When it comes to setting prices for your products and services, you may hesitate to demand what you really want. Don’t make this mistake. When you price everything at a bargain rate, it can backfire terribly and hurt your cash flow and the reputation of your business. Instead, you need to price for Read More
Research from Google indicates that an estimated 85% of shoppers begin the purchasing process on a different device than the one they ultimate use to make the purchase.

This represents a pretty large shift in the more traditional way that we’ve been told to think about the buying process or life Read More
That is important because the easier and faster you create and launch forms, the more you will do it, the more you will test new forms, the more you will create custom forms that is content targeted. Read More
Matching sales training to the buyer’s journey is essential when designing not just your sales training courses but also as part of your digital selling strategy. Developing a deep understanding of your customer profiles and their buying journey is critical in getting a sales force to engage a comp Read More
As technology improves, we’ll see more creative and interesting ways for marketers to reach their audience through video. Read More
Research on the force behind viral content found that a majority of viral posts online aroused strong emotions. These include content that caused uncertainty, curiosity, surprise and anticipation in the audience. Posts that brought out joyous emotions also went viral. You therefore need to post con Read More
Instagram is one of the hottest (if not the hottest) platforms right now. Plus, this is the place to be for creatives, because this visual network enables us to showcase our gorgeous work and style.

While its popularity only grows, a lot of small business owners are still confused on how to lev Read More
What are the best business and marketing conferences out there? Here are the top 30 events that are happening around the world. Read More
Voice search in businesses is not the talk of future; it’s already here. Accessibility to personal assistant devices, no or fewer typo errors, and an improved user experience have led to the predictions that “50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020” Read More
Are you writing effective Pin descriptions on Pinterest? Would you like to write better descriptions for your pins? Read More

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