Edelman Digital and the Marketing Institute of Ireland launched the results of #SocialOutlook15 a survey[1] into Irish Marketing professionals’ behaviours and attitudes towards social media marketing. Whilst the vast majority (91%) of those surveyed believed that social media was important to their Read More
Event Blogging is a Kind of Money Making blogging where in a day or 2, you can easily earn $1000-$5000, if worked hard. Generally people find it difficult to select the best event. So in this article, I have shared around 30 top events across the world which you can target and can earn very easily. Read More
The growth and popularity of video has no signs of slowing down. Brands will need to implement a video marketing strategy if they want to keep their online audiences engaged, especially on networking sites.

Here's an infographic from Wideo that illustrates how to best use videos on Facebook, Twi Read More
Sponsored Reviews and Paid Posts is one of the most interesting method to Make Money Online for Bloggers. We had a time that, Fighting and helping each other, searching Google to get oppurtunities,..etc to get Sponsored Reviews.

But, The Industry of Sponsored Review is in little bit dull now. Pe Read More
The industry dubbed the mysterious changes as the “Phantom Update” since whilst something appeared to have happened, there was no confirmation. Many thought that it was perhaps a Panda update, but Google dismissed this.

According to Paul Edmondson, the impact of the update was felt at HubPages o Read More
On May 19, 2001, Apple Inc. officially opened its first two retail stores in Tysons Corner, Virginia, and Glendale, California.
The initial public opinion was along the lines of Apple being scoffed at and written off by critics as doomed from the start. But unfortunately for the critics, Apple’s r Read More
There’s an overabundance of public relations agencies and despite their high costs — or maybe because of them — they’re not trusted. If you do hire one, you’ll get no guarantees.
There are 29 million businesses in the U.S., but fewer than one percent are represented by PR agencies.
“When you come Read More
Today’s newer payment apps and platforms can be pre-programmed for certain tipping amounts and seem to be resulting in higher tips for wait staff, cab drivers, and others.
For some entrepreneurs, this is good news. Even restaurateurs can benefit from their wait staff getting higher tips. Big tips Read More
Productivity is imperative in your small business. It leads directly to profitability.
But productivity means different things to different people.
Certainly it involves effectively managing your team and workforce. It includes things like effective time management and good communications and col Read More
Arjun Arora, creator of ReTargeter, which presents highly targeted ads to consumers, moved on quickly after selling his six-year-old startup this past March. And now a new app called Immediately is his new gig.
The Immediately app is designed to integrate deeply with Gmail and Salesforce to help s Read More

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