For the first time ever, HBO will be available for customers who don’t have cable in 2015. This is great news for fans of shows like Game of Thrones, The Leftovers, Silicon Valley, Veep, and Girls. However, HBO’s offer also reeks of desperation. This transparent grab for extra income is indicative Read More
Who does not want a free internet connectivity at the coffee shop, or while waiting at the doctor’s chamber? Well! I guess everyone and that is why the Cloud wifi is the latest buzz used in the business world today. Read More
I bet you cannot think of a single day without an internet connection. From checking out Facebook updates to gathering information about the entertainment industry, you need it around the clock. For business purposes too, all-time internet connectivity is a must. Read More
The security of the data in your cloud is vital for companies. Being hacked can have serious consequences for a company. How secure is your cloud? Read More
When we’re thinking of the best blogging site to host our newly created blog, WordPress and Blogger are Read More
This event aims to untangle the legal uncertainties which are generated by regulations in the EU and internationally particularly in terms of privacy. Read More
Cloud technology has made vast improvements in the way we share information and there are numerous startups that are expanding the cloud even more. Read More
Infographic: 80% of respondents chose a product, service or company over a competitor because it had a better website. Highlights from our web design survey. Read More
Apple has announced the release of its iOS 8.1 with Apple Pay (a mobile payment platform), SMS Relay and Camera Roll. The release includes new features, improvements and bug fixes including Apple pay support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, access to iCloud photo library beta and support for SMS mes Read More
Microsoft has announced that it will offer unlimited storage on One Drive for all its Office 365 subscribers. Currently this expansion will be available for Home, Personal and University subscriber. Read More

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