We've all seen funny ads on our Facebook feed, and they certainly seem effective at getting us to click and share. But is a humorous ad the right choice for -your- business? Read More
Pinterest is one of the most engaging tools out there for getting people to see your brand. Whether you are sharing content or products, they can gain a lot of exposure through repins and likes. If you get onto a popular board with a lot of followers, your referrals could blow up. So how do you mak Read More
Though advertising on Facebook has existed almost as long as the platform, a lot of us are still getting to grips with it.
And much in the same way that setting up a successful Google Adwords campaign requires some skill and learning, so too does Facebook, despite its simple appearance. Read More
One tactic to building a strong visual presence on social media (without spending a fortune on production) is to curate your feed by reposting content created by other users - but this is where it can get tricky. In this post I'll review repost etiquette and teach you the basics on properly sharing Read More
Twitter background image real estate is too precious to waste if you want to portray your brand quickly. Need some ideas to stand out? Take a look at what these 9 entrepreneurs and innovators are doing. Read More
Readers do subscribe to blogs that create a deeper connection with them. So here are a few tips that you can use to connect with readers at a deeper level. Read More
In today's digital world transformation is happening faster than any time in history. Discover 5 Remarkable Emerging Social Media Trends for Hotels. Read More
You spent a lot of time and creative energy in bringing your book to life, so make sure your digital marketing efforts also reflect that creative energy. As an artist, creating social posts that surround your book – and any events around its launch – will begin to flow naturally. We’ve outlined a f Read More
Josh Bernoff, Chief Troublemaker at Without Bullshit, joins the Social Pros Podcast to share his approach to boosting your social marketing by cutting the crap from your writing. Read More
To help you improve your social media marketing strategy, we collected some of the biggest changes and developments that Facebook has implemented this year. We hope that these changes will help you to create more innovative and interactive methods of spreading your valuable message across this high Read More

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