The recent victories were not merely political successes, but demonstrations of the immense potential of advanced marketing and advertising methods.

We’ll look at three key areas in this article:

Why are emotions so powerful in decision making?
What is psychometric testing – the Trump and Br Read More
As social networks go Facebook is harder to crack than some of the others. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect it from your social media strategy. If done well, Facebook marketing can bring you some great results still. It is far from dead. For sure, Facebook marketing is changing. It jus Read More
Lately all the rage has been about Facebook ads and how to use the to get click from Facebook on the cheap.

But the fact is that you can still get awesome results with Facebook for FREE if you know what you’re doing.

Check out the 15 Facebook hacks below for some awesome ideas to skyrocket yo Read More
Marketers and publishers know that expressing yourself within a confined word count is challenging. And, as the social communication landscape has evolved, many brands have turned to multimedia content—like GIFs and images—to express emotion, add personality and engage with their audiences both whe Read More
There are so many Facebook marketing ideas, tips, secrets and tricks to learn. This is especially when it comes to advertising on Facebook for beginners. There are even more tips for social media in general. One thing I’ve learned is that successful campaigns do take time and effort. It takes real Read More
When you see the micro-content that Taco Bell and Oreo, amongst others, are putting out you may be quick to say "Psh... I can do that," but social domination is harder than it appears.

Social success requires more than just keeping your profile up-to-date.

To truly capitalize on the power of Read More
Do you know what are the copyright rules on using images online? Hear from Digital Marketing Expert & Social Media Strategist on best online practices. Read More
Chatbots and Facebook Messenger together a real powerhouse represent the future of Hotel Marketing. Connecting Guest to Hotels through Facebook Messenger Read More
Businesses are racing against each other to win the trust of consumers. Due to this, any promotional efforts – such as advertisements and sponsorships – are focusing more on authenticity.

This greater focus is exactly why you need to work with micro-influencers. Despite a smaller reach, these in Read More
For some companies, Pinterest can be a huge online marketing opportunity. To know how to make the most use of the picture-sharing platform, sometimes it's best to look at how larger companies are using Pinterest and getting it right Read More

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