Many small businesses ignore the importance of their human resources. This has got to change. Here are employee retention strategies every business should use. Read More
Important mistakes not to make when interviewing new staff, or you could miss out on potential candidates. Read More
In case you’ve been living under a rock, or hiding under your bed, the current political climate is presenting tough challenges for company leaders. Despite the reservations that many may have about wading into political discussions, CEOs are feeling compelled to speak out to assert their company’s Read More
Being a newbie professional, you must understand that professional life is full of challenges and you may come across workplace apprehensions. In order to deal with them effectively, you must have the right approach as it is the matter of your own future. As you confine all efforts to perform well Read More
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A lack of employee motivation – in meetings or simply at work in general – often leads to increased attrition.

To counter this issue and to stop your valued employees from jumping ship, take a look at the following tips. Read More
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The main issue is that recruitment is time-consuming and can eat into the day of senior directors. And for any Startup or small business, every hour counts. Is a CEO best spending their time working through 100 CV’s or helping on a critical business issue? It’s no wonder recruitment can sometimes t Read More

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