Hundreds of hashtags have showed significant importance over time on main social media channels. Here are some of the most important hashtags of all time.
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If you run a local contracting business, such as a landscape or painting company, the social media marketing landscape can seem a daunting one. Which is the best place to grow your business? Is it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube? And how can you get more from these tools if you’re on them Read More
Learn why and more importantly how to integrate your social media into your web design. It will look a lot more professional and be more user friendly!
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Three out of every four internet connected people are active on social media. With engagement numbers this high, organizations are figuring out how to get digest such a massive volume of data. This ZeroFOX infographic demonstrates the scale of social media through some of the biggest mainstream net Read More
For the past 2 months, I have been working on my new startup called Foolishness File and I have found out that the best social media platform is Instagram. But why? Because the engagement is really high compared to the other social media platforms, you are able to get more likes, follows and commen Read More
Despite the ubiquity of Facebook and Twitter in the everyday lives of most consumers, marketing to them with those social media platforms is still a relatively new proposition. As such, the world of social media marketing is constantly changing, with new tools, apps, and processes being unveiled at Read More
One of the most common social media marketing mistakes made by small business owners is using their personal Facebook profile to promote their brand. Read More
Learn what Pinterest SEO is, what you should do to optimize everything on your pinterest boards and make sure you have as much visibility as possible.
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LinkedIn - one of the most underused social media marketing and content sharing platform there is. Need any tips on how to use LinkedIn for business? Then this article is for you! Enjoy. Read More
The benefits of properly communicating with your audience are clear, so check out this infographic for tips on how to keep in touch with your customers in this social landscape, broken down by each platform. Read More

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