For small businesses trying to make inroads online, it can often be difficult to spread what can be a limited marketing budget to form a successful campaign. Read More
On Tuesday 24 March I will be speaking at the Conference and Hospitality Show 2015 on how to increase engagement through video and blogging.

In my workshop, I’ll explain how to create attention-grabbing videos and blogs that will:

- boost your search engine ranking
- wow your audiences
- Read More
With hundreds of data types, it can be hard to know which ones are relevant to you and your overall marketing plan. Read the eBook to get the complete guide about social data. Read More
Whether by plane, train or automobile, Americans are booking trips at higher and higher rates — and digital media is front and center. This year travelers have an estimated $8,272 in budget to burn, and they are talking about where they want to go, searching for deals and requesting customer servic Read More
Considering the number of social media resources people can find on the internet, one can truly say that sentiment analysis has recently gone big. If you will try to put the search term sentiment analysis on Google Trends, you’ll see a vast growth from September 2006 up to the present. You’ll even Read More
Social media can be a powerful tool for engagement. It can also feel like a total waste of time if you’re using it the wrong way. Let’s take a look at three companies who are rocking social media to see what you could be doing differently so that you can begin to speak your customers’ language. Read More
While there are many articles out there telling you what to do with social media, it’s just as important to understand what not to do. We take inspiration from a few companies that have fallen flat on their faces when it comes to using social media. Read More
"Given Instagram’s visual nature and its potential to reach so many customers, it’s an ideal fit for hair salons. From trendy hairstyles to creative nail art, there are endless marketing possibilities on Instagram."
Read More
With help of his colleagues from MyBlogU, the author collected the three most powerful tools for Twitter. Here’s what they said. Read More
From Google+ communities to Twitter hashtags, check out the article to find out what is the key to rule the world of social media. Awesome article by Taylor Nelson! Read More

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