Learn how to stop wasting time on social media at work and how to begin to be productive and change your bad habits. You can certainly do it, just try ! Read More
Considering that a lot of jobs now include some sort of interaction with a computer device and the World Wide Web, it is essentially unavoidable. The biggest trap in this is the distractive power of such technology. A lot of people report decreased ability to focus on a main task when in access of Read More
If you haven’t heard of the free app YikYak, it’s a popular social media app that is all the rage on college campuses and in major cities across the U.S. The app allows individuals to share and comment on posts that are written anonymously nearby one’s location. The app essentially acts as a local Read More
As social media grows, the use of content marketing both as a social selling tool and as an audience engagement tool to acquire and retain customers has now taken centre stage within the marketing strategy. The great news is apart from time to preparing the content, content marketing is mostly free Read More
Importance of social media presence is vital for a business to reach its audience. So know more about the ideal social networks and the best tools to use. Read More
There's a secret in the social media world. The ones who know about it are tight lipped, and the ones who don't are unsuspecting. This classified info is being held undisclosed for no apparent reason. But, once revealed, it can open your eyes to infinite possibilities for online success. Read More
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Facebook marketing has become an essential part of businesses now a days. Know here some important marketing predictions to help you stay on top on Facebook. Read More
There used to be a time when being on Facebook meant your customers could see your updates, and engage with you simply because you were there. Today, reaching your customer on Facebook is a bit more complicated. Today we show you how to stay or not to stay on Facebook. Read More
The Hunger Games is a global phenomenon, but it's also a textbook example of how to run a social media campaign. This post will illustrate how the movies' marketers constructed a smart, thorough social media plan, creatively using different channels to promote the movie by letting fans participate Read More

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