The problem with creating a good first impression with your customer is that we have no idea when that first impression is going to manifest. We don’t know – or control – the factors that will be used to create the story that the customer will tell herself, which is why authenticity matters. Read More
Young entrepreneurs often are so excited by new technology or their latest invention that they forget to translate it into a value proposition that their customers or potential investors can understand. They can become frustrated with investors, senior executives and even customers who don’t seem t Read More
Business Ideas for Students is the greatest innovation in student life. Student life is the most valuable time for acquiring knowledge, skill and experience. It is justly referred to as the seed time of individual life. Read More
Today’s paid social ads are so created that they easily blend with the other posts on the sites. The focus of such ads is to build up a community of loyal customers. As most of these sites enable the social marketers to reach a specific group of audience that they may most prefer, it becomes an inc Read More
Google started out of a garage in silicon valley. Now it has 70 offices in 40 global locations, and it's completely overthrown the way we communicate.
Take a look at below infographic that illustrates how the king of the internet has evolved throughout the years and how it has helped us communicat Read More
This infographic from themediaoctopus looks at why marketers should consider video, and proposes some tips for making video content work for your brand. Read More
The number of mobile phone subscriptions has reached nearly 7 billion. Since the inception of smartphones, a rapid growth has been seen in the mobile phones users. China is topping the chart with 1,246.3 million mobile user subscriptions and the numbers. Mobiles phone have not been just phones, the Read More
Infographic that compares the characters from HBO's hit TV show with the characters from Entourage... Read More
In one of my previous post I write about how claiming Authorship for your published content could help boost click-through rate in search traffic and even increase your social media influence in online marketing. Today I m sad to announce to you that Google authorship is now a thing of history. Read More
This Week In Startup episode 467: News Roundtable: Amazon takes Twitch, Twitter brings Ferguson to the world, Secret is banned, and Uber is everywhere. Read More

Free, Fast & Easy: A new way to communicate benefits to employees

  We know that as a small business owner, you have your hands full. Aflac has made it easier for you to communicate …

Bernd Geropp @MoreLeadership Engineers Business Success

With a background in engineering, Bernd Geropp founded his first company, a German tech firm, at age 32 with a … More
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