Apple releases iOS 10 beta 8 download update for developers. The iOS 10 beta 8 / iOS 10 GM is available to download on iPhone and iPad devices directly. Read More
Lending Club might be best known for having a quick and easy application process. But small business owners don’t just want to apply for a loan—they want to receive one as well. Translating a final loan offer from Lending Club is the last step in the lending process, and one that requires some know Read More
If you had a more typical job—one with cubicles and dress socks—it would be much easier to prove your income and employment during the mortgage process. But when you own a small business, getting a home loan can be tricky.

Read More
Emotional Intelligence has become a hot topic in terms of leadership traits. What exactly is it and how does it play out in the context of leadership? Read More
In order to engage potential buyers we need to have compelling landing pages that will entice them to want to take the next step with your company. published an Infographic.. Read More
Have you ever visited a company’s website, only to discover that their homepage was outdated, unattractive and a pain to use? I know I have.
I almost instantly clicked off. I would never think of doing business with such a company. So if you want to design a website for your growing business.Here Read More
Are you plagued by late-paying customers? It's a common problem for many small business owners. However, invoice financing can help alleviate this worry—and prevent future cash flow issues. Read More
Weekly check-ins are critical for managers and team members: done well—one-and-one meetings are a great way to build trust and rapport. That weekly time slot is a predictable time for feedback and coaching. Read More
PayPal gives online retailers an option to take payments from customers whilst sending the money to a physical banking institution. This piece takes a look at how e-commerce has been positively impacted through the rise of PayPal. Read More
Do you want a website with surprisingly great results? A great website is no accident. It is systematically created. Do you want a great website?
Use the following checklist to design a great website: Read More

Give millennials a reason to stay - The benefits that can help you retain young talent

Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

15 Tools to Edit Videos for Your Business

Do you want to create a business video, marketing clip, or advertisement, but don't want to spend hundreds or … More
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