Running a non-profit is hard (and before you ask, yes, I have been thinking about changing my name to Captain Obvious Jacobson). Resources are stretched pretty thin, and most of the time money is not allocated to advertising. So how is a non-profit supposed to grow its reach? Read More
Nowadays, with the power of Social Media you do not need to spend money in advertisement to promote yourself and your business. However, you need to know the strategies behind so you are in front of your ideal clients when they need you. In this week’s article I’ll show you one of the most importan Read More
Creating an engaging tweet involves preparation, thought and a strategic reason behind it. Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what to say to engage your followers and get them to interact or respond with you, so to help you out, our friends at TheMediaOctopus created an infographic showing th Read More
For many like me, Orkut is the one that gave us the first taste of social networking. And it’ll be extremely tough for us (no matter how easily we have forgotten the very existence of the accounts) to forget the wonderful memories of reconnecting with friends lost long ago. Yes, Orkut was the first Read More
In this article i have explained the various ways you can improve Facebook post reach without spending money. Your Facebook post reach depends on engagement Read More
With the constant endeavor to make Facebook better for the users, the company is always trying something new. So, what’s new this time? Carousel of similar or popular videos will appear on the bottom of your screen once you have finished watching one video in your mobile’s News Feed. Read More
Discover Content Marketing Tactics that will help your Hotel turn Engagement into Occupancy and Revenue Read More
Good intentions just aren’t enough on social media. When it comes to business and marketing, you have to bring your A game. You can’t afford a haphazard or questionable image. And if you’re the face of your organization, keep a tight watch on your personal presence online. Read More
What was initially a feature solely for Premium members, cover photos now appear to be available to any LinkedIn user, free or paid, who wants to brand their profile. Find out more! Read More
On average, company/brand names are mentioned in 39 tweets per day that's in 273 tweets per week, reveals new research from Mention.

To find out just how important it is to monitor your social presence, Mention (a social media monitoring app), analyzed 35.7 Million brand mentions on Twitter. Her Read More

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