Humor ranked as one of the highest-engagement content types when video genres were researched by BuzzSumo recently. And Edison Research found in its own independent research that audiences between 12 and 24 prefer Instagram (73 percent), Snapchat (79 percent) and (11 percent) — all platf Read More
The only thing that is constant is change, right? Instagram is no different! With over 800 million active users, the platform has had to make changes to manage all of the new growth and activity.

If you’ve been on Instagram for a couple of years, you’ve noticed it is way different than it was, Read More
2017 was unquestionably a big year for Instagram marketing. As the social network grew and underwent changes, marketers learned to adapt and optimize their strategies. 2018 will likely be no different in that regard.

Every year brings unique challenges, as technological and social media advances Read More
There are a lot of factors to consider before applying a blogging formula to your own efforts. I won’t bore you with the details, but I will say, it’s complicated. Read More
The year 2018 is hot on our heels.

Self-driving cars have left the need for people at the curb. A Supersonic Hyperloop train is slated to carry people at speeds up to 760 mph in California. The James Webb Space Telescope is blasting into the ever-expanding galaxy to identify alien life.

And y Read More
As marketers, we all know the algorithm issues (which I’ll explain briefly) but there are ways around it, to get the most return out of what little time a small business or entrepreneur might have to invest in their Facebook Page.

So first, let’s take about the mathematics of Facebook.

Read More
Pinterest has evolved during the past few years from a trending social network to a powerful visual search engine, and as with any other search engine, you can optimise your presence to be discovered by other users.

With more than 100 million users who keep searching and pinning new content depe Read More
The biggest social media trends of 2017 included video, influencer marketing, and bots.

Now it’s time to get ready for 2018, and clearly, those trends aren’t going away soon.

The next year you can be sure video and influencer marketing will continue to be top social media trends. Ephemeral ma Read More
For the past couple of years, we’ve watched our organic reach rapidly recede. Social channels beefed up their algorithms to encourage your content to live on their platforms and our reach slipped away — just when we thought we were finally working the algorithms to our advantage.

But organic isn Read More
Facebook plays a vital role in the success of most businesses. It serves as a way to connect with customers, share information about business activities and reach out to potential clients. But changes to Facebook’s algorithm have made organic reach harder, as Mark Zuckerberg’s social media unicorn Read More

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