Hashtags are an essential part of social media marketing and growth on Instagram and Twitter. With that said using hashtags correctly can be a little confusing. In this post I'll review the top hashtag mistakes I see people and businesses make over and over. Read More
Creating and defining your voice is a process of selecting a set of traits that comprise an identity, and then communicating in a way that expresses and prioritizes those traits. How can your business find its very own brand voice? Here are some steps and tips that can help you: Read More
Twitter chats can be a fun, cheap and easy way to increase engagement and followers on the social network. But if you don't know these 5 simple tips, your first Twitter chat could be a disaster. Read More
There’s a big difference between successful software companies and those shoddy unverified apps you get off the app store:

Quality assurance. Read More
One great technique can be link building. Quality backlinks can give you immense traffic. This can affect your site ranking greatly. One simple way is submitting your link to high PR directories. Read More
Sales and lead generation is the process that consumes immense amount of energy and need paramount patience. The hardworking professionals involved in sales have to face rejections, disappointments, criticisms, challenging questions and an enormous pressure of meeting their sales targets.
Read More
The middle of January is right here: time is flying so quick that we have to agree on the impressive last speech of president Obama and to prepare to welcome the new US president. Let's have a look at other important news we could miss working hard this week. Read More
One of the most popular ways people find ideas on Pinterest is through Related Pins, an item-to-item recommendations system that uses collaborative filtering. Previously, candidates were generated using board co-occurrence–signals from all the boards a Pin is saved to. Now, for the first time, we’r Read More
I am going to share with you WHAT is needed to become a successful entrepreneur and thought leader in your industry. Here is how to do what you love. Read More
Most people don't read the Terms section. It's a fact. And affiliate marketers don’t make an exception.

Today I'll reveal three types of traps that sometimes are included in the Affiliate Terms and seriously jeopardize your commissions. Read More

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