To reach your fundraising goal you need to master the art of getting prospect donors to act and donate to your organization. How so? Easy you need to understand how to communicate clearly and get your points across in a simple manner and interest your donor. But there is one more tool you need to a Read More
What most businesses don’t realize is that women showcase different buying traits – you need expertise to connect with them. Featured in this article are 8 tips to help you gain more female customers. Read More
As a nonprofit it is critical for your fundraising process to acquire business partners to help you through it. Don't think fast, getting a good for-profit partner is a lot harder than you may think because you have to get the right one. When a for-profit looks for a non-profit partner they see it Read More
If you’re brand new to the email industry—or even if you’re a veteran—there may be some confusion about what an email template actually is. In this post (and the accompanying video) we break down exactly what makes an email template, well, a template. Read More
Businesses should keep gender-specific preferences in mind while going for giveaways. This infographic obtained from ASI Central impressions study 2016, illustrates popularity of promotional items based on gender . Take a look and let us know what you think! Read More
It’s important that consumers consider the marketing might of promotional products for their next marketing campaign. Read the article to become well-informed and prepared to choose the right marketing channel. Read More
Content saturation

Content saturation is perhaps the biggest problem facing marketers in the coming years.

What does it mean? Quite simply, there is more content out there than we could ever hope to read! At the time of writing, 4.1 million (MILLION!) blogs had been written and published in t Read More
At its core, the job of inbox providers is to protect their users from bad senders. Now they're tackling...Bad Design. Read More
There’s one element that is crucial to maximising response, but is often overlooked.

And sometimes it can be the key reason why an email or sales letter bombs. Read More
When you go out into the world to promote your business, your business card is usually the first thing a prospective new client sees. And, in order to make a lasting impression you should make sure that your business card is memorable. And, not only that, but make sure you actually have one! Read More

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