In July 2002 the New Yorker published an article called TheTalent Myth by Malcolm Gladwell. In this article Gladwell explores the shortcomings of a widely recognized management system put forward by a management-consulting firm called McKinsey & Company who advocate a three-tiered management proces Read More
Much of what you learned in PSYC101 can be applied to the business world. In particular, by moving from an annual review process to giving ongoing feedback, you can put your favorite freshman year class to work in your office. Read More
In today`s world, employees are neck deep in stress. They have to meet up with the deadlines and targets in midst of which they finish up on the cost of their mental well being most of the times, making them unhappy. Read More
If you need to be telling a IT Director that he/she needs to change the type of person they hire, you’ll need to show the business context of your decision and how it drives business strategy if you are to persuade them. This is exactly what a business process map will enable you to do. Read More
Well-defined business goals are an essential part of a successful small business. By including these few key elements, you can create effective goals. Read More
Why are so many employers complaining about the availability of talented workers and the cost of hiring them? Government statistics indicate that real, inflation-adjusted wages are now below 1986 levels. In 2012, the Federal Reserve tracked both an all time high in want ads, along with an all time Read More
Thinking of mobile learning? Read this book to get insights from an e-learning manager, writer, editor, and blogger. Read More
In recent years, the US labor market began to recover, and today it demonstrates good activity. More US labor trends inside. Read More
Employees, spouses, kids — what does it take to get people motivated so you don’t have to nag them? Motivation is powerful. It predicts success better than intelligence, ability, or salary. Read More
Take a look at any HR Survey and you will find that the main problem that companies are facing is employee retention. One might cite the case of recession and that it is difficult to find jobs, but confident and productive employees do find takers. Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

Today 4 in 10 women are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families,¹ and they do more than twice the amount …

Rachel Strella: Story of an Accidental Entrepreneur

If you had asked Rachel Strella in June 2010 what she did for a living, she would have told you she worked in … More
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