WordPress can be a big benefit with SEO, the difference between SEO friendly & SEO optimized is critical to understanding how WordPress will Affect SEO. Read More
By 2019 e-commerce sales are projected to reach $3.5 trillion. In 2017 fraud affected such e-commerce spheres as airlines, general retail, money transfers, etc. All order channels are at a risk: 0.9% in web store order channel; 0.8% in mobile; and still about 0.3% in phone/mail channel. Read More
Drawing on the Nilson Report, $31 billion will be lost to chargebacks by 2020. Mobile payments will hit $128 billion in 2021 providing basis for e-commerce fraud spreading. Read More
Monitoring all orders isn't enough for protecting your clients and business against fraudulence. Moreover, the process of manual review is time- and effort-consuming. Read More
Everyone wants to rank at the top of Google, but there are only so many main page organic listings available. Even when you consider how wide range and various long-tail keywords can be, it’s still a challenge to secure first-page placement.

With so many options for getting traffic and reaching Read More
The Future Workforce Report suggests that companies that support remote work get critical work done and have fewer talent shortages. Read more findings from the report. Read More
No business is completely immune to an attempted attack, but some have more to lose: 60% of small businesses go out of business within six months of a cyberattack. Those without a good defense or recovery plan often can’t bounce back. So what can they do to protect themselves? Read More
Most Millennials know they need help with their taxes, but only a small percentage of them do anything about it. Learn why in this article. Read More
Whether you've been in business a while now or you're just getting started, it's important to look for ways to continue to grow your business. While growth means different things to different businesses there are some things that everyone agrees are important, like the importance of getting a stron Read More
Stress can sometimes be frightening and frustrating. As a result, we are sometimes forced to resort to negative ways to deal with it. These may offer some relief initially but then we're caught in a vicious cycle. Thus, we form a bad habit to deal with stress that adversely affects our day to day l Read More

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