From the outside it may seem that online payments are easy. You just need to attach your webpage to a paying agent of your choice and swoosh, ready to go. The money just starts flowing.

I really wish it were that easy. Read More
We are living in a start-up generation wherein we can find a thriving bunch of people running errands to greet success at every nook-and-corner. No wonder the cut-throat competition amongst the startups is soaring and looking at the current scenario we can only say that this is just the beginning. Read More
Get rid of that pesky legwork and make full use of Zapier with these advanced automation software techniques!
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Did you ever wonder why some entrepreneurs always seem to have all the luck and success, while others never seem to catch a break? As an angel investor, I quickly learned that luck has very little to do with it, and I now look for some personal characteristics and leadership styles that separate th Read More
When starting a new business, there are a few steps you’ll need to take in order to officially incorporate the business within its state. Usually the first step is creating and filing Articles of Incorporation.

The articles of incorporation (also sometimes called the “corporate charter,” “articl Read More
The following post is a guest contribution from Steve Klein the co-founder of How long does engineer onboarding last at your company?
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How to get started with the website is the first thing your thoughts are revolving around. So in this article we first cover the issue which features your website needs, and then what platform will be of best use. Read More
Irrespective of whether you're hiring a drone for some snazzy article photographs, or employing a company-wide tactic with dozens of the little guys, unless you have a hefty chunk of money saved up you are going to need to employ a drone service provider. Read More
Marie Forleo has been in the online entrepreneurship game for seventeen years. She’s appeared on Oprah, been interviewed by Tony Robbins, hung out with Richard Branson.
…and she still doesn’t feel like she’s ever had a “big break.”
Yes, really. Read More
To help new business owners better understand the benefits and limitations of corporations and LLCs, here’s an overview of some of the key facts, divided into three main areas: liability protection, taxes, and formality. Read More

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Elli St. George Godfrey: Contributor of the Week

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