I love running my own business because we have the freedom to move fast. When we spot opportunities we don’t hesitate — we jump on them.
Not long ago, late on a Friday afternoon before a big holiday, we got a sales call here at Small Business Trends. I received a text alert about the call. Only Read More
Most entrepreneurs have said to themselves at some point, “I had no idea starting my own business was so complex!” But great adventures lead us down paths we would never tread otherwise. It’s not easy to choose the path of the unknown in a world that seems to crave what’s secure and predictable. If Read More
The Mill was a place of transformation. It converted cotton to cloth, grain to flour, ore to steel. The Mill changed the landscape of our economy once. And it is ready to do it again.

The Mill helps idea and seed stage startups evolve. Read More
My perception was that it was an opportunity for a restaurant to file off the rough edges and give the staff an opportunity to “get it right.” That, according to many, is dead wrong. Soft opens give you a bonus opportunity to make your customers into evangelists; that’s what they are really about. Read More
Nowadays $5M in funding could either be considered a Seed round or a Series A round of financing. Probably more closer to Seed if you take into account that top tier Venture Capital firms like Accel or Sequoia are investing $10M tickets and up on Series A‘s. Nonetheless $5M is still a significant a Read More
The Entrepreneurial Revolution is hitting us with all its power. Startup Extreme is a one day conference to explore the opportunities this new era is creating. Join Startup Extreme to get insights into the changes affecting business as usual in big corporations. How do you capitalise, collaborate a Read More
Meet founders, VCs and business angels at Odonien, a scrapyard in Cologne which, together with the selected participants and speakers, creates the very special atmosphere the Pirate Summit is known for. The aim is to gather 1.200 passengers on the boat, all one by one to be chosen by the Pirate Sum Read More
The Delaware Division of Corporations 2015 Annual Report is out & proves Delaware is the best state to incorporate your business in, no matter what type of business entity it is. Read More
Starting a new business is fraught with risks. Here are 5 actions you must take to ensure your startup is protected. Read More
Why are some entrepreneurs successful? Some such as James Dyson thrivel because they see opportunities in improving or applying technology to existing products. Read More

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