Every year I write some professional and personal goals to achieve by the end of the year. It was no different for 2014. Professionally, it was a big year for me so I’m happy how things have transpired. Read More
Starting any business takes a huge leap of faith. Given that you could be doing many, many things with your time, how do you decide what to do and what’s really a great idea?

Here’s my guide to figuring out if your idea is any good and if it’s worth moving to the next level. Read More
One of the worst things for a company is missed sales opportunities -- potential customers who come to the site and leave without entering the marketing funnel by providing their email. Sadly, 94% of visitors don't leave contact information on a B2B website. How do you capture a potential customers Read More
Matthew Jackson has been working in video games ever since he graduated from Montreal’s National Animation and Design Centre (Centre NAD), but he admits that it’s his passion for video games that has made him successful in the business – a quality he believes is an absolute requirement for anybody Read More
It is an uncomfortable fact of business life that four out of five startup businesses end in failure. Do you know why so many startup businesses struggle to survive? Could it be purely because of poor business marketing strategies? Checkout why so many startups struggle to survive...
Read More
A good USP strategy is essential for any business. However, it becomes even more important when you start a new business. But there’s no need to worry, because the following insider tips will provide you with the insight you need for an excellent USP strategy! Read More
Whether you are an entrepreneur managing a startup, or a corporate executive with thousands of employees, it’s hard to ignore the evidence of big value from happy employees. For example, the Harvard Business Review a while back included an analysis of hundreds of studies showing an average of 31% h Read More
If you think about it, nowadays there are so many startup events, that you don't even know which one to go to. When you pick which one to attend, it obviously matters what you want to gain from it. Read More
What does it take to have a business blog that stands out?
Create and post content consistently.
Scott is building a business around that concept.
He is a serial entrepreneur.
Scott sold his first company to Traffic.com.
Today, he is the CEO of BlogMutt.
BlogMutt is the No. 1 marketplace for Read More
A few weeks back, two developers, Jonathan Lau and Edward Junprung, claimed that successful Kickstarter campaigns have raised more than six times more money than Indiegogo campaigns. Read More

Learn How to Build a Firm Benefits Foundation

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