In the early days, if we apply to a job, we will be straight away asked to attend an interview and if we fare up well, we are selected and if we don’t, we have to look up for another one. This habit still continues. Conducting interviews becomes an inevitable part of any recruitment process. So, ba Read More
What defines the word interview well? A nerve-wracking situation is similar to that of the students who appear for the final exams. Of course, the situation is not the same for all students. Some are brilliant at studies and easily get through, whereas for some it is the question of life and death. Read More
Interviews are conducted to get the information from the candidate and to check whether they want to directly involve or not. It also becomes a great way for the candidates to understand and create a genuine relationship with the organization. It facilitates how the interviews are assigned. Intervi Read More
Page speed is the factor which tells us how long it takes for a web page to load in real time. While there are a lot of factors which affect it, host and design are important factors and these can be streamlined. Users and Google also look at Page Speed as important factors when considering their o Read More
There is no shortage of options when it comes to web hosting these days. Starting a new blog, a website for your business or even an online store is getting easier and more affordable thanks to remarkable hosting options we now have on the market. That said, not all hosting services are equally goo Read More
Even though Pinterest is increasing its appeal internationally, over 70% of pinners are still from the USA – predominantly young, affluent females with a greater propensity to shop than their counterparts on Facebook or Twitter. A study by RichRelevance revealed that the average order placed by Pin Read More
For some companies, Pinterest can be a huge online marketing opportunity. To know how to make the most use of the picture-sharing platform, sometimes it's best to look at how larger companies are using Pinterest and getting it right Read More
One reason only a fraction of patent holders are women is because women simply aren’t encouraged to invent. That wasn’t the case with Ruth Benerito, who was surrounded by encouragement in her formative years, which was spent in the grips of the Great Depression.

Her father was an engineer, who Read More
Your existing customers can help attract new ones through word of mouth to grow your business. Here are tips on how to harness the power of existing customers. Read More
In this age of online search having an online local directory listing is more important than ever. It improves visibility and helps attract new customers and Read More

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