Python is hugely valuable to companies that need to quickly prototype new products and data-focused companies that need to integrate statistical analysis into their workflows. In this article, we'll explore what sets Python apart from other programming languages, why it's popular with data scientis Read More
Ford's data announcement at CES and Volkswagen's emission-gate issue highlight two things automakers must leverage in an IoT world: data and trust Read More
Are you tired of spam comments on your WordPress blog? Many bloggers face the same problem. With the 90% of the comments being spam, it is very irritating to knock out these spam comments. You don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. You must have searched many times to know how you can stop Read More
The Microsoft Azure cloud platform will be made available as a standard offering as part of LoginRadius’ Customer Identity and Access Management platform Read More
Unlike entertainment or Gaming apps, a business app is expected to be made with all seriousness and highly focused on what they aim to do – though, I am not saying entertainment and gaming apps aren’t made with seriousness, otherwise Clash of Clans wouldn’t have been making $ 1.5 million a day. Read More
A USA based company can convey their thought or business strategy among the clients all over the world through an application. Hiring iPhone/iOS app developer in USA. Read More
The path of entrepreneurship is filled with stumbling blocks but thanks to all the cutting edge apps that can transform those blocks into stepping stones. Read More
Apple is hosting an iPhone 7 launch event on September 7. It is official now. Apple has sent out the media invites for iPhone 7 event on September 7th. No doubts, we were waiting for the party to begin. It is one of the biggest tech events of the years. The iPhone 7 launch event is happening at Bil Read More
For security-minded businesses, data stored in the cloud tends to be more secure, because most providers put far more resources toward security than the typical small business can afford to do. But migrating to the cloud is not without its challenges. Read More
One of the biggest, and somehow sneakiest, developments on the modern Internet is the growing use of voice search. As more people take advantage of the voice features of their mobile devices and tablets, the concepts of search and SEO are changing. Surprisingly though, many online industries have b Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

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