If you’re searching for the easy route to a start up, you may have another thing coming. The rest of the myths are going to be debunked in this two part series. Read More
The story of your start-up begins with a great idea. Thankfully, nurturing and developing the idea is often the hardest part. After you’ve survived the agony and the ecstasy of first envisioning, then selling your start-up idea to yourself and others, the actual work can begin. And it’s then that a Read More
As an entrepreneur, it’s never too early to set the culture you need for a thriving business, as well as thriving employees, customers, partners, and vendors. In fact, in my experience, cultures are very hard to change, so if you don’t get it right the first time, the road ahead will forever be dif Read More
Event metrics are useful because they give you a macro look at your customers and their behaviors, allowing you to make decisions that will positively impact the majority. For instance, event tracking is great for understanding what part of a funnel is broken. Read More
Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. When speaking about success in business, this fact is often thrown around. What this example fails to explain, however, is how Jobs rose to success, and the drawbacks that came with it. Even after achieving their goals, many entrepreneurs look back on thei Read More
With today’s global startup sturge, there are more locations than ever to choose from. Take a look at some of the cities below to learn some of the pros and cons of each location, and weigh which locale may offer the most benefits for your business. Read More
Every day billion dollar ideas get flushed down the toilet. This comprehensive guide will help you kick the crap out of self-doubt, and finally take action on your dreams! Please share! Read More
If you’ve been considering starting a business for some time, stop letting your fears and worries keep from making it a reality. Sure, it will require plenty of work and quite a lot of stress initially. But the payoff, both financially and spiritually, will be well worth the journey. Read More
Are you having issues with your web developer? You'd be surprised at the most common cause of such an unfortunate situation! Read More
Some of the most important costs of launching a startup are often also the most overlooked by founders. Here are 5 important expenses you should consider when launching a startup. Read More

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