Welcome to Costa Rica, a small country in Central America with a population of nearly five million and which takes pride in the fact that it is a rapidly developing nation. San Jose is the capital and largest city of this nation with more than a quarter of the population living in it.

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You must have heard this quite a few times that 80% sales come from 20% of your existing customers. These are the golden words of B2B marketing (and also B2C). The only difference between these two is that B2B marketing involves a longer sales cycle which in-turn requires much more focus on retaini Read More
In order to run a sustainable business, you need to make sure that the potential new users who sign up for your service are able to quickly and clearly understand why they should keep using your product. Read More
Activity trackers can do wonders for the development of children. It can help them build habits and practise them.

Fitbit is the first name that comes to the mind when thinking about activity trackers. Here we have listed 11 best Fibit bands with pros, cons for each.

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In this article, you’ll learn how to connect People to Process Street, a business process management tool commonly used for employee onboarding, sales qualification, or any recurring task with multiple steps. Read More
Let’s look at three ways a regular writing practice helps you work in that multidimensional space that honors both your prospects’ and your business’s needs. Read More
You can't verify GDPR compliance if you don't know where your data is. Here are 10 things to lock down if you haven't already.
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If you have a lot of Spreadsheets in an Excel workbook you can easily navigate using a menu here's how
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We want privacy, but we also want the efficiency that comes with data processing and the scientific advances that result from big data analytics. Is there a way to serve both individuals and agencies? And how do we get there? A Hugo-award-winning SF author gives his perspective.
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Privacy Awareness Week is observed between 14 – 20 May this year. And as millennial are thought to be less caring for their online privacy, PureVPN compiled a list of tips for millennials to protect themselves online. Read More

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