If you consider photography as art and you love spending time on editing pictures you clicked, then you should seriously think of becoming a freelance photographer. What knowledge you should have, how much of investments is required, and where to get your first clients - in this detailed guide. Read More
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Why is it that so many businesses fail while so few succeed? One of the great mysteries of entrepreneurship is why businesses fail. Some people start one successful business after another while others fail to succeed.
Why some businesses fail while others succeed? Read More
A new breed of artisan shops that offer specialty donuts topped with everything from candied bacon to cereal are making their way into markets across the country. If you want to build a business that’s a part of this growing trend, you’ll need a few key things to get started. Here’s a quick guide o Read More
Are you paying attention to your intellectual property? If not, you could be asking for trouble—as the characters of HBO's "Silicon Valley" know all too well. Read More
If you get a strange feeling when you see a grammar mistake and if you love reading books so much that you forget to eat dinner, you should consider becoming a professional proofreader to get endless satisfaction from work. Where to start from, how to find clients and much more in this blog post! Read More
Starting a business that combines profits with principles and helps support a higher cause appeals to young entrepreneurs from Generation Y as much as seasoned professionals looking for a meaningful change in their career.Here are four key tips to starting your own Social Enterprise. Read More
Think your product idea is crazy? It wouldn’t be the first. But just because a product idea might seem weird or crazy doesn’t mean that it won’t be successful.
From clip-on man buns to protein bars made with crickets, there are actually quite a few seemingly crazy products currently on the market, Read More

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