Established before our independence, Jeyam Paper company has seven decades of experience in paper trading & quality supply. The third generation of it continues to the cherish its history and looks forward to a rewarding future.

Jeyam papers approached with a motive to nail its presence through Read More
If you think you need to live in a big city to start a successful business, you’re mistaken. There are actually some business opportunities that are better suited for rural communities. So if you’re looking to start a rural business, take a look at these ideas. Read More
In the movie Field of Dreams, Ray Kinsella played by Kevin Costner constantly hears the saying “If you build it, they will come.” Spoiler alert, if you have not watched the movie, the prophecy did come true and people showed up to play or watch baseball on the field that Ray created. Read More
Finding unique wedding and anniversary gifts can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking for something that’s completely personal to the bride. But that’s why Nikki Gentry founded Dreamlines LLC. The company makes customized illustrations of wedding dresses that can make for great wedding or a Read More
If you're planning on selling your business, it's good to be prepared from the start. Here's how to position your business to be acquired, should you one day hope to sell. Read More
It’s time for more entrepreneurs to reset their focus, and shift their thinking to completely different ways of doing things. Everyone talks about innovation, but the majority of business plans I see still reflect linear thinking – one more social network with improved usability, one more wind-farm Read More
If you are a risk-averse online entrepreneur, consider buying an existing online business instead of starting one. Here is the trend briefing. Read More
Starting a home business seems relatively easy, however you need to be aware of regulations and laws to avoid getting in trouble. Answer these questions first. Read More
For those mothers who are ready to take their entrepreneurial ambitions to the next level while maintaining a happy family life, here’s a list of must-read books providing inspiration, potential business strategies and marketing advice to get you started down the right path. Read More
Building a business is not rocket science, so there is no magic success formula. Some people think you need to get an MBA to get it right, while others are convinced that those who drop out of school early (Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg) have the advantage. In my experience working with startups, the Read More

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