It’s a highly competitive world and the market demands not only excellence in what you do – your core competency, but it also demands that professionals be good at many other skills related to your profession, in other words, market demands multi-skilled, multi-talented professionals who can multi- Read More
Maintaining a smooth workflow throughout the tax season is a challenging task. There are days when you think everything is in control, and then there are some days when everything is a mess! Let’s take a quick recap of things you should invest your time and energy in to sail through the busy period Read More
Women do have jobs. Generally, they do various kinds of jobs like being a housemaid, a nanny, or working in some small grocery stores. As soon a girl is born, she is taught that her main duty is to be a loyal and good wife as well as mother. Her life is tied bound to various kinds of homely duties. Read More
A user interface (UI) designer makes sure your site or app is user friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate. So, how do you find a freelance UI designer who can deliver the experience your visitors are looking for? This article breaks down key considerations, essential skills, and other factors yo Read More
If you want to have a successful job interview, you have to prepare yourself ahead of time, and avoid these pitfalls at all costs. Read More
Going through our routines like hamsters on a habitrail, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. People do it, companies do it. But if you’re a leader who cares about employee engagement, you need to be the one pulling everyone out of their humdrum malaise and creating an inspiring culture. Read More
Sometimes, the best way to size up a candidate is to stop asking questions and just listen. Here are 5 phrases to listen for that will tell you everything. Read More
The global workforce offers lots of benefits to employers – such as access to a larger talent pool and the option to hire remote workers at competitive prices – but it also poses some serious challenges. It’s time to highlight sourcing candidates in your dictionary. Read More
Offshore Outsourcing is a strategy adopted by most businesses worldwide. This FREE Whitepaper gives you an idea about the key factors that you must remember for a successful offshore outsourcing. Read More
Human beings take a lot of time to alter their habits and ways. While most of us are today aware of the need to save the environment and avoid the use of paper, few of us practice it in our professional and personal lives. Though the modern offices are well equipped with computers, desktops and the Read More

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Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

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