In the eCommerce world, social media has almost completely replaced word of mouth for marketing and building an audience for your small business. Without social media, it is near impossible to survive, let alone turn a profit. If Social Media marketing is new to you or your company, then read on an Read More
Whether you’re linking to your latest blog article on Facebook or posting your latest thought on Twitter, it’s clear that you’re sharing with others. And, while it’s easy for you to compose tweets and status updates, it’s more difficult to craft social media postings that have the potential to be s Read More
By making use of SEO Through Social Media you can make your profile a lot more attractive and popular to users. This article looks at a few simple pointers to take into consideration when embarking on a social media campaign. Read More
“The search engine has pretty much killed the pub debate as any argument is almost always ended by the phrase ‘I have Googled it...’ whereas ten, fifteen years ago you might have heard ‘I've asked my mate...’ and I think it'll be a long time since we start saying ‘I've Twittered it.’” said Ian Harr Read More
Digital media evolves pretty quickly, and if you (as a marketer) don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it, because each year new tools and technologies are transforming this marketing channel.
So which marketing trends will shape 2014?
Lets take a look. Read More
Google has made some impressive changes and they are all part of a longer term strategy that has many components. In short, Google is doing a stand up job of pushing people away from tactical SEO and more towards a strategic web content approach. Read More
The widespread usage of smartphones and tablet devices has brought about massive change in the way we do business. While once we had to use long, drawn out methods - today, that is no longer the case - a phrase that often be heard is ‘there’s an app for that’. Read More
Times are changing. The days of sitting at the breakfast table with a cup of coffee and the morning paper are becoming a thing of the past. Clocking in at approximately 20% of all media consumption, online media is now a major means for consumer engagement. Given the vast reach of online media plat Read More
The infographic titled ‘Social Media Trends Shaping 2014’ has been created with the idea of enlightening business owners on strategies to optimize their profiles on social media platform. Read More
Customers have clearly changed how they conduct their buying process. Their expectations have changed as it relates to their process of evaluating product or service options, self-educating, participating in decision making groups, and ultimately deciding on and making a purchase. Customers now spe Read More

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