Buzzfeed hit a goldmine of web traffic with their quizzes, but did you know they follow a formula for every single one they create? Find out what that formula is and how to follow it. Read More
Today we've been talking about social-media policies in the workplace. (See "The twitterable Twitter policy updated" over at my new site, jayshep.) In my recent book, Firing at Will: A Manager's Guide, I covered the legal problems that can crop... Read More
You are better off starting your own blog and showcasing your work there, as well as getting your byline on reputable sites and blogs in your niche. Read More
WordPress 3.9 is the combine effort of 267 contributing developers. WordPress 3.9 release was led by Andrew Nacin, see how he thanked contributors on Twitter. Read More
What do you get when you cross working harder than you’ve ever worked, a store that even with all your diligence has trended down four years running, and a bank that calls in the entirety of your large business loan – an amount that will force you into bankruptcy? Give up? Shawntá Ray and Rick Harm Read More
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Do you have a Facebook Page?

Okay, I know you do. It’s 2014, that question is pretty much a rhetorical one by now.

But are you driving traffic to a Facebook Landing Page? You should be!

This article will dive right into Facebook Landing Pages - critiquing five Facebook Landing Page examp Read More
Kenshoo, released their quarterly global search and social advertising trends report in an infographic form to give marketers an idea whether search or social advertising is the best route to go. Read More
There are thousands, if not more, facts and figures that sing the praises of using visual content in your marketing strategy. Bandwagoncreative's infographic took a closer look at why visual content is important. Read More

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