They're demonic, they're devious … and yes, these mangy menaces can wreak havoc on your company's content marketing results. Read More
or the last couple of years, styluses have grown in popularity as marketing tools. This popularity can be linked to the rapid rise of digital devices around the world. Not many people are aware that styluses are available in different forms. Let’s take a look at them. Read More
Unlike most battles, whether military or corporate, that you can read about in the history books, the battle between social media platforms is happening right now in front of our eyes. The battleground is very fluid, and could change at a moment's notice, but some platforms are in a much better pos Read More
67% of small businesses want to increase their digital spend next year. Here are the 5 places they should put their money for serious business growth. Read More
Engagement marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies available today for boosting conversion rates and getting more customers. By creating quality content and integrating it across all your marketing channels, you can turn your connections into customers. Read More
Marketers may be brilliant in running hundreds of digital marketing campaigns but they are accountable for the success of each one of them. The real advantage of digital marketing is that you can measure the degree and intensity of the audience response.
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Are your prospective clients/customers giving you every excuse in the world to NOT buy your stuff? Do some of them even use "The Presidential Election" as one of their "reasons?" Better read this now. Read More
Caring for and having a sincere interest in your current customer base gives you an edge over the competitors within your niche. This just makes good business sense. These customers trusted you or your company enough to already do business with you. Read More
Sometimes you want to direct someone to a specific Facebook Post. Perhaps you want to send them an email to a post, or just share it to other networks. Whatever the case, here's how to find a link to a specific Facebook Post. Read More
In a world where generating sales leads is now the biggest challenge facing companies, could digital selling including social selling be the ultimate sales channel for the foreseeable future. In the digitally connected world, to attract buyers attention, a business has to develop trust, this means Read More

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