All managers face the same question: “How do I improve the way my business works?”

Well, according to BPTrends 2016 report, the percentage of executives who see processes as the crucial way to drive their businesses forward is 24 times the number who always have standard processes to follow and Read More
Instagram has quickly grown into the social media platform that artists and creative minds are favouring. The presentation style, partnered with the creative uses the Instagram feed are being used by many artists to create new and inventive ways to showcase their work. Artists and non-artists alike Read More
Presentations are a fact of life and critical to the success of many business owners. Whether you’re pitching a product or service, sharing a business update with employees, or speaking at an industry event, a well-delivered presentation can inspire, educate and help you sell.

Here are seven thi Read More
There are many reasons for the different usage of social media networks across the globe. Differences in culture and consumer behaviour between regions and countries affects the amount of time spent on these networks. Read More
Reddit is often the birthplace of all kinds of memetic content — typically, when something hits the front page of Reddit, it ends up spreading way past Reddit. This is both because of the site’s popularity and because of the demographics of its user base. Most people using Reddit are fairly Interne Read More
Reddit users are a community that hates advertising. If you fail to follow the “reddiquette”, your content will get downvoted and you might easily get banned.

But if you do it right, you'll be on your way to tapping into the potential of the platform and generating a stream of targeted traffic t Read More
This guide will teach you 7 storytelling techniques that will suck your blog readers in and involve them not only at a cognitive level but also at ‘gut’ level. Read More
The success of your blog rests on your landing pages. Also referred to as sales pages or money pages, their main goal is to convert visitors. Whether your purpose is to increase your email list, turn visitors into customers, or any goal that requires your audience to commit to your desired action, Read More
What are the characteristics of a learning organization? Here are the top strategies for building a successful learning culture and growing your business Read More
Diversity is an important means of showing that your company/business is free of discrimination. Having LGBTQ & ethnic employees can broaden your business. Read More

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