The latest version of Microsoft's open-source .NET Core platform will be available soon across Red Hat's Linux and open hybrid cloud offerings. Read More
In this episode they interview Vinay Patankar, CEO of Process Street, one of their favourite small business process automation tools.
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Over 100 free and affordable tools for your business. From project and time management tools to creating content and free stock photos for your blog.
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Processes are our deal. It’s what we do.

Unsurprisingly, it’s what our users do too. They use Process Street to manage their internal processes and keep their teams working at maximum efficiency. Read More
Coming to the health apps, all one can think of is fitness trackers. Wake up! Move on! They have much more to offer and benefits both doctors and patients. Read More
The advantages of monitoring a network are undeniable. However, when it comes to choosing your weapons for monitoring a network, native protocols are a wise choice. Read More
In order to compete with the monopoly of Facebook, Google’s AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages was launched in 2016. Along with the skepticism, came that it had limited advertising tags and an open source protocol that navigated users away from the landing page’s native site, many thought that AMP wou Read More
Here is the sure short formula of designing a sophisticated and appealing app icon that can create its own mark amongst the others.
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In this phase, we are going to talk about things you need to do while setting up your new blog the perfect way. This will cover everything starting from your very first interaction with WordPress to better search engine indexing setting of your blog posts. Read More
How businesses respond to the challenges and exploit the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) will be a key determinant of success. Read More

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