Today’s paid social ads are so created that they easily blend with the other posts on the sites. The focus of such ads is to build up a community of loyal customers. As most of these sites enable the social marketers to reach a specific group of audience that they may most prefer, it becomes an inc Read More
This infographic from themediaoctopus looks at why marketers should consider video, and proposes some tips for making video content work for your brand. Read More
This Week In Startup episode 467: News Roundtable: Amazon takes Twitch, Twitter brings Ferguson to the world, Secret is banned, and Uber is everywhere. Read More
Well social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and the like are great places to socialise - to hang out with friends, to market your business, to make contacts and much more. Read More
The proliferation and use of hashtags have grown to tremendous popularity that the use of this symbol have become associated to trends in social media. Read More
Here are my favorite 3 Reasons Why Businesses should be on Google Plus. You can no longer ignore this platform! Read More
By Simon Horton

Engage them, educate them, entertain them. Everybody has a take on ‘how a brand can get the most mileage out of social media’. Ideas for social media content range from the practical to the boring to the downright wacky. Some crunch numbers, some go by their gut while others just Read More
Marketing over Coffee podcast:

Scott Monty is now at at SHIFT agency. Facebook Messenger now mandatory and a wrapup of Q2 social network earnings calls. Ron Ploof checks in: Data on Amazon’s KOLL, Epson’s new smart glasses. Read More
As a small business owner, you know that social media marketing must be a part of your overall marketing and business plan. But how do you tackle this beast? Four years ago, almost every ‘fan’ your Facebook page had saw your posts in their newsfeeds. Interaction was easy. Engagement happened natura Read More
To have a better understanding of things, here are the 10 reasons why social media is good for business in a colorful infographic. Read More

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