Before you go shopping for a Virtual Assistant, evaluate your needs, work style, budget and personality. Read More
Taking a vacation is a great way to de-stress from work. But, if you don't have the right team around you, it can be very difficult to totally unplug. Read More
In the past, companies have created their employee motivation programmes on the assumption that all employees are motivated by the same things. Those ‘things’ might have varied company to company but within each business the offering was based on a fairly narrow and quite prescriptive approach to m Read More
In this rocky time for the United Kingdom, here are 4 leadership traits that new Prime Minister, Theresa May, must display to be successful. Read More
Interviewers may handle many candidate interviews. To recruit a candidate for a desired position in an organization, one must observe many factors in a candidate. The interview is a crucial part for both organization and an individual. So it is a big task for an interviewer. Organize yourself befor Read More
Lasting impressions are not as easy to make if your boss happens to be an upcoming, rule-abiding, by-the-book female corporate figurehead. But that does not mean that the routine is any different. Only difference from having a male boss is that your female boss would set the benchmark for you Read More
The Part Time Revolution is changing understanding and perceptions of the recruitment process on both sides of the table; for employer and employee. Read More
The concept of a “Call for Participation” which is also known as “Call for Papers” or a “Request for Proposals” is especially used in places like conferences, or at certain projects and grants. It is a very common form of proposing an invitation. Read More
office hours means some nice cup of coffee and a plate of calorific snacks during breaks with co-workers or visiting the nearby Dhaba to have some sumptuous meal laden with a high amount of cholesterol. Read More
Better focus means increased productivity, allowing you to achieve your goals. Here are tips to help you boost workplace productivity. Read More

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