Are you using Instagram for promoting your business?

As a social media platform that focuses solely on pictures, one of the biggest attractions is the ability to add a variety of filters to the image enhancing its appearance.

Here are three reasons that Instagram has marketing influence. Read More
SMX Advanced offers you several digital marketing “master class” workshops to sharpen your skills on specific search marketing topics. Register for a pre-conference workshop today and get a full day of in-depth learnings in SEO, PPC, international search, in-house search or local search — all taugh Read More
Almost 80 percent of online users watch at least one video every week, making video marketing a hot opportunity for businesses of all sizes. In order to cash in on this opportunity, you need to know how to create a campaign that will take off, get lots of views, and boost conversions. Read More
Using Pinterest for marketing is a powerful yet fairly underutilized tool. While many businesses — especially retailers — know how to use it for B2C marketing, the platform offers opportunities for B2B marketing as well. The question, then, is how to make it work best for your company. Read More
Social media platforms have been one of the strongest megaphones for branding messages for several years now, but many companies still have not embraced them fully. Admittedly, it can be daunting to try to enter the world of social media, especially without a basic knowledge of the options and a st Read More
You may have noticed the engagement rate on your brand's Facebook page dropping dramatically over the last few months. You're not alone; organic page reach is at an all time low. These five tweaks will help you reach as many of your followers as possible--WITHOUT paying for ads. Read More
Hopper, a robust Instagram post scheduling app, allows you the ability to launch more posts on Instagram, in far less time, using far fewer resources. Read More
Kate Cwieka, Marketing Specialist at Avidia Bank suggests marketers how they could exploit maximum potential from the social media when launching a new product. Read More
Wondering what the latest changes are in Facebook’s and Twitter’s news feed? Let’s take on the journey of demystifying the news feed algorithm. Read More
If you’re struggling to maintain a presence on every social media site out there for your B2B business, you’re wasting your time.

Likely, your audience is concentrated on one or two sites, and the others are just extra work for you.

By focusing your efforts on the following social channels, Read More

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