The world of “social media” has become a confusing crowd of personal and business pages, almost too many to name. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, not to mention Instagram, Tumblr, Yelp, and more.

When online articles talk about the Top 10 and Top 15 Social Networking Sites, Read More
Gone are the days when music fans had to go to the store to buy an album and decide if they liked the artist’s music or not. Now, technology leads the way to an artist’s exposure and their engagement with fans or potential fans. Artists also can use technology to build, and eventually maintain, the Read More
Facebook has begun testing a new Facebook Buy Button that will allow customers to buy directly from ads and news feeds. As of now, the new feature is only available to a few select U.S. businesses, but others are clamoring to get in line to test the new feature. Read More
Any solid social media plan will now include Pinterest. Small business owners, are you listening? This visual-focused social bookmarking tool has taken the Internet by storm, and its users are growing each day. Read More
Growing your influence on Twitter takes time and effort. These tips from Anita Campbell will get you on the right path. Read More
If you’re starting from square one with social media marketing, it might feel equal parts thrilling and overwhelming. You know what you want to do and why. You can see that others have climbed the social media mountain; you’ve got few ideas how to get there yourself.

It’d help to have a plan.
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As a freelance journalist, I have a love/hate relationship with PR people. They can be useful, but they can also be SO annoying. Read More
Post ideas, are not always available when we want them! As writers and bloggers, there are times, when we need a little more creative boost to do the tasks at hand. i.e. writing. Here some resources to help you! Read More
Facebook's algorithm for determining what is displayed within the news feed is altered constantly to deliver a better experience for its users. For many brands, this causes consistent headaches as they try to stay ahead of the curve. Find out more about these recent changes and what you can do abou Read More
Engaging on social media is a fine balance. Come on too strong with a sales pitch and a hard sell, and your prospects will go running. Engage too little and you'll never be able to source qualified leads.
To help you find that balance, salesforce compiled a quick list of do's and don'ts in an infg Read More

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