With the recent rollout of emojis for Twitter’s desktop version and the addition of Yelp’s emoji search function, it’s safe to say that emojis are becoming an integral part of the Internet landscape. And even though world-class companies like Twitter and Yelp are hopping on the emoji train, there a Read More
Have you ever wanted to save a SlideShare presentation to read later on your mobile device? Or do you ever wonder how your SlideShare uploads appear on mobile devices? SlideShare’s latest updates are bringing the world’s largest collection of presentations to mobile like never before. Read More
WordPress 3.9 is the combine effort of 267 contributing developers. WordPress 3.9 release was led by Andrew Nacin, see how he thanked contributors on Twitter. Read More
What do you get when you cross working harder than you’ve ever worked, a store that even with all your diligence has trended down four years running, and a bank that calls in the entirety of your large business loan – an amount that will force you into bankruptcy? Give up? Shawntá Ray and Rick Harm Read More
Confidence is sometimes mistaken for arrogance in the art of negotiation as well as everyday life. There is a fine line between the two in spite of the fact that they are actually polar opposites; much like a magnet with a positive and negative pole, arrogance and confidence can be viewed in the sa Read More
n the day and age of noise, it is crucial for us to stand out and to be heard. How we conduct ourselves digitally or offline will define the perception in the minds of the people who know us. Now days every second person is an “entrepreneur” or every second company is a “startup”. How do you stand Read More
Striving to take your business to the next level of success? Perhaps it’s time to refocus. Stop worrying so much about the sale, and just take care of the customer. Read More
New Facebook App For Android Alternatives - Have you read the NEW Facebook terms on their Android app? You may want too RIGHT now. Facebook is basically throwing your privacy out the window, here is one fact you should know... Read More
By Stephanie Davies

You would think customer relations is the only place left in business where computers can’t help. We think of customer relationships as being about building trust, affinity and understanding. Surely no computer can handle these tasks.

For these aspects of customer relation Read More
One of the areas that business owners lose a lot of time is while writing repetitive emails. Make yourself some effective templates and increase your productivity. Read More

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Ross Kimbarovsky @rosskimbarovsky Dressses Down for Small Business Dreams

Ross Kimbarovsky could tell you about his passion for entrepreneurship. He could (and does) talk often about the drive … More
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