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We claim copyright for this picture of Jimi Hendrix and Andre 3000. We're pretty sure one of them, or VIBE Magazine will argue. Look at the business process! Read More
As entrepreneurs, we are relentlessly faced with selling our business to keep ahead of the curve. It feels like you are eternally pushing a giant stone up a hill. How do you convince a prospect to purchase your products rather than your competitors?
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The world of “social media” has become a confusing crowd of personal and business pages, almost too many to name. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, not to mention Instagram, Tumblr, Yelp, and more.

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Gone are the days when music fans had to go to the store to buy an album and decide if they liked the artist’s music or not. Now, technology leads the way to an artist’s exposure and their engagement with fans or potential fans. Artists also can use technology to build, and eventually maintain, the Read More
Business Valuation Experts come in many forms, and for a business owner it can be very difficult understanding the various designations. More importantly, when the business owner is in need of a valuation , understanding exactly what type of expertise is necessary and ultimately who to hire can b Read More
A shift to faster underwriting and internet based lending on the part of alternative capital providers could create far reaching disruptive change in the financial industry when it comes to providing business capital. Read More
The subscription model creates a win-win opportunity for both business owners and customers. Businesses benefit from subscription model because they get guaranteed sales. The customers also benefit because their overall price is lower than if they bought the products or services individually. In th Read More

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