The past decade has been a flourishing time for cloud solutions as they’ve quickly become a new industry standard for companies worldwide. As industry insiders, we’ve decided to add our contribution. Our aim was to shed some light on current trends in cloud sector, as well as look into their neares Read More
Creating a successful dating website and app can be a daunting task. This article will guide you through the step-by-step process you need to create a dating Website and app.... Read More
Though you might need to check your local zoning codes to see if a garage business is a possibility for you, there are plenty of different business options for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses from this type of space. Here are 50 businesses you can start right from your own garag Read More
The internet offers so many different opportunities for entrepreneurs that you can build a B2B business entirely on the web. And there are no shortage of options out there either. Here are 50 different B2B businesses you can start online. Read More
With the rising popularity of food trucks comes a hard choice for would-be food service entrepreneurs: Is it better to start a restaurant, or a food truck? Here are the considerations for each. Read More
Love it or hate it, there are several psychological factors at play when it comes to how you dress.

Research shows that the right clothes can, in fact, increase your confidence, close more deals, and improve your status.

In fact, one study in this article showed that the right accessory could Read More
Currently in the United States, around 3.7 million self-employed people consider their home to also be their place of business. And you might not find it surprising that 80%-90% of the U.S. workforce admits that they’d like to work remotely at least part-time.

Read More
What questions should I ask my potential outsourcing partner? How do I evaluate an outsourced development team? Espeo provides a neat checklist you should go through first. Read More
A lot of first-time business owners are simply unprepared for what to expect their first year, and that leads to their own demise. But if you can survive the first 12 months, you have a decent shot at long-term success. Here’s what you need to be aware of if you’re planning to launch a business thi Read More
Businesses are finding that being socially responsible can be great for the bottom line, as well as good for employee morale. Of course, a company still needs to make a profit to survive, but supporting a worthy cause can be the most profitable brand building you can do. Witness the growth and popu Read More

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