89 percent businesses adopt social media for brand exposure while 75 percent of businesses use social sites to increase traffic.
But relatively few brands are aware of the legal ramifications of using this channel. Therefore, some companies are getting in trouble with social media marketing. Read More
Pinterest can be a powerful, fun and creative way of marketing yourself or your business, but if you're new to the social media it can be a little difficult. Here are some tips to use Pinterest like a Pro. Read More
Picture this: you have just come across a resume with stunning IT skills and have not called the candidate – you decide to wait to speak to them during the interview. During the interview, you realize that the candidate does not communicate well. Read More
Have you ever looked at your blog and thought why is no one visiting my blog? It could be the titles, if their not interesting you won't get people to click through. Here's an article with some tips and tricks to write better blog titles. Read More
Last month I was fortunate enough to speak with serial entrepreneur and digital maven Mike Glezos. Mike founded Biz Wiz Name in 2010 and since then the business has grown by leaps and bounds. Below is a record of my conversation with Mike. Read More
Are you leaving money on the table with your current thank you page? By the end of this post, you should have at least one way to immediately improve your thank you page. Read More
You need to master your communication skills, since your future success depends on your ability to communicate your ideas, thoughts, feelings and plans to others, in such a way that others will want to cooperate with you.

Failure to gain the cooperation of others will make further progress impos Read More
Here are the links and resources that marketers on social media have found the most valuable and useful over the past 30 days. Read More
This post from Publicize is a step-by-step guide in infographic form for how to get PR for your small business or startup. Read More
Google buys Drone Maker Company, Titan Aerospace which is the manufacturer of solar-powered drones. Earlier Facebook was interested to acquire Titan Aerospace but it has decided to acquire rival drone-maker Ascenta instead. Read More

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