A sole proprietorship is one of the easiest ways to start a business, but there are several points you need to consider before you launch this type of business structure. Here's what you should know. Read More
What does it take to come up with a business idea while fishing and turn it into a multimillion-dollar business?
Joe Mecca and his brother Paul founded KwiKBoost in 2010.
The Dallas, Texas based company makes mobile device charging stations.
Kwikboost charging stations have charged 20 million mo Read More
Think you’re too old to start a business? Think again. Funders and Founders recently shared an infographic outlining late bloomers who displayed proficiency in a variety of fields showing that great achievements don’t always happen at a young age. Read More
A few weeks back, news broke that one of the magazines I have written for the most, The Magazine, is stopping regular publication later this year. This is a particular bummer for me, because I’ve put a lot of effort into writing features for The Magazine over the past few years. So what happens whe Read More
It was the big day. I planned to launch at 11am. A year in the making had finally come down to the final five hours.

I jumped out of bed, poured my glass of tea, and went into my home office... Read More
I haven’t seen anything like this out there for me to follow, so I figured this little mini-series might be helpful to other founders in a similar position.

I should say, this is by no means the definitive way to do things. Mind you, this was my first SaaS product launch. Read More
In today’s fast moving world of business startups, learning trumps knowing every time. What established businesses know through experience keeps them from looking for the new and innovative ways to do what they do better, cheaper, and faster. I’m convinced that’s why most mature companies are slowi Read More
"Which is more intriguing: being the ‘hard working employee’ who is always told instructions and carries them through, yet, feeling uncomfortable in his own skin for some reason, or the one who tells people what to do and makes decisions? Let’s face it. Everybody wants to be the latter. However, no Read More
"Ever wondered how some organizations prosper and continue to grow, while others have their five minutes of fame and then die down? What is their secret, one might ask. How do they manage to continuously satisfy the needs and requirements of their customers? What are the qualities of the entreprene Read More
"Do customers sometimes become irritated with your customer service? Do your employees look irked often? Is stakeholder conflict a perennial issue in your enterprise? These problems are all interlinked, even though they do not seem to be so on the surface. The main problem that is causing this cons Read More

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