Accountability can go a long way of improving a company's performance and makes achieving goals more orderly. Without a strong sense of accountability within your team, the road to success can be an uphill battle and yield little to no positive result at all. While searching for tips on how to impr Read More
Investing in an SEO tool is a crucial step for an early-stage startup if you’d like your business to feature prominently in search engine result pages (SERPs). Read More
Any small, local business these days is going to encounter stiff competition from a huge national business that does basically the same thing, particularly in something like retail. I found this article with some ideas on how to get around your bigger competition and they seem to be pretty sound id Read More
I wouldn't want to run one myself (got out of retail/distribution a while ago) but I've seen a lot of people looking into starting a warehouse/distribution center lately - I blame Amazon, but that's a discussion for another time - and I figured this article was worth spreading around in case anyone Read More
Every business leader realizes their primary objective is to motivate people to do what is required, yet all of us with any experience in business tend to remember most those times when we felt highly demotivated by our leaders. Since I can’t imagine any leader demoralizing their team intentionally Read More
A comprehensive guide that explains everything you need to know about the forms, procedures and deadlines when forming an LLC. Read More
For consumers that want to live sustainable lifestyles, having an actual home that’s sustainably built is a must. But if there are some areas where finding homes that are both sustainable and modern can be tough. But if you’re in the Catskills area of New York, there’s a company that aims to provid Read More
If every entrepreneur could predict the future, starting the right new business would be easy. Since my experience and interests have been primarily with technology, I’ve been watching those trends for a long time, and I see rapid change, but predicting impact is a challenge. Recently I’ve changed Read More
If you’re reading this, chances aren’t bad that you’re in Florida. The Sunshine State is the nation’s fourth biggest by population and is soon to overtake New York as the third. It’s a state with hundreds of miles of beach, no state income tax, glitzy and glamorous cities, as well as unique natural Read More
Do you chase after something every day? Your job, everyday duties, everyday life and many other things? Honestly speaking we sometimes stick to that what we have, just because we are used to it. However we can stop, reject ‘status quo’ and draw some conclusions. Read More

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