Consumers have the right to leave reviews that are as positive or as negative as they please, provided the information included is true. However, one French blogger was recently ordered to pay a fine and change the name of a restaurant review because owners claimed it was hurting the restaurant’s b Read More
An air conditioner in your business has been giving you trouble. How do you know whether to repair it or replace it? Let me tell you the ways to decide. Read More
How does a company using Apple devices print to a Kyocera printer? There's an app for that--AirPrint. Come watch the video and see how simple wireless printing can be. Read More
Are you staring at chaos in your business? Do you feel the need for some kind of order, but you don't know how to begin? Using the ISO 9001 system can help you create a quality business in every part of your organization from the front office to the head office and everywhere in between. Read More
Some would-be business bloggers are so frightened by the blank screen they can't get past writer's block. Here is a simple suggestion that will appeal to people who prefer talking to typing that will help them start the process without lifting a finger to the keyboard. Read More
Earlier this year, I spoke with my accountant about tax planning for the coming year. He suggested that I hire my son. Before you hire your child, here’s what you need to know: Read More
Google+ is dropping its longstanding real name policy, which will allow users to more easily set up profiles under a pseudonym. We think this change could lead to more activity on Google+, which might mean more opportunities for businesses using the social network. Learn more in our latest blog pos Read More
Having a blog is a great idea to share new information, express yourself and connect with others that have the same interests and build relationships. If you have ever thought about getting started, here's how to do it within 15 minutes from now. Read More
When businesses first begin their search for office space, many don’t have a clear idea of what they truly want, or need. In addition to the simple dollars and cents, here are a few other points we suggest you focus on: Read More
Our community has been talking recently about the skills needed for entrepreneurs to excel. Some things change while others stay the same. But, to be an entrepreneurial rock star, you need to be aware of all the factors affecting your business. Read More

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