It may seem too basic to be effective, but email marketing is still one of the most reliable methods for communicating with a target audience. Whether you choose to send an email newsletter or an e-zine, utilizing this form of communication has countless benefits for your business. How Email Market Read More
The term “customer” is among the most elastic in management theory. Who are your business customers? Is your small business among those that claim that their strategies are customer driven? No matter whoever you think your customers are, it is essential to know that your business can not survive wi Read More
I’m always fascinated by the various ways people all over the world are using content marketing to promote themselves and their businesses. It’s interesting to see what works – and equally what challenges they have to face and overcome. Read More
This week Paul Montreal helps a consultant and product development coach turn her website around. Want to find out how to draw in your customers using the right pitch, and how to avoid repelling people?

Turnaround Tuesday is a free website marketing makeover service for entrepreneurs and small b Read More
Continuing our Storytelling 101 series by talking about the most popular — and the most misunderstood — story that marketers tell: the customer success story. Read More
Sending out proposals is scary. You imagine all those other more experienced consultants sending out exquisite proposals, written on rolled gold and delivered by carrier pigeon. You know it’s all in your head, but doubt creeps in and you begin to second-guess yourself. All of a sudden the Total tha Read More
There is more to the picture than meets the eye, good sellers, know how to paint a picture that resonates with the buyer on all levels. Read More
Clients are no longer satisfied with a siloed approach from their marketing agencies. Instead, they're looking for one agency that provides all the services they need. Take a look at the past, present, and future of digital marketing to determine your agency's next step. Read More
With nearly 80% of companies having adopted marketing automation technology (or planning to this year), what's the next frontier of marketing innovation? Based on where VC money is headed, it's predictive applications. By leveraging data science to make sense of the ever-growing amount of informati Read More
Direct marketing and data protection are intertwined, adhering to good data protection policies not only protects consumer data but also protects marketing companies. The European Commission is currently reviewing European data protection policies, in an effort to catch up with the rapidly expandin Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

Today 4 in 10 women are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families,¹ and they do more than twice the amount …

Reginald Chan @ReginaldChanNet Teaches Online Business Basics

Whether you plan to start a new online business or are launching a blog as part of your company's online outreach, … More
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