B Corps? Don’t you mean C Corps?

Nope, that isn’t a typo.

Like Fair Trade certifications for coffee or USDA organic certifications for milk, B Corp is a voluntary certification for businesses that attests to higher standards of... Read More
Even if you are a great manager, you must never ever ever have these thoughts like this infographic. Read More
Understanding our customers’ behavioral styles is critical to our effectiveness in connecting with and communicating to them. There are a number of tools that help us understand the behavioral style of our customers (and colleagues). They go by the names of DISC, Meyers Briggs, and others. Read More
Why do some things catch our attention? Do you remember the last time you decided to buy a car? Once you decided what kind of car you wanted, all of a sudden, you started seeing more of that kind of car on the streets. Were they there before but you just didn't notice them? What is it that grabs an Read More

Different Business Structures

Different Business Structures Avatar Posted by ChelseaLeigh under Startups
From http://www.business2sell.co.nz 1 day 2 hours 35 minutes ago
When setting up a new enterprise there are a number of factors to consider and choices to make. One decision that is to be made when building a business is the Structure of that business. To choose a business structure can depend on a lot of things such as, the kind of business you are planning to Read More
CJ Delling and co-anchor Ryan Tracey (a.k.a. e-learning provocateur) comment on the flakiness of the internet, IP address give-aways, the problem of urban planning in Sydney, fauxnut furnishings, people being bad at making predictions, grumpy cat and CJ being back in 1983. Read More
Science has proven time and time again that using positive thinking when working increases performance across the board (compared to working with a neutral or negative mindset). A positive attitude boost productivity by as much as 31%, as well as your creativity, willpower, energy, imagination and Read More
Learn 2 simple tips to optimize your Blog post for the Search Engines. If you are a brand new blogger online, you must learn these two blogging-SEO tips! Read More
When opting for a franchise, many businessmen get tempted to invest in a fast food or restaurant franchise since it sounds like a safe choice and what we often hear from people is that food franchise has a high margin. You may have seen many successful restaurant franchises around but what many peo Read More
In response to a question I received regarding whether credit card debt is good or bad:
Credit card debt is not inherently bad or good, it just is.

Read More

Learn How to Build a Firm Benefits Foundation

While health care reform hasn’t gone into full swing mode yet, your business can lay a firm foundation for 2015 by following …

Ashley Neal Creates Resources for Success @smallbizatlanta

Ashley Neal believes if you help others get what they want, you'll have what you want. "I really enjoy being a small … More
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