Do you know when you are getting the most visibility on your posts? Why spend so much time and energy writing, researching, curating and scheduling if you aren't going to maximize your brand presence? Read More
Social media can be an incredibly effective tool for businesses of all types and sizes. But the actual social networks that you choose can make a big impact on your chances of being successful. Here are 50 different social media channels that you can consider using to market your business. Read More
This is Lucky, one of our beloved greyhounds. She is staring at this nearly empty peanut butter jar like it’s the most important thing in her world (only because it is). How does this relate to running a small business? Easy – who is the most important thing in your small business world? Your custo Read More
The update Twitter users have longed for is finally here! Images and links at the end of tweets will no longer take up any of your precious 140 characters. YAY! This opens doors for much more in depth communication on the social media network. The 140 character update did not come alone, and in th Read More
There is no single quality to look for when searching for the ideal social media strategist. Social media strategy doesn’t mean just posting fun pictures and trolling for trends all day. A social media strategist must be able to work in many different disciplines and across each social channel. Read More
Sales and marketing teams are working more closely than they have ever done before – or at least they should be. Read More
If you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, there’s a new brand to consider. Snapchat — yes, that’s right, Snapchat — just revealed a new product: sunglasses that record video.
Like the popular smartphone app, the glasses record video in ten second increments. But since they’re wearable, Read More
At a time when the economy is growing and unemployment remains low, small businesses are once again populating job boards with available positions and hiring new employees. Yet, many face a daunting challenge: competition from other employers who woo job candidates with attractive salaries and a be Read More
Add new Pagination to your wordpress website with in 10 minutes with EASY WP PAGE NAVIGATION plugin. This will help you to add cool page navigation on your site ......... Read More
Whether you're just getting your social media strategy rolling or you've already built a powerful following, you must evolve with changing trends. Many new services are available, so let us help you focus on the most important trends right now.

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