Sometimes social media can be your best friend when it comes to offering great customer service. Not only can an online customer service presence help save you time and your sanity, but it can improve the experience for your customer. These tips will show you how Twitter can streamline your custome Read More
I spent roughly the first 10 years after college working, in some capacity, within the hospitality industry. I chose a profession within the hospitality industry because I am really passionate about two things that it encompasses: making your guests feel special and helping people have an enjoyable Read More
Social Media Marketing is cost effective, reaches a wide audience, and delivers quick results. However, if a Social Media Marketing strategy is handled the wrong way, some terrible blunders can occur. Here’s some mistakes to watch out for. Read More
Influencer marketing is the "new" word of mouth marketing and if you're confused about what to do with your social media influencers once you have them, you've come to the right place. In this post I'll share 3 really simple ways to partner with influencers (without creating any content on your own Read More
Nellie Akalp of shares insight on social media policies and if they can land your small business in legal hot water on Read More
Once again Facebook has managed to change the way people interact with the internet and the team at WordPress is helping them to get the job done. Facebook has teamed up with Automattic and they have worked together to create the Facebook Instant Articles plugin. Read More
Social media is much more than a marketing tool. Businesses are beginning to realize the power of integrating social media teams (and their insights) into other parts of the business. Why? Because as social media marketers, we are one of the first points of contact with customers both directly and Read More
How to find new valuable Hotel Talent. And learn how to discover talent with Social Media a Valuable recruiting and staffing tool for Hotels. Read More
The social media has changed the way people look at life. This is not just true in personal life but also in professional life. Most recruiters today conduct background checks by reviewing LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn presents your professional identity to the world. Read More
Facebook has updated its policies on how branded content is handled on the network, Branded content is defined as anything that “that specifically mentions or features a third party product, brand, or sponsor.” Read More

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