Early 2008 I was getting my entrepreneurial journey started. I had experience with Dreamweaver and could dabble with websites (I did it as a hobby) so I decided to start by offering that as a service. Read More
Time to talk again about email subscribers vs Facebook followers.

The last few days I’ve been reading Jeff Walker’s excellent book, “Launch”. And Chapter 3 covers list building, which he eloquently calls, “A License To Print Money”. Read More
Direct mail is an outdated form of marketing, right? You might be surprised. In fact, you might even change your marketing mix. Read More
One I love to do is to keep things simple.

You see, over the years I’ve bought many training programs, books, courses etc. on business and marketing. And one thing that 99% of them have had in common is they’re long and drawn out, and in a lot of cases… Read More
The first question to ask when planning a direct mail campaign is: “Who am I going to mail to?” You have to know your audience before you can determine your message or design your mailing. Read on to find out how to create a segmented customer list. Read More
One thing I notice with a lot of people who start email marketing is they give up FAR too early.

They start off with good intentions and have high hopes of building a large responsive list. And they stick to their daily email schedule by writing entertaining emails that also promote their produc Read More
In 360-degree marketing, community matter. MailPoet's Kim Gjerstad explains the way MailPoet reached critical mass for its WordPress plug-in through communities Read More
There’s a scene in the 1999 movie, “Fight Club”, where the narrator (played by Ed Norton) has just realized his apartment has burnt down.

Not knowing what to do next, he decided to ring the guy he had just met on his plane trip, Tyler Durden. Read More
How to engage with the community is the next piece of the puzzle. One of the questions is whether the product, brand or service is “conversational”. In the recent #IncredibleIndia campaign, Google Plus teamed up with the Indian Ministry of Tourism in a one of a kind photography contest. People acro Read More
I discovered an interesting idea the other day for a lead magnet. Well I had noticed it before, but I’d never really paid attention to it. It’s something that Perry Marshall and Russell Brunson use very effectively. Read More

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