Social media is full of beautiful pictures. As a photographer, it’s the perfect field of study for inspiration and improving my technique.

It’s also where many copyright infringement cases take place.

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Who says Snapchat is just for B2C companies? Here are 3 actionable tactics to make Snapchat work for B2B companies - with examples. Read More
Your food truck is always on the go, and your social media marketing should be too! You should be focused on creating fantastic food and a fun experience for your customers, not worrying about what your next Instagram post will be. In order to get the crowds to there to taste your food – and spread Read More
Twitter's new dashboard can seem a bit confusing, but there are a few reasons why should spend time checking it out. My two favorite features within the Twitter Dashboard are featured tweets and gallery functions - which can bring much more visibility to specific tweets.

I'll walk you through th Read More
Are you overwhelmed by the amount of analytic data found on social media platforms?

Want to know which metrics to follow?

Knowing what to measure and how to apply the data makes it easier to modify your marketing for better reach, engagement, and visibility. Read More
It’s no longer a bonus for companies to have an active presence on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook – it’s become a necessity. This is why being relevant with your audience is essential in social media marketing and that relevance will translate to loyalty... Read More
A recent survey conducted by the CareerBuilder showed that 65% of the recruiters used social networking sites to recruit candidates. Now, this remains a debate among the job seekers whether to include their social media sites on resume. Read More
A right recruiter is one who can get you closer to your dream job. If you’re a professional and do not have a LinkedIn account then you really don’t exist. LinkedIn is a digital landfill where professionals dump their resumes and pictures for recruiters to hunt through. Read More
Do you wish to make each second and each minute of your life meaningful? This can be achieved by opting for a job that can make a difference to people’s lives. Read More
Though the employee referral program might sound like a new concept, but it is quite an old way of recruiting the best fit for the position. Read More

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