Building your contact list is one of the best ways to get your information in front of people who want to know more about your products and services. The email list is a really important selling tool, and there are lots of ways to capture those contacts. If you want some great ideas on how to build Read More
The blogging world is full of cliches. I’m talking about those things that bloggers seemingly do or say just because everyone else is also doing or saying them! Read More
Angel investors and venture capitalists don’t make equity investments in nonprofit good causes. The simple reason is that it’s impossible to make money for investors when the goal of the company is to not make money. Yet as an active angel investor, I still get this question on a regular basis, so Read More
Want to disaster-proof your business? You need to nail your branding. In this blog post and latest episode of the Brand Authority Podcast, I share why most businesses get branding wrong – and what you can do about it. Read More
Juggling too many things and not sure what you should be focusing on? First, you need to set clear goals so you know what to aim for. Here are simple milestones to reach for during each stage of your online business.
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We use Social Media every single day. From the day starts to ends with social media networks. To follow the modern trends, you need to know social media marketing directions, even if you run just a small local business. Every business needs a social media presence. There’s no way back!
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Every time your web host goes down, you lose money – Money you paid to your web host AND revenue you generate from your website.

Use this calculator to determine how much money you are losing for every minute your web host stays down. Read More
If you own a small business, there are areas where tools can help accelerate growth and improve productivity. Start with this list of time management tools.
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Impact of Executive Coach in Your Life Excellence in career is something that every aspiring executive wish for during his stint with corporate entities. And corporate organizations too, benefit from excellent performances of its executives and work force in the long and short term. Read More
Dictation software isn’t just something that can save you time by typing out your speech and performing commands. Talking instead of typing can and will help you prevent lasting damage to your hands. Read More

Give millennials a reason to stay - The benefits that can help you retain young talent

Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

15 Tools to Edit Videos for Your Business

Do you want to create a business video, marketing clip, or advertisement, but don't want to spend hundreds or … More
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