Employees are the key ingredients to the success of any startup. Failure to hire top notch people can derail your ambitions. Use these tips to hire great employees. Read More
If you currently own a home-based business—or are thinking about starting one—you’ve made a great step forward to entrepreneurial success.

Read More
Entrepreneurs are people who dream up new ideas, and then commercialize them into new businesses. Most people believe that the hard part is coming up with the idea, and the easy part is turning it into a business. Yet, in my experience as a mentor to entrepreneurs, the majority of failures I see ar Read More
Business is always changing. To be successful, entrepreneurs need to be flexible to adapt to an ever-evolving marketplace that is constantly being influenced and transformed. For example, Uber has changed the taxi industry and Airbnb has changed the hotel industry. Is your company up to date with Read More
Securing funding is, in many ways, more difficult than launching the actual business. Find out how one entrepreneur turned a failed VC pitch into a future opportunity. Read More
How did Travis Kalanick – the man most often associated with Uber – end up disrupting the taxi industry? Read More
You have the idea. The founding team is in place. It’s time to execute, but first you have to make a critical calculation: the equity split. But how do you make a fair calculation of who owns what piece of equity, and why is it so important to get this right at the outset? Below, we’ll share four n Read More
Building a strong, well-balanced startup team is no small feat, and retaining good talent is even more challenging. That’s because nowadays there are very few “lifers” (people that stay 10-30+ years in one place) and more people who hop from job to job. An 2010 Intuit study predicts that by 2020, 4 Read More
New business owners are rightfully proud of the changes they bring to the market, so they readily admit that change is good.

Yet these same entrepreneurs often quickly get set in their ways, and find themselves resisting changes to their own business, and begin to fear further customer change in Read More
My kids think like entrepreneurs. I do not.
That difference was apparent on a recent trip we made to Colorado to ski. As is often the case when we fly on United Airlines, there was a problem. This trip, we landed on time, but there was no gate available.
As we waited on the tarmac, with the pilot Read More

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