Search engine optimization can be a complex process.

You’re in a constant tug-of-war with an unknown algorithm (or a few of them) that is always changing. Up to 500-600 times per year, in fact.

But despite all of this change, there is one aspect that has remained true:

Keyword research is Read More
If you were to re-launch the current version of the product today, how much would you ask your customers to pay?

Your product keeps evolving and you keep providing more and more value to your users, but are these improvements reflected by your price?

If you’ve ever thought about making change Read More
Grow your app in the competitive market with these smart hacks, and reduce your uninstall rates as well! Read More
An extensive list of SEO items you need to consider when developing and designing your website. Work on all these things before you launch your website and will have a much stronger final product once it goes live. Read More
At Hubstaff, we take growth seriously.

Without it, we wouldn’t be in the position we are today, with over 3,000 customers and $110k+ in monthly recurring revenue.

Because growth is so important to us, we’ve experimented across a number of different channels to see what works best for our busi Read More
A site migration takes place when a website is re-vamped from some reason. This could be a new design or adopting a new CMS. Read More
Have you ever wondered what technology the most innovative and successful companies are using to power their platforms, foster collaboration among their employees, or market their products and services? Read More
The Global Student Challenge is introduced by the Supply Chain Finance Community to create awareness on- and stimulate development in the topic of Supply Chain Finance.

This challenge aims at identifying the best student talents and connecting them to the corporate sector. Not only does the chal Read More
Wordpress is one of the most user-friendly platforms for website hosting. The use of plugin makes it easier for laymen to handle complicated tasks that need high-level coding knowledge.

Yoast SEO is one such powerful WordPress plugin if been used correctly. In this post, you can explore best Yo Read More
The amount of freebies on the Internet got quite overwhelming.
11 Ways to Convince a Prospective Customer to Try out Your Service Read More

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