Attending college isn’t really the cheapest thing on Earth. It costs around $23,000 a year just to be in college and for many, it is really expensive. That’s probably the reason why people say “education is expensive” and the search term, ‘entrepreneurship ideas for college students’ is one of... Read More
Did you know that only 50% of businesses survive over three to four years? Those numbers can be quite daunting to anyone who’s aspiring to start a business! Although mistakes and failure can be an integral part of the learning process to overall success, it’s still wise to know why most business fa Read More
You have a great idea for an app, but how to get funding for your app business? Here are 3 beneficial Ways that will help you! Read More
Business has become so competitive, and it’s only going to increase. With the rise of freelancing around the world, continual competition and challenges are going to emerge from countries such as India and China that’ll be able to do the same job, within a quicker time frame and even cheaper rate. Read More
There are lots of things that any startup can do to curb the impact that their business has on the environment. With a little research and creativity (made significantly easier by handy guides such as this one) anyone can become an eco-friendly entrepreneur.
Read More
One of the best ways for current or aspiring restaurant owners to test a new concept or a new location is a food truck. Food trucks are relatively cheap to start, far less labor-intensive and enable you to easily test menu items. Now an offshoot of the food truck concept—pop-up restaurants—is surgi Read More
When an entrepreneur first incorporates his or her business, he or she may find him or herself the proud owner of 10 million shares of common stock, commonly called founder’s shares. It’s disconcerting for most to realize that these shares are initially worth nothing, and the challenge is to get th Read More
Starting a new company and finding for ways to save money? Here are 10 proven ways to save money and increase productivity for your startup company. Read More
The point that resonates with me the most is how customers don't care about your least not yet. Read More
To make sure your product and its benefits resonate with target audiences, it is important to take advantage of good writing. Read More

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