In a world of bad bosses and ineffective managers, business owners are looking to the stars to find great leaders. Well, at least they should be. The space commanders of science fiction including Captain Picard from Star Trek, Leela from Futurama and Han Solo from Star Wars show incredible skill an Read More
Creating a healthy company culture requires a planning and deliberation. It is not something that should be left arbitrarily generated by the people working in a company, but rather should be considered beforehand so that things run smoothly for those working in a company. Keeping employees happy s Read More
An infographic looking at the Darknet (from September 2014). The most popular way to access the darknet is with a modified version of Firefox, called the "Tor Browser". Read More
As part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we have Intellectual Akshay Jain Founder of, He will be sharing his thoughts on CPA Marketing, Mobile Marketing & PPV Marketing . He is making good amount of money through affiliates, CPA's & many other resources. So lets get star Read More

The big dilemma

The big dilemma Avatar Posted by ScottDudley under Online Marketing
From 2 hours 22 minutes ago
If you’re a marketer putting up a sales page, you have a dilemma.

Should you create a video sales letter or a traditional text based sales letter? Or should you do both? And which one converts better? Read More
Last week’s Whiteboard Friday from Moz co-founder and blogger Rand Fishkin posed an interesting question: “Is it possible to have good SEO simply by having great content?” I thought this was an excellent topic for conversation as it seems to me that many sites tend to focus on one or the other and Read More
It is very important for managers to delegate properly, because nobody has sufficient energy, information or time to personally do everything that needs to be done. Managers need to be trained how to: Delegate the right task to the right person. How would you do that?
Follow the six step delegatio Read More
Are you a student who often shows interest to buy electronic gadgets? If you’re puzzling with a question “Where can I get student discounts?” then I would say that this post is for you! Read More
"Infographics, videos, articles, free guides, presentations all have performance hurdles to overcome. Even with obstacles, these content beasts can be tamed to achieve maximum performance is search engines and social channels. Take a look at some monstrous problems that can accompany different form Read More
"To make matters worse, there is an endless stream of social media misinformation circulating across the internet. Regardless of the ‘who, what, where’ of these falsities, what’s important is that marketers show these myths the door."

Take a look at this infographic from flightpath about 7 commo Read More

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