A new global study by HootSuite of 750+ enterprise organizations reveals that majority of businesses believe social media presence is important to the bottom line yet they face challenges in turning social data into something actionable. Read More
Logos play an important emotional role in influencing decision making, particularly when information or time is limited. Take a second to sit back and think about your favorite brand. Maybe it's a sports brand, like Nike. Or perhaps it's a luxury brand, like Mercedes or BMW. Read More
Change is hard. I see entrepreneurs every day who are trying to change the world with a new idea, and startups that are trying to survive their hyper-growth phase by changing processes to meet demand. In both cases, it’s easy for them to become frustrated and give up, since most have never been tra Read More
Productivity is huge in freelance writing. Here are 3 awesome writing techniques that will instantly double your output. Read More
A laptop as you might already know is a portable desktop, it helps you perform certain tasks that can’t be done on a smartphone
Have you finally decided to acquire a laptop? And you want to do it without making mistakes. This brief guide is all you’ll need. Read More
Monarch is a brand new feature packed social media sharing plugin for WordPress by ElegantThemes, read our Monarch plugin review. Read More
Here is the list of the Best of Best Premium and Free Child Themes for Bloggers. Like, comment and share. Read More
Just stumbled upon a very interesting data graphic who the 25 deadliest actors online were. It’s pretty cool and I thought you might find it very interesting. Surprisingly Charlie Sheen and Michael Clarke Duncan, have more on-screen kills than Chuck Norris LOL. Read More
It’s no secret Google and Bing both use data from social sites to be able to determine how high to rank your website. Backlinks are still the name of the game though, yet social love is huge for SEO as well. Read More
This is possibly the funniest video definition of Bitcoin… and it’s actually quite true, well more true than most blog reviews we’ve seen out there. Try not to fall off the chair laughing, or hold on tight to whatever you can LOL. Read More

Learn How to Build a Firm Benefits Foundation

While health care reform hasn’t gone into full swing mode yet, your business can lay a firm foundation for 2015 by following …

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