Facebook is home to over a billion people, and in this social world maintaining status-quote is essential and which is why geek guys developed free auto likers for Facebook to automatically increase your Facebook likes, status comments, photos like, page likes, to over 300 in just few seconds. Read More
Are you looking for a social media management tool to increase your productivity?

Choosing the right social media management tool can take a lot of trail and error.

One of the best ways to make that decision is to review what users of certain tools have experienced themselves.
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Millions of small businesses are using Facebook but only half are spending any marketing dollars there.
New data from Alignable shows that half of the small businesses it surveyed — among more than 1,200 of its users — spent $0 last quarter on their Facebook marketing efforts.
Rather than spend m Read More
In today’s competitive market which is candidate-driven, the key to be effective recruiter is to optimize Linkedin profiles which are a very relevant and essential solution to discover active and passive job hunters. Linkedin profile can become your path to generate personal recruiter brand identit Read More
Snapchat for Seniors tutorial where we go hands free on Snapchat. I share a cool Bluetooth remote control that can be used to go hands free on Snapchat. I use the remote to do hands free hula hoop and yoga snap stories. Did you know you can send... Read More
Mobile technology is changing the way people shop. And that doesn’t mean that people are just using mobile payments or completing purchases from their phones. Consumers also use their mobile devices to find physical retail locations where they can make purchases. And a new Facebook advertising feat Read More
Marketing your small business via social media is one of the best and most economical ways to get the word out about what you have to offer. If you’re a small business with a small- to medium-sized staff, you may be tempted to employ the help of college-aged interns to assist with social media task Read More
If you are someone who is searching for a job and are confused about how you ought to go about job hunting, then one of the first things which you need to do is create a LinkedIn profile for yourself as LinkedIn is a very popular social media service which is entirely business oriented. Read More
Avinash Kaushik goes beyond mere human metrics. He introduces 4 new social media metrics that help businesses align their campaigns to the bottom line.

1. Conversion Rate
2. Amplification Rate
3. Applause Rate
4. Economic Value

Learn about the MOR effect Read More
Branding on Pinterest always goes in hand-in-hand with the way you pin. You might be wondering what are different pinning techniques and methods. Read More

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Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

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