The 2017 Temkin Group Employee Engagement Benchmark Study clearly shows that CX leaders have 60% more engaged employees.

Engagement is directly connected to the overall experience that shapes the attitude and behavior of employees at work.

Unsurprisingly, then, the more motivated and dedicate Read More
Streamlining payroll process can help you reduce the time it takes to process payroll and save on expense and taxes. Read More
Employees are the lifeblood of small business. By effectively managing the workforce you can grow your business to become next Google. Here are the tips you can use to effectively manage employees. Read More
We cover the best onboarding templates and checklists available to download and customise for your own team welcoming process.
Read More
The first step in writing an effective job posting is to get the nitty-gritty on the position. To get this info, you’ll need an intake meeting.

Read More
If you're bucking for a new job that requires cloud security skills, here are the five technical certifications most likely to get you noticed, along with a bunch more money.
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If you think the edge your small business requires can be found by hiring a millennial, think again.
You may find more experience will right the ship. You can find this with Baby Boomers. And says Baby Boomers are actively looking to work for a small business all across the country.
In Read More
Companies prefer direct-sourcing talent via job boards, referrals, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Let’s look at how they compare. Read More
One of the problems that every elearning solution or staff training system needs to address is the issue of people who need to be retrained after a certain period of time.

This mainly occurs due to a well-known defined as Ebbinghaus forgetting curve. Read More
For small business owners, that’s a particular challenge, because we are leaders who need to set examples. Yet if you take a glance around your own business, you may find a lot of people who look a lot like you — or a lot of people who look a lot like each other. Read More

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