Traditional business intelligence (and data mining) software does a very good job of showing you where you’ve been. By contrast, predictive analytics uses data patterns to make forward-looking predictions that guide you to where you should go next. This is a whole new world for startups seeking ent Read More
Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. Some fail, some succeed. Some are in it for all the wrong reasons while others go on to become the stuff of legends. We had a little fun depicting several 'typical' entrepreneurs and the paths they tend to take.
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A limited budget and a small team can inspire you to come up with innovative ideas and creative solutions that no amount of money or unlimited resources can replicate. Here are a few ideas to get you started on getting the word out on your small venture. Read More
If you are a new entrepreneur, or entering a new business area, it’s always worth your time to assemble an Advisory Board of two or three executives who have travelled that road before. You need them before you need funding, and if you select the wrong people, or use them incorrectly, no amount of Read More
Isn’t it amazing that some people you know always seem to be working hard, but never seem to get anything done? As an entrepreneur, you need to avoid partnering with these people, or hiring them into your startup. The challenge is to find people who get things done, as well as work hard. LinkedIn p Read More
So you’re starting out in the freelance writing business, you’re excited about the freedom it offers you, and on your first day you sit down, open up your laptop … and realize you have no idea where to find jobs. Or perhaps you’ve started writing with one or two and you have no clue where to look i Read More
When you’re searching for a work at home job you’re bombarded with information, that often it’s difficult to decipher what’s legit and what’s not. While I can offer advice on scam prevention and where to find legitimate work at home jobs postings, there is still an element of uncertainty.
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Two years ago, I was introduced to Isagenix by my friend Staci. I was looking for a way to get rid of the baby weight that I was holding onto from my third child. I was not interested in the business at the time because I had a busy online business and startup that I was working on but I loved the Read More
Alibaba eCommerce giant surprised the world with it’s huge IPO fund raising of $ 20 Billion on September 19 2014, Alibaba founder Jack Ma started this company in 1998 with very less investment associating with 20 plus other shareholders, Alibaba company started without having any technical knowledg Read More
It’s always been tough to start a new business, even when the bottom line was just making a profit to stay alive. A few years ago, a second focus of sustainability (“green”) was added as a requirement for respectability. Now I often hear a third mandate of social responsibility. Entrepreneurs are n Read More

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