Those who think logically and rationally often thrive in the technology arena, but analytical thinking can also hold us back. Here's how to develop more innovative thoughts and think more "irrationally" to find new ideas and solutions.
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As a business advisor, I have long been surprised by the large number of industry stalwarts, including Blockbuster, Kodak, and General Motors, that have been dealt major setbacks, or even total failure, by upstart young companies, with a fraction of the resources or industry experience. The stalwar Read More
One activity that relaxes us and takes us to an entirely different zone is reading. Are you looking to get your hands on a popular book? Your search is over. We have curated a list of notable books specifically for our CPAs and accountants - perfect for a summer read. Have a look: Read More
With all of the excitement surrounding commercial drone applications, it’s more important than ever to ask yourself – do you have the tools in place to maximize the potential of your drone fleet? Read More
If your site lacks text but contains some videos, it is to your advantage to make text transcription available to your audience, which includes search engines. Read More
We all know the important role a good web host plays in helping your business thrive online. That's why it is important to consider SiteGround, a company acclaimed by many to be the best hosting services provider. Read More
Investing in property can be amazingly lucrative, but there is more than one way to approach property investment as a business. In most cases, a property is an asset that increases its value over time. Read More
A searcher's first impression happens on Google's SERPs, not your website. In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand takes us through the inherent challenges of reputation management SEO and tactics for doing it effectively. Read More
Your work and personal relationships would benefit if you improved your style of communication. Please check out these four strategies you can use straight away, to be a better communicator and gain more co-operation from people around you. Read More
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