Qr Code Decoding Algorithm

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This also is favored by Facebook's ad algorithm. 2. The stronger the ... And how to do it (on print material: “Go to this URL and click Like”, or “Scan this QR code and click Like”; on a website: “Click on this button” connected to the “like box” to ... Read More
What are you posting? What is the effect of what you post? What message are you putting out into the world? Here's a blunt look at how I believe each of us has the power to influence the world for the better, using our own social media accounts. Read More
Back in college I attended a conference, in which the Founder of Reddit spoke about their story.

At the end of the presentation, a man in the back raised his hand and asked the question “What do non technical founders do pre launch?”

Then he more seriously answered that he spent the bulk of h Read More
In this Google Hangout with Evan Carmichael, Michael Hurwitz discusses the tips and strategies he and his wife have used to successfully run their family businesses together. Read More
This infographic will try to give you an honest view on the pros and cons of using SEO for your business. Read More
You don't need any software to download a video that you like on Facebook. Two methods have been explained in this tutorial. It can help download a video which is hosted on facebook. If video is hosted on Youtube then this method will not work. Read More
The most important part to any sales process before you even start moving along the sales pipeline is making sure you can keep track of everything. Read More
When it comes to strategy and action, goals and actual results, saying you’ll do something versus just getting stuck in and doing it – content marketing would seem to be a world of contradictions. Read More
Forum marketing is arguably the easiest, yet most underrated method of driving high quality targeted traffic to your blog or website. Best of all, it's free traffic! Here's a quick video tutorial showing your how to get started using this powerful tool. Read More
What should I do prior launching the app to the mass so that when the time comes I already have a decent user base? Here is the answer to your question. Read More

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