Starting an assisted living business can be incredibly lucrative and fulfilling. However, it can also be risky. Here are the biggest pitfalls of starting an assisted living business, and how to avoid them.
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Every entrepreneur would like to build effective communication with customers to make them being attached to your brand. To succeed in it, use these 9 tips to improve your communication strategy and build a long-term relationship with the customers of your small business. Read More
Here are some WordPress lead generation plugins to consider: Hello Bar vs WPFront Notification Bar vs Notification Bar vs WordPress Notification Bar. Read More
What, When, Where, Who and How to turn a Creative Mess into Business. Discover How To Attract More Opportunities To Hotels with Content Management. Read More
The last week of July is coming to an end, and it's about the time to summarise top news from the past seven days. Have a look at the most important news about small businesses and freelancing that you should definitely be aware of. Read More
All product managers must deliver a great product. But, that doesn’t happen all the time. Some fail, some succeed, and some just survive. So, what are the qualities which distinguish the top product managers from the rest? So, what distinguishes these top 1% successful product managers from others? Read More
As of this post’s writing, we have officially entered the second half of 2016. This means that it is time to start evaluating our current marketing strategies and figuring out what has been working and what hasn’t. It’s also time to start making adjustments and exploring new techniques. Read More
Are you struggling terribly to manage your time?

Do simple blogging tasks seem to eat away at hours of your precious day?

Are you spending hours or even days working on blogging stuff that yields few positive results?

You have a time management problem.

I wrote a guest post on Zac J Read More
Are you looking for consistent information on dentists for your marketing and sales efforts? If yes, then you must know that Blue Mail Media is the right destination for you, as we specialize in providing high quality dentist mailing list...
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Whether you are a big Game of Thrones fan or not you can still learn a lot of digital marketing and content marketing tricks from these epic fantasy novels made into a TV series by HBO. Of course, HBO has a huge budget and an army of people working on the “on screen” and “off screen” content but so Read More

Give millennials a reason to stay - The benefits that can help you retain young talent

Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

15 Tools to Edit Videos for Your Business

Do you want to create a business video, marketing clip, or advertisement, but don't want to spend hundreds or … More
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