It is very common for Entrepreneurs and small and Medium businesses to have mind blowing app idea and get their app published on App Store. Once ideation process is done they will contact app developer to conceptualize idea and development process. Read More
There are various factors that contribute to the success of an online venture and one of the most important factors is sites speed. Thanks to the availability of millions of options online, web users have become impatient and do not want to wait longer for a website to load. WordPress offers a ple Read More
The first step to designing a project is to go through the content. Then formulate the design and how the content goes with it. This process of considering the content first before designing is known as “Content-First design concept”. Content and design are related and should work together, one is Read More
When was the last time you felt ‘activated’ by a product? This is going to sound silly at first, and like internal language couldn’t have a meaningful effect on the way we look at approaching customer success for SaaS companies, but I’m going to argue that it can. When you say that you need to incr Read More
We all know we need to be powerful storytellers … but where do we start? In Episode 173 of the Content Marketing Podcast, Ron Ploof joins us to share the StoryHow method, his system for making business storytelling simple.

Read More
So you want to know how to start a blog quickly? Many people think that starting a blog is difficult, and sure – it can appear a formidable task – but not if you follow the steps in a logical fashion. Break up the process into a number of steps and carry them out in the right order, then creating a Read More
We’ve all been there; you have 2 weeks to work on a project which should only require about 3 days. You’ve got all the time in the world for that essay, blog post, bug fix or book design! “I’ll start on it tomorrow, then I can just do an hour a day”, you may kid yourself into believing. Read More
You may think that the mobile wave is already gone but what we see now are only the first signs of a revolution that will completely disrupt the retail customer experience. Read More
Patients need to be well informed of their medications and treatment. Healthcare units are using beacon to serve the purpose. Read More
Shares in Apple tumbled after the tech giant reported its first quarterly drop in sales in more than a decade.
CEO Tim Cook blamed an over-saturated market and “strong macroeconomic headwinds” for the company’s first-ever decline in iPhone sales, which caused Apple to fall well short of Wall Stree Read More

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