Want to disaster-proof your business? You need to nail your branding. In this blog post and latest episode of the Brand Authority Podcast, I share why most businesses get branding wrong – and what you can do about it. Read More
We use Social Media every single day. From the day starts to ends with social media networks. To follow the modern trends, you need to know social media marketing directions, even if you run just a small local business. Every business needs a social media presence. There’s no way back!
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When it comes to reaching potential customers through social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter are probably the first channels that come to mind. But if you’re forgetting LinkedIn in your marketing plan, you may be missing out on big opportunities. LinkedIn is the third most visited social net Read More
LinkedIn isn’t just for job seekers anymore. But where do you and your business fit into the mix? As an entrepreneur, how do you get found and what are the best practices for updating your profile and communicating with other users? Can LinkedIn really help entrepreneurs find clients and get busine Read More
Instagram marketing and how top brands are using Instagram for brand marketing. This infographic shows how brands are effectively using Instagram marketing.... Read More
Your goals are the foundation of your social media marketing strategy. But how do you define those goals? These questions can help guide your way. Read More
It is a given fact that during this day and age, for a business to be successful advertisement about the product/service is a necessity. This can be done through various media such as radio, television, and internet and most importantly through social media by the social media manager. Reaching thr Read More
Whether you are a social media fanatic or have just learned what a hashtag is, Twitter is undoubtedly a fantastic platform to market your business on.

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If you decide to use Twitter for business, befriend with hashtags because they are here to stay. And they should be a big part of your social media marketing.

Here are killer ideas for how to use hashtags on Twitter. I hope they will help you rock your social media world. Read More
For many content marketers, social media strategy never gets beyond the spray-and-pray process of sharing a new piece of content with the widest audience possible, and then measuring if anybody engaged with it. It’s based on an idea that if you just keep creating new content and pushing it out, res Read More

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