What do you need to know about salary negotiations as an employer? Get seven key tips to keep in mind during the recruiting process. Read More
On a recent cross-country flight, I was pleased to see that the in-flight entertainment included a fireside chat with Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn.

Weiner is a CEO I greatly admire for his authenticity, clear communication and the fact that he values mindfulness and compassion in the workplace. Read More
Candidates apply without reading the job descriptions. You spend time weeding them out. Precious time. The Cloud Jobs API was born to help job seekers find the most relevant jobs to their search criteria. As a result, companies’ hiring pipelines will be filled with the most relevant candidates to t Read More
For your business to survive it will need to evolve. For it to evolve, you need to make changes. Without a change management model, the success of those changes is up to nothing more than hope and dumb luck. Read More
Most of the companies follow a certain type of human resource system and currently the discussion is about the centralized HR system. The centralized HR system is a process wherein which decision making authority is provided by the management of the company. Which mean other than the decentralizati Read More
If there is anything that any business owner needs plenty of, it is management skills. There is a lot to this subject, but above all, it is about being able to lead your team in an effective, incisive and communicative manner. Read More
Want to figure out who the truly amazing candidates are? Use values-based hiring. Follow these four steps to get started. Read More
Reducing your stress levels can be achieved by management of your work load and time pressures, together with managing the emotional responses to such pressures. Read More
UI stands for User Interface design, it is about creating the look and feel of a software or an app. UI design is in close relation with a graphic or visual design. A UI designer has a great knowledge and understanding of the layout, typography, colors and most important they need to have a great u Read More
Allowing bad employees who have bad attitude to go ahead with their behaviour could seriously lead to some bad effects. Co workers who see employers and their bad behaviour could be exposed to negative attitude at times. Customers will also be offended or disgruntled when they have been exposed to Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

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Diane Seltzer @SBMarketingTool Talks Marketing Impact

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