What is your best advice for a PR that has to manage a media crisis?​ Here's how 26 of us responded...

(Don't panic, by the way.) Read More
Before I got into franchising, the idea of owning a Subway franchise was a hot topic. People from all walks of life wanted in. They saw it as a way to become their own boss with a pretty low upfront investment. Prime locations were gobbled up, and lots of people became multi-unit owners. Hot franchi Read More
A while back, someone named “Joe” left a comment on a post I wrote concerning the Quiznos lawsuit and the huge settlement amount the parties agreed to. I wonder what ever happened to him? Read More
Is Google Chrome is your primary desktop browser? Today, you can maximize Chrome performance by following our simple step-by-step process!
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No doubt about it, affiliate marketing is still one of the best means to make money online. If you are willing to make your affiliate marketing business profitable, below are some of the effective ways you can easily achieve your goals... Read More

Mommy Blogging 101

Mommy Blogging 101 Avatar Posted by fundera under Marketing
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Perhaps no segment of the blogging population is as nebulous—and popular—as the “mommy bloggers.” Writing about children, relationships, life in the suburbs, or even politics and culture fall into this category, and some choose to do it with humor and sarcasm rather than straightforward information Read More
Simply put, your personal credit score—also often called your FICO score—is a number between 300 and 850 that indicates to lenders your level of creditworthiness, or whether you are a good candidate for future credit. The number is based on complex calculations that take into account various factor Read More
Hiring an intern can free you up to focus on what's most important in your business. Here's how to find the right one and help her succeed. Read More
What can a scorned 10 year old (who has been wronged by a Claw Machine) teach business owners and consumers about customer service? Quite a bit, actually. Read More
Pokémon Go is a great way to attract new customers to your brick-and-mortar store. Read this blog post to learn exactly how you can catch 'em all! Read More

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