When brands are pushed to join social networks too quickly, mistakes are bound to happen. These three social media mistakes are so common, brands often don’t know they’ve made them. Read More
The Reynolds Wrap social team shared Weird Al’s “Foil” on their own Facebook page as a boosted post. The response they got was overwhelmingly positive. Read More
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While in the world of small business, dress code and formality may not be ubiquitous, preserving a base level of etiquette should be standard across every industry. Read More
Sometimes the new guy isn’t just some intern working in the back office. Sometimes it’s a new member of your sales team. But like any new hire, there’s a typical chance that they need a lot of help working with your business’ older appointment setting process. Read More
Here at HouseHunt, we believe in the power of infographics. They are a fun way to convey information, and can easily be shared online via social media. Here are 3 free infographic templates. Read More
Unlike some positions within a business, finding customer service reps that are a good fit for a business's brand and customer base can be pretty difficult based on the wide range of customer service roles out there. Here are some ideas for finding the right ones. Read More
Want to become a full-time blogger? Want to make money by working at home?

If yes, this article is exclusively for you. The good news is, this article is written by a full-time blogger who has suffered fulltime to work from home without distraction. Read More
It’s important not to overlook the power of small steps and single interactions that can solidify and share your brand with others. Read More
Who hasn't felt overwhelmed by the demands of running a business? Perhaps it isn't the glory that you thought it might be?
The truth of the matter is this; You may not own your business, your business may own you! Unfortunately, It’s not uncommon in the small business world. Read More

Free, Fast & Easy: A new way to communicate benefits to employees

  We know that as a small business owner, you have your hands full. Aflac has made it easier for you to communicate …

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