Snapchat can be used as a cost effective marketing tool for small businesses that are savvy enough to handle the platform. Some larger brands have already had success marketing with the social media platform. Read More
When it comes to social media, images are golden. That’s why Twitter is taking a leaf out of Facebook’s book and redesigning its user profiles to be more visual than ever before. Read More
Facebook remains the most actively used social platform on the web. To better understand the makeup of its audience, Creatage created this infographic showing Facebook usage statistics for American adults. Read More
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This year many things are changing rapidly. Specially Search engine optimization is getting so much dependable on Social Media signals so with this here we are going to know about some major points on how social media affects SEO. Read More
I get this question all the time in my inbox... "How to do I get this fan page thing started?"

I totally get why this is so tough for a lot of people... Read More
I first encountered Tactics Cloud a couple of weeks back, when a friend of mine on Twitter was advertising how good of a service they provide. I naturally had to give it a try, and I was totally blown away.
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Feel like you're too wordy--or too brief? Find out the right length for posts to Twitter, Facebook, and more, for the best impact possible. Read More
Just a week after Twitter was banned in Turkey, YouTube came under fire by the Turkish government. The site was blocked when a YouTube user uploaded leaked audio from Turkish officials regarding potential military operations. Read More
Here’s a list of best practices to help you ensure high quality content and a lasting editor-freelancer relationship. Read More

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