Family Business Team Building is a process that enables a group of people in a business environment to reach their goals using the team resources. Read More
Even if you work every day in the world of new-venture funding, as I do, the options are confusing, and their meanings seem to change on a regular basis. I challenge any entrepreneur, for example, to define the difference between "seed-stage" and "early-stage" financing. Yet, knowing this distincti Read More
We usually think about succession planning in the context of who will take over the company once we leave, but you’d also want to be sure that they know where everything is and how everything needs to be done tomorrow. Read More
Great Content Should Not Die. It takes a great deal of time to generate engaging content. Today in my blog learn tips to repurpose your content and extend its reach. Read More
Best Practices that can help entrepreneurs take their startup company to the next level. In some cases (disregard capital at this instance), the reason why you may choose not to be an entrepreneur is probably because you have not fully guaranteed your research, or you do not know the possible chann Read More
Recently I read an article(video transcript) on Mr. Pat Flynn’s blog where he introduced most successful young internet marketer Mrs. Kimra Luna, who earned more than 1 million dollars in less than 12 months when I am going through that article I found that her first success started with Google. Read More
The single most important aspect of business is the finesse you exhibit when you are with your “audience.” In coaching and teaching communication leadership, I often remind learners to “be kind to your audience.” And I constantly remind them to, “Take responsibility for your audience’s experience o Read More

What Integrity Means to Investors

What Integrity Means to Investors Avatar Posted by lyceum under Finance
From 1 day 2 hours 8 minutes ago
Angel investors often say they are looking for entrepreneurs with integrity.
After nearly 25 years of teaching entrepreneurship, I still struggle to explain what that means. But over the last two weeks, I had three successive speakers in my entrepreneurial finance class that have provided me with Read More

Is Thought Leadership a Waste of Money?

Is Thought Leadership a Waste of Money? Avatar Posted by lyceum under Marketing
From 1 day 2 hours 11 minutes ago
“Thought leadership” is one of those ubiquitous buzz phrases that dominate content marketing in 2015, right up there with personal brand building.
Your boss is doing it, your boss’s boss is doing it, and you’re doing it. If you’re not, you’re worried that you should be!
As Michael W. McLaughlin w Read More
Getting poor conversions can be the worst nightmare for any business. Know here how social login can help them out. Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

Today 4 in 10 women are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families,¹ and they do more than twice the amount …

Lisa Buben @Lisapatb Will Inspire Your Business

Lisa Buben knows there's no such thing as a free lunch. But she might never have broken into online marketing without … More
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