In most of working people’s career, they might have surely faced many types of interviews like one on one interview, telephone interview, sequential interview, and panel interview etc. The interview type might differ according to the job role. But among all these, there is an interview type called Read More
Getting a job is not as easy as we think. It requires more hard work and patience to find the right entry. Job fairs are conducted in every part of the world by group of organizations to find right candidate for their organization. Job fairs are conducted in order to hire either job seekers bulk or Read More
Hiring the right person is crucial for the success of any business. New employees that do not fit the company culture can be toxic and ruin the company's values and lower productivity. So how can you make sure to hire the right person? Read More
Are you being bullied at work? Kaz Osman, from Career Ninja UK, has put together a useful guide for Mi Business Mag on how to handle workplace bullying. Read More
Staff augmentation is a very effective way of getting talented professionals when the in-house team does not the requisite application and managerial skills. Here are 4 important advantages of IT Staff Augmentation.
Read More
If standardized tests are used in the field of education to assess the students’ performances in various dimensions, the Psychometric tests are used for determining the emotional and intellectual abilities of the candidates. Along with the cover letter, resume and other references, many of the comp Read More
Predictive people analytics is a hot HR buzzword these days, but what does it really mean?

A recent article by experts at McKinsey & Co. offered a succinct insight by quoting Bill James, the famous baseball historian and statistician: “There will always be people who are ahead of the curve, and Read More
One of the best ways to get the most out of your time is to outsource. Here’s how to outsource to the right person. Read More
Motivated employees are 10X more valuable, but you have to do it right. Find out what works and what doesn't when it comes to employee motivation. Read More
You are not paid for how busy you are. Rather, you are paid for your productivity and the progress you make. Learn how to be less busy and more productive, in order to be less stressed and more successful. Read More

Give millennials a reason to stay - The benefits that can help you retain young talent

Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

Gary Shouldis @3BugMedia Follows Higher Calling

Though he had always had a a strong interest in entrepreneurship, it was a desire to be there for his wife and children … More
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