We have all heard the phrase people leave bosses, not companies. Maybe we have even said it, or left companies ourselves because of an issue we had with out boss. But how many of us ever think that we could be the boss that they are talking about. The statistics show that 50% of people leave compan Read More
Getting proof of past employment of a candidate or verifying his past job experience is one of the crucial background checks that employers in almost every organization conducts. It is crucial because it may be one of the most popular areas where a candidate may falsify records about his past job. Read More
Employee engagement is the result of a number of key factors, all of which business leaders need to encourage and nurture. Businesses can’t force a culture in which employees are happy to advocate their brand. Read More
Read how roles of an HR has been changed from traditional Human Resources to Techno Human Relations with a modern twist. Read More
Team building activities do wonders to enhance wellness in the workplace. Check out our list to see how these activities can help your business grow! Read More
We were knee-deep in the hiring chaos. We desperately needed some sort of structure around this hiring thing. We found a bunch of software, but couldn’t figure out any of them. They were too expensive, or too hard to use. So we opted for building our own recruitment software. We decided early on th Read More
"Netflix is well known for having a great company culture. This blog examines 7 aspects of their culture that you can use at your company. Read More
When you work in the corporate sphere it is vital that you are mindful of your manners at all points in time, whether your boss is around or not. Once you step into the office, you should be on your best behavior, lest others get the wrong impression of you. When you are confined within the four Read More
If a company is truly interested in keeping its employees happy and content, here are the five measures they must take in order to ensure their wellbeing. Read More
Embarking on a project to introduce new business technology can be daunting, but doesn’t have to be. SaaS technology has made it easier than ever to implement new solutions and has given brands the flexibility and agility needed in to survive in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive world. Read More

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