Public relations are important to take control of in order to ensure that a business puts its best foot forward to new potential markets. Here are a few suggestions on how small businesses can begin to build pr networks for themselves that can effectively convey their message. Read More
Google released a new update to their Local Search algorithm a few days ago and it may mean big changes in how your Google+ Local Page and website rank in the local search results. Read More
When creating an e-commerce website, one of the must-have items is a standalone shopping cart. After all, how will your customers buy your products if they have nothing to put them in? Here are 45 possibilities that you might want to consider. Read More
For many bloggers, number is important. These numbers are the basis of success. It is objective and clearly shows some progress needed on the website. Bloggers tend to check every now and then the number of hits and views of their blog and website. Read More
In this #TYBCommunity round up learn how your Twitter reach probably isn’t as far as you think, how to use hashtags without being annoying, writers blogging, marketing to millennials, Twitter analytics, taking risks, digital tricks and more. Read More
Are you speaking to sell your coaching services authentically, effortlessly and easily? Or are you feeling kind of out of integrity, “push-y” or “sales-y” each time you are put in front of people to talk about your coaching services? This week’s video training is about how to speak to sell your... Read More
Have you ever had the feeling that sometimes we’re so close to our own coaching business that we don’t see the forest through the trees? Or is it that we forget to see the trees, and only see the big forest?Hmm well either way, one thing I do know for sure is that it’s important to take time to get Read More
Are you owing your coaching category and being the go-to-expert in your field? Or Are you waiting to be discovered and secretly hoping that someday, someone is going to recognize your brilliance and tell the world about it? This week’s training video is about how to own your coaching category and b Read More
Are you ready to have more visitors, more potential clients discovering you and your business online easily and effortlessly? This is the power of video. This week I’ll like to share with you 5 key reasons to start using video and grow your business today. According to Jakob Nielsen, “visitors stay Read More
Jill and Brad talk about what’s coming up this episode, what makes them laugh, and why Brad feels compelled to mispronounce each and every guest’s name that they have ever had on the show. They giggle at each other a lot and cause a whole bunch of ruckus! Read More

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