Customer Service enhances the in-store experience of customers and helps gain their loyalty. Retailers shouldn’t avail technology at the expense of customer service. Read More
Just like most business partnerships, conflicts are unavoidable when you’re working with a call center. However, they don’t necessarily mark the end of your relationship.
Read More
If you’re looking for a way to manage your social media accounts, you may want to give Social Jukebox a try.

Social Jukebox is an automated social media management tool that allows you to load content into a “jukebox” and schedule how often you want your social media posts to go out. This system Read More
QuickBooks (NASDAQ: INTU) recently introduced a new inventory “Reorder Point” feature that lets businesses set a minimum quantity of a product for sale to keep on hand.
If you are a small business that handles inventory, the new QuickBooks Reorder Points feature is designed to help you know when y Read More
Last week, big brands jettisoned parts of their digital advertising budgets after they realised their ads were appearing next to jihadist preachers on YouTube.

Will this spell trouble for Google, their stock and revenue? Read More
Facebook Expands Ability to Broadcast Live from Desktops and Laptops to All Users: Facebook announced that everyone around the world can now “broadcast live video to Facebook from their desktop or laptop computers.” Read More
In our tutorial, you will learn how to quickly create beautiful featured images for your blog posts with a free tool: Google Drawings. Read More
Email drip campaigns can be powerful and effective ways to build a loyal audience and share your great content with prospects and customers. But they can also fail miserably. Read More
In recent years Facebook has become a major advertisement platform. It has one of the largest numbers of users in the world and thus a very broad reach. However, posting something about your business or brand does not necessarily mean that you have nailed it at advertising. It requires strategy and Read More
One area that has always been a vocal point of SEO is content marketing. Everybody knows that regular content helps SEO and that a flurry of blog posts can increase website traffic in the short term. Digital marketers have been raving about the value of blogs and news pages for years.

Recently, Read More

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