Bad keyword research will have you typing 2,000 words of gold and relying on social distribution to run its two-day cycle before your page falls off the face of the internet.

A good keyword research, on the other hand, will make your content work for you.

There's no denying that you contr Read More
“Write for the user, not the search engines,” continues to be a mantra of content marketing. In reality, smart content creators write for both. Read More
New data from the National Retail Federation (NRF) paints a rosy picture for holiday e-commerce.

The organization estimates non-store sales of $122.9 billion in November and December, a 12.6 percent gain over 2015. And it’s significantly higher than the NRF’s predicted growth of 7-10 percent. Read More
Writing is a process, which is easy to forget when you’re juggling many different websites and business priorities. We tend to think of writing as finished once we publish the website, but that isn’t the case at all. Go back and read the content you have on your site, even if it is only six months Read More
Empower your customer service agents with proper trainings in personalizing interactions.

Here are tips and trick you can teach your call center agents. Read More
It was a warm balmy night in Melbourne, I decided to walk home from our offices in Docklands and walk along the water to reflect on the day that had been.

Only a few hours earlier I had been doing a keynote speech for a large bank in Australia, where there was about 100 executives from Read More
Perfecting customer interactions has thus risen to the top of business leaders’ priority list. This, however, may seem like an unrealistic goal. Somewhere along the way, your support reps may commit some mistakes. These lapses may look negligible at first, but if not corrected, they could smear you Read More
Inbound Marketing lets you target specific audience who will most likely convert into a purchasing customer so that you'll save money on advertising. Here's the gist of it. Read More
What're your digital marketing resolutions in 2017? What should you be paying more attention to in 2017? Which strategies, tactics, and channels could have the most impact on your business? This infographic can help you narrow your focus in the new year. It highlights key ideas and approaches that Read More
If you’re interested in starting a side job to generate new income, but you don’t have any money to invest, then you picked the right article to read. Each of the 30 methods below can be put into action by anyone, with no money, and most importantly, with no special skills. Read More

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