Fake News, Activism and Augmented Reality ruled social media in 2016. Here’s what we can expect from the world of social media in 2017. Read More
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The real work of blogging is PROMOTION and making sure the right eyes see that amazing piece of content you’ve created.

Beyond the problem of knowing how to use social media to build a blog, I find that when we as bloggers write individual blog posts, sometimes we are not clear on the different Read More
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How does Facebook’s New Feed Work?

Just like Google, no one knows exactly how the news feed works or what factors Facebook takes into consideration.

According to a Facebook engineer, as many as 100,000 individual weights influence the content that appears in your newsfeed! Read More
Facebook’s advertising network gives you direct access to the biggest audience on the internet. If you haven’t yet considered Facebook advertising for your business, you are missing a trick.

These statistics show that 6% of all Facebook pages advertise on the network, with a 50% growth between 2 Read More
Social media is a constantly changing every day and yesterday’s rules won’t necessarily work tomorrow. Here are tips from 4 specialists. Read More
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