Imagine meeting a potential customer in an elevator. What would you tell them? How would explain, in less than 30 seconds, the value proposition of your company and why they need to buy your product or hire you?

This is what a basic elevator pitch is all about. You have to be quick, concise, and Read More
What do you consider your most important piece of marketing material? Your catalog? Your packaging? Your advertisements? Your social media accounts? How about your business card? Is that still as important as it once was or has it been replaced with LinkedIn and other contact apps?
Read More
Each client might call for a different direct selling strategy. How can direct sellers address those needs? Read More
We get numerous SEO and traffic growth questions every day, and that’s great because we love helping people get more organic traffic. That’s why we’ve built Monitor Backlinks SEO Tool in the first place. I’ve collected the most popular SEO questions we get on a regular basis and created this articl Read More
In order to be truly effective, a direct mail package must have an eye-catching, concise and incisive headline. The following are some tips for creating a great direct mail headline. Read More
Web design can be expensive, so we've handpicked some of our favourite free web design tools and resources to help kickstart your new website. Read More
Whether your small business sells goods or services, marketing events can be an ideal way to get in front of your audience because you literally get in front of your audience. Marketing events can encompass a variety of events; from tradeshows to roundtables to cocktails, meaning any business with Read More
Millennials are the largest generation in history with consumer demands new to many business owners. So what do businesses need to know in order to attract Millennials?

Here are some clear takeaways for businesses to to attract and engage the millennials demographic... Read More
Having a huge subscriber list is great but how do you maximize a smaller list. I want to tell you how I make money by having a small list. Read More
After countless “deaths” and “resurrections”, direct mail is still alive and kicking. Here are some figures on the usage and effectiveness of direct mail from the 2015 DMA Statistical Fact Book that we found interesting and surprising. Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

Today 4 in 10 women are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families,¹ and they do more than twice the amount …

Herby Fabius @BillionSuccess Puts Business Advice to Work

Herby Fabius is a part-time entrepreneur with a plan for success. The Stamford, Conn. resident and College of … More
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