people who are more interested in shoving their product or service down your throat than they are in actually figur Read More
The classified ad screamed: “$600/Month Guaranteed!”
This was a lot of money back in the day.
I was a new high school graduate and had only a vague notion of the saying in business that “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” I would learn soon enough.
It was my first big sales job. I Read More
Every day people enter sales positions or start businesses.
They are either taught techniques and tricks of the trade, or they assume that certain behaviors are appropriate. Unfortunately, many of these people are doing the wrong things and therefore, not getting the results they seek.
Below are Read More
A lot has changed in the business world since 2007, but perhaps what’s changed the most is how rapidly customer service expectations have risen. As customers evolve, your customer service has to keep pace. Just how are customers’ expectations changing?
Customer2020, a new study from Accenture (PDF Read More
An important key to business success is managing cash flow so you have enough money on hand to pay bills when they come due.
In order to do this, you need to budget for expenses, and expect to have unexpected (or not so obvious) costs.
Below are some hidden costs that can drain your cash — unless Read More
With a few exceptions, books written on the topic of how to start a business are heavily targeted to three audiences:
1. Tech-savvy startups
2. Serial entrepreneurs
3. Business school grads
Try adding moms to that group.
In her aptly named book, “Venture Mom: From Ideas to Income in 12 Weeks,” Read More
There’s a long-held belief that about half of businesses fail within their first year and even more fail within five years. So for a business to make it 60 years or longer, that’s quite a rare accomplishment.
Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp. in Mount Prospect, Illinois, is a businesses that has Read More
Content marketing has become a major part of many marketing strategies, and for good reason. The concept is one that can adapt to so many different industries, budgets and target markets. But that also means that no two content marketing strategies look the same.
For tips on how to build a content Read More
Have you given much thought to planning for a business event this week? Here’s a chance to do a little research to make the most out of what such events have to offer.
Make a plan and know what you hope to get out of the experience.
Do you want to promote your brand, sell a product, gain informat Read More
Not many of us are fortunate enough to have the job of our dreams. That’s a job when we wake up in the morning truly looking forward to getting to work and the day ahead.
Hopefully, if you are a business owner you chose to start a business that interests you and which you enjoy. And the fact that Read More

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