The main reason people fail at social media is they misunderstand how to communicate over a medium that’s meant for human interaction. Instead of engaging with a community of people, many marketers will push content out for potential customers and fail to see the social network as an opportunity fo Read More
In this infographic you'll discover how Vine is ideal for marketing your brands, how it’ll help you engage your target audience, and how to leverage this social platform to effectively get your message across. Read More
Instagram is not just another social media platform, it’s more of a photo-marketing revolution through which brands are reaching out to millions of potential customers. But as great as Instagram could be for brand marketing, it is sometimes difficult for users and brand to measure the engagement an Read More
Make it stop!! I think most businesses have had that thought when it comes to social media and new social media sites. But let’s not forget the point of social media – reaching out to your audience where they are in a way that they want to be connected with. Read More
It’s hard to ignore the major impact social media is having on the face-to-face marketing world. It seems like every event has an official hashtag and every exhibitor is hurriedly posting minute-to-minute updates to their trade show social media accounts. Social media networks such as Facebook, Twi Read More
See a list of the most engaging Facebook posts and how to use them to your own business page. Get the most out of your social media marketing with these top tips and tricks. Read More
Get into the interesting article to find out some effective tips to encourage positive sharing about you, your company and your product. Read More
The never ending question every business and every person have – should I automate my Twitter marketing and if yes, then how much should I automate it? The question that separated marketers into two different camps. But is this the real question we should ask? Shouldn't we better ask how Twitter au Read More
A compilation of checklists for businesses and community managers in order to win in online community management. Includes checklist before hiring a community manager (for businesses) and daily community management checklist (for community managers). Read More
Social Media Communities impacts how travelers plan and book their experiences. Social networks are online communities of people who share common interests and activit Read More

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Latino employees are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. workforce – in fact, by some estimates one in three working …

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