“Content is King”, you can’t open a marketing book or read a small business marketing blog without seeing that these days. But what does it mean? And especially for small business owners? Read More
The trap most people fall into is thinking that content marketing is easy, or that they can improvise their way through it. Not true. Read More
As you’ll see from the examples I’ve listed below, long-form content can be an incredibly powerful tool to earn a better reputation, increase brand awareness, increase conversion rates, and ultimately see better results from your content marketing campaign. Read More
Decisions essentially are never simple and when it comes to big decisions like shifting house, quitting a job or ending a relationship may turn you insomniac and anxious, which is extremely normal. At some point in everyone’s life, we have confronted making big decision; however there are few trick Read More
As we are all well aware of the fact that today’s twenty first century world is a fast paced one and if we do not remain at the top of our game at all times as well as under all circumstances, sooner or later we will lose all our relevance . This having been said searching for a job is no easy task Read More
Can I Use Pictures from the Internet on my Website or Blog? This question has come up time and time again. Click to learn about Image Copyright Laws... Read More
The real fact is that LinkedIn has nearly 225 million professionals where every professional post jobs and works on new hires. Every HR or recruiter would surely mention you to network or use social media for job hunt or for the sake of recruitment. Author Wayne Breitbarth mentions that many people Read More
All human beings have varying temperaments, while there are some individuals who know exactly what they want to do in their life right from their school days, on the other hand there are those individuals who even after college find it tough to narrow down on a career path for themselves, leading to Read More
Branding is something which is really necessary when it comes to make something popular. When a blog becomes brand then everyone starts following it and it gain more and more followers and expand it`s reach. Read More
*** Weekly Technology Recap ***
This Week's Byte Include:_
1. Android N Gets an Official Name
2. Xiaomi Released Xiaomi Mi Max in India
3. Major Windows Update Coming in August
4. Brexit Claims its First Victim
5. Facebook Privacy Notice Hoax
To get started check out this link:

https://ww Read More

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