The more tasks you are trying to complete at once, the less effective you are at any given task.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to train your brain to stay focused on a single task and avoid the trap of keeping so many different tabs open on your computer screen and in your brain Read More
Rather than taking a candidate’s word for it, hiring data can provide the much-needed evidence hiring professionals need to make an informed decision. So, to help you better identify top talent, here are four things to take into consideration when it comes to hiring data: Read More
Right from building an email list to designing the email content, to scheduling and tracking campaign progress, Blue Mail Media takes care of your end to end email marketing needs.
Read More
Small to medium size businesses are flocking to eCommerce frameworks to leverage the built-in possibilities of customer interaction, product and service presentation. Read More
If you are about to sell a successful website, you might think that it makes more sense to ignore a website business broker so that you could pocket all the money for yourself. Logically, this may seem to make sense on the surface, but there are plenty of benefits that you'll receive when doing bus Read More
A popular HR strategy where companies move around their employees to different kinds of jobs inside the organization for the benefit of the employer as well as employee is called job rotation. Job rotation has been designed to increase the level of motivation and interest level among employees. Des Read More
We have been taught in schools in different ways, teacher used various visual aids, gestures with nursery rhymes and so on. As we grew we had PowerPoint presentations for better understanding. But most of the time one teacher is assigned to each subject and she would be teaching us as mentioned in Read More
Human Resource is a huge market as every year you have a fresh batch of professionals who are ready to dive into the sea of corporate companies. There are big fishes that are looking out for change because they are bored of the company or their values are not what they used to be or a jump in their Read More
Web development is an ever changing playing ground for the intelligent, and there is always a need to become better and better at web development and create new designs. There are many tools and tips available on the internet and you can use these tools to improve the aesthetics and functionality o Read More
Some major criteria that assist you with how to decide on selecting a mobile app development company for developing an innovative mobile application.
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