What does it take to start the same business twice?Nellie Akalp is a serial entrepreneur.She started MyCorporation in 1997, a business that helps entrepreneurs start a business. By 2005 her business had a gross revenue of $1 million in sales a month.MyCorporation was sold for $20 million to Intuit. Read More
I used to think that working more is the SECRET to earning more in your online business. If this is what you're thinking too, then you're WRONG! Check out my latest blog post to find out my 3 simple strategies that you can start using today to earn more while working less. Read More
If you’re lucky enough to be appointed as the technical lead at a startup, it could be an amazing, life-changing experience, but one that’s almost certain to include LOTS of challenges. Here are some great tips from 13 experienced startup CTOs to help point you in the right direction. Read More
Everyone has to deal with the nitty-gritty details of starting a business; no matter your industry, getting started safely and legally involves at least a little red tape.

http://bit.ly/1HVHdLR Read More
Every entrepreneur realizes that building a great team is critical to the success of his or her startup, but many don’t realize that it takes more than multiple qualified employees to make an effective team. It’s possible, or even likely, that a set of skilled individuals can result in a dysfunctio Read More
Looking for a profitable business idea, in a booming industry that's crying for your unique innovation and determination? Here's 10 to get you started. Read More
So you are starting something. That's great! But don't forget about the details. Are you considering storage? This is an important part of having a new business. Read More
Maybe starting a new business isn’t your passion, but in these days of rapid change, where everyone is dealing with uncertainty, I believe that thinking and acting like entrepreneurs will help you get ahead in any profession. In simple terms this means taking control of your life, going after somet Read More
This roundup of small business articles includes tips on entrepreneurial success, parenting, and being a solpreneur from Nellie Akalp at Corpnet.com. Read More
"Are you planning to own a coffee shop business? One can have numerous reasons to own a café shop. It is vital to notice that if you really want to setup it as a mode of earning then you should collaborate your ideas now and start to put it into effect. But before that you must know some adequate r Read More

5 Things Your Latino Employees Wish You Understood

Latino employees are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. workforce – in fact, by some estimates one in three working …

Chris Farmer @CorporateCoachG Trains Your Team

If you feel your management style is lacking, Chris Farmer has some ideas for that. Ironically, it was another … More
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