Why do you have side web project, is your web project full time work? Some tips regarding new web project startups. Read More
Do you want to have your own business? While starting a business puts you in a lot of risks, here are some tips on how you can avoid them. I cannot guarantee that it will be foolproof but that's how business owners learn. Read More
Risks are tough because there is not a right or wrong answer. But they’re necessary and continual. All we can do is embrace them and make the best decision based on experience, guidance and faith – and hope for the best. Read More
If I had a dollar for every time someone has said to me, “One of these days, I’m going to start my own company,” I’d be rich. If this day ever comes for all these people, we will be overrun by startups. Yet I don’t lose any sleep over either of these possibilities. Read More
By definition, most entrepreneurs are thought leaders. They have the ability to recognize a market need, the skills to design and implement a solution, and the drive to start a business from that solution. It all comes from within themselves. A business leader does the same thing and more through t Read More
Tweet Bop.Fm aggregates all your favorite music sources (Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, YouTube, SoundCloud, and more) into one awesome music service. That means that anyone can play any song, using any service, and share with any friend, even if your friend […] Read More
It’s easy to be inspired by other entrepreneurs. Especially when they are smart and successful young female entrepreneurs showing the world what’s possible!

And so I introduce you to Brea and Halle Holmes - a sister team of young entrepreneurs who started their own skin care line, Sweet Dream G Read More
Female entrepreneurs share their top advice for launching smarter.

By the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)

What is one important piece of advice you’d give a fellow entrepreneur about to launch their MVP?

Read More
Thanks to technology, there is no reason that a stay-at-home parent can’t boost household income. All you have to do is start a home business. Read More
New Entrepreneurs may ask the question if a business partner is needed. For some the decision may not be a choice (someone else's business idea) but for others it might. Here's my own experience along with additional tips. Read More

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