Vidyard analyzed over 500 businesses and over 250,000 videos to see how businesses use video marketing to their advantage. Shorter videos tend to attract more viewers, but longer videos can still serve a purpose. Businesses have an average of almost 300 videos in their library, showing how vital th Read More
Social media can be invaluable to a variety of online businesses. But Twitter and Facebook aren’t the only online platforms for promoting your business. More traditional methods like blogs and email marketing can still be effective. And newer methods like live video streaming can also be applicable Read More
Today’s businesses need an online marketing strategy to succeed. While every business’s strategy may look a bit different, there are some common threads that hold most of those successful strategies together.
Members of the small business community have plenty of tips to share when it comes to suc Read More
Improving customer experience requires as much attention to how things work inside the company as how customers are interacting with the brand. Read More
In this post, I'm going to present four statistical concepts I believe will be valuable to anyone working in online marketing. Read More
Internet has changed the lives of every single person around the world. These days you not only use Internet to entertain yourself or gain knowledge, but Internet also becoming the most profitable platform for both businesses and individuals. No you can even earn money online, working from home or Read More
Putting your website on the top of search engine ranking may seem overwhelming for some. Just imagine, you have thousands, if not millions of other competitors who are also seeking the top spot in search engine ranking. Read More
Today’s contact centers thrive on technology. They can’t operate without Internet connectivity, automation tools, and smart computer programs that let them deploy omnichannel services. Technology, therefore, makes it easier for brands to provide a high-quality customer experience. Unsurprisingly, m Read More
The best way to protect your small business from data loss is to always back-up your data. However, sometimes, data loss just sneaks right on you. It could be as a result of incompatible software, data corruption, hacking, accidental deletion or even a simple power surge or outage. Whatever the cas Read More
WordPress 4.7.4 is now available. The release contains 47 maintenance enhancements and fixes. Chief among them includes a visual editor compatibility fix for an upcoming version of Chrome. Read More

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