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How do you find new podcasts to listen to?

Apple recently celebrated 10 years of podcasting in iTunes, and I celebrated 8 years with podcasting on my birthday, May 25! ;) Read More
Your Business Professor was teaching our 5-year-old boy some basketball moves in our backyard court …
Grab a jersey here. Push there. Lean. Scream.
Charmaine looked out the window from her home office. As a Kentucky Wildcats fan, she understands basketball’s contact nature, but she had never hear Read More
Sujan Patel is a digital marketing pro with over a decade of experience and is the VP of Marketing at In his spare time he created, a tool to help automate content marketing, which launches on July 14.
Sujan is also the author of “100 Days of Growth,” an actionabl Read More
From Ivana Taylor's review of the book, Uninvested: How Wall Street Hijacks Your Money and How to Fight Back:

I feel like I should start this book review with one of those “This is intended for mature audiences” warnings.
Depending on your involvement in the financial industry, you might be dis Read More
Your business may be a reflection of your passion and drive, but bringing in a profit is a big part of being an owner.
Another big part is making sales. You may not think business events can help you in this. But business events are a great place to network. Participation can get you potential cli Read More
When done correctly, blogging can provide a huge boost for your business. But there are plenty of decisions that need to be made and lessons that need to be learned in order for you to really be able to blog effectively.
This week, members of our small business community shared some tips on bloggi Read More
A new strategic partnership between Sage and Deloitte looks to use the cloud as a delivery platform to deliver affordable insight and agility to small businesses.
Kevin Walsh, head of technology consulting for Deloitte, says in a press release: Read More
Customers have been not-so-patiently waiting for the release of Windows 10 for awhile now. The release has been so highly touted in part because of some of the issues with earlier Windows operating system. But this week, customers got their wish as Windows 10 was finally released.
Amazon, Verizon, Read More
The divide between good communicators and not-so good communicators begins early. Most of us stumble through middle and high school speeches along with possibly a course or two in college (unless you’re majoring in communications). Most of us accept that we will only be mediocre speakers, unless we Read More
Businesses use various approaches to market their products — with the better companies seeking to differentiate themselves in a striking way from the competition.
Mount Hope Estate & Winery in Pennsylvania takes a rather unique approach. The establishment throws its famous Renaissance Faire each y Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

Today 4 in 10 women are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families,¹ and they do more than twice the amount …

Gary Hart @SalesDuJour Brings Passion for Sales

It could be argued that sales, in some form or other, is the most important function for any business. Because, without … More
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