Social media marketing can be a great way to create new leads and ultimately increase your ROI. However, the multitude of strategies and platforms out there can be difficult to wrap your head around. In the information below, we’ll go over some of the top social media marketing tips for 2017 so you Read More
Twitter is an amazing public resource, and has grown from a niche micro-blogging website into a valued communication tool that is often the worldwide source for breaking news. This guide will show you how to tweet and how to use Twitter. Read More
Twitter is one of the most visited websites in the world. It's also one of the most misunderstood, because it's different from many of the social platforms available, in that its focus is on public conversation and exposure.

If you understand how it works and how to market on Twitter, however, Read More
Twitter chats can be a fun, cheap and easy way to increase engagement and followers on the social network. But if you don't know these 5 simple tips, your first Twitter chat could be a disaster. Read More
One of the most popular ways people find ideas on Pinterest is through Related Pins, an item-to-item recommendations system that uses collaborative filtering. Previously, candidates were generated using board co-occurrence–signals from all the boards a Pin is saved to. Now, for the first time, we’r Read More
I am going to share with you WHAT is needed to become a successful entrepreneur and thought leader in your industry. Here is how to do what you love. Read More
The new year is literally around the corner, so I wanted to recap some of the 2016 updates that will help you gain social media followers organically in 2017. Read More
If you feel like your social media strategy and growth have been slacking, you may just need small tweaks to get it back on track. In this post I'll review a few "secrets" to getting the most our of your social media strategy. Read More
This past week was been filled with live video updates on your favorite social media networks! Now you can share live streamed videos on Facebook, Twitter AND Instagram. Live videos are a great tool for any business (or person) who is trying to build a social media presence. In this post I'll revie Read More
Blog2Social is a WordPress plugin.

You may already use tools such as HootSuite or IFTTT, but Blog2Social further automates the process by interacting with your WordPress blog to automatically cross promote for you in the background. Read More

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