This post from Publicize is a step-by-step guide in infographic form for how to get PR for your small business or startup. Read More
Previously, Google used two key metrics to calculate AdRank – the maximum CPC bid and the Quality Score of the ad – in order to determine how high the ad should be placed. Now, Google has added ad extensions into the mix, so the algorithms use three key factors, rather than two. Read More
Sales is a multi-faceted discipline, and there is little to be gained by narrowing your choices in executing your sale. Success comes from applying all potential tools and techniques, not by doubling down on one. Read More
Blogging offers online retailers huge opportunities for not only promoting products, but also engaging with customers and building long-term brand loyalty. - See more at: Read More
Yeah, I know it sounds like I’m offering some magic pill, but I’m not. In fact this info is so basic that no one really pays attention to them anymore. Marketers are so obsessed to use all kind of tweaks, tricks and gimmicks ( Read More
One of the most common questions I get asked is How Can I Grow My Business? So many people may think that it’s tough to start a business and I’m here to tell you I agree. But you know what’s harder than that? The step that comes after – growing. Growing a business is really tough! It’s easier to st Read More
Your business must incorporate multiple channels for support. Here are 3 reasons why using Twitter will improve support and keep your customers happy. Read More
Infinit-O listed 10 social media marketing Do’s and Don’ts on how to effectively build community and buzz for your brand through social media. Hope this guides you towards success! Read More
Do you know how people are using your website?

No, really?

Do you know what menu categories they are drawn to?

Do you know where they click on the home page or on inner pages?

Read More
Blogging is a journey that involves a lot of learning. That learning should NEVER stop. In this post learn what Dave Schneider is doing different now on his new blog after reaching 1 million page views on his other blogs. Read More

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