Leverage the power of psychology to make your copywriting come to life and generate results. By molding your message to appeal to human behavior you can improve your ability to attract and retain the attention of your readers, and inspire them to act. Put psychology to work by using the following c Read More
Considered as the most effective, yet also one of the most underutilized digital marketing tactics today is email marketing. For most marketers, they tag e-mail marketing as the most effective tactic because it allows them to establish a more personalized relationship with their customers as well a Read More
We sit down with Adam Czerwinski from Sidebar Insurance to discuss adding value to business partners. The business networking world is not always about the direct sale. In fact, the majority of sales take about seven or eight touches. Businesses in motion stay in motion.
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Data Democracy is good for business, enables social BI, and turns business users into Citizen Data Scientists, so they can achieve and exceed business goals. Read More
As a direct response copywriter, clients often get puzzled when I tell them:

"I'm not writing your copy for you unless you let to change your overall marketing strategy."

What I mean is that, whilst your sales copy is very important, it's useless if your overall marketing strategy sucks.

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In this SeizeYourBusiness.com entrepreneur video, Thomas Herman of CRO Roundtable discusses the importance of prospecting and it's constant need to fill potential revenue stream while also telling stories to relate to prospects and setting them at ease.
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Anyone can use blogging as a marketing too on a shoestring budget. You don't need a lot of money to do it. Find out how you can do it in this article. Read More
Building backlink is not easy when you have to gain one way backlinks but here are 6 Ways to Gain Quality One Way Backlink in 2017 for Your Blog Read More
If you're still using direct mailing for your marketing efforts, which I assume most of us are, then this article is good read. A straight forward approach to assigning value (and variance) to your expectation and risk. Read More
What’s not to love in being a digital marketer? Find out why people jump into the digital marketing sphere and have great passion in this line of work. Read More

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