It boils down to this: There are other people out there who will offer very low rates. As much as we’d like to comfort ourselves with assurances that these low-ball fees result in incompetent, late work, that may not be the case.
Read More
After weeks of research and design we are delighted to have completed our infogrpahic which provides a visual look at where England's companies started. From Sage in the North East to Ginsters in the South West we took a detailed look at every region of England to find the most recognizable... Read More
Once upon a time, if you wanted to be a sucessful business person, you took a few business courses in high school, and after graduating, you could get a general business degree. It was a degree, but it really couldn’t completely prepare you to launch a successful startup right out of college. It wa Read More
Finding the start-up fund for your business can be extremely difficult, especially when you have a lack of income or poor credit. Read More
What do you do when your business loses 70% of its revenue?
It happened to one of Justin Gilchrist’s businesses. In the following interview we will talk about what he did about it.
Justin is a serial entrepreneur.
He is also the UK based cofounder of Centurica.
Centurica provides due diligence Read More
From startups to multinationals, all businesses face the same challenge at some point in their growth trajectory: finding and securing money to fund a project, a large contract or a strategic move to drive the business to the next level. Read More
There are several reasons that make the Gold Coast, a Silicon Valley of Australia. Its natural beauty, lifestyle, dynamic culture & infrastructure, together make it a preferred location to study, live and travel... Read More
Opening a retail store is a big decision and there has to be a lot of things to consider, think about, research and understand. You do not want to go into this kind of operation blind or ignorant. That alone will cost you the business before you even open the doors for the first time. Read More
Wondering whether you should quit your job and start a business in the new year? Before you take the plunge, here are four important things to consider. Read More
Business or life, negotiation is the process we come across frequently, when we are running a business, each and every customer negotiate with us for the price drop, here seller wants to sell because he is running business to live, buyer has to buy because he needs it, nobody wants to lose money. Read More

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