Each year, America’s Charities releases a new report about the latest trends in workplace giving programs, based on extensive research around attitudes and perceptions. A partner of Causecast, America’s Charities has been at the forefront of employee giving since 1980, helping to raise more than $6 Read More
Not sure if you made the wrong hire? Look for these six warning signs of a bad hire that can indicate major problems down the road. Read More
The companies keep an employee handbook and there are varied reasons that why should a company keep employee handbook. To illustrate a few, it helps in informing the employees in doing what is more important and then summarises the whole choices of the employees. As everything has an advantage as w Read More
In Greek mythology, it is said that Prometheus bestowed two vital gifts on a despairing mankind: one was fire, giving humans the ability to create and thrive, and second was blind hope, the capacity to wish and strive for something better than what exists today. Together, these gifts allowed humani Read More
Entrepreneurs at an Italian ice stand and an oceanfront restaurant have the same philosophy when it comes to summer help—hire more than you need.
Read More
Every job seeker in the world will have many expectations about the organization. Primarily, the first thing would be the pay scale the organization offers to them followed by the job role, and the work environment. But the reality is only a few realize that the job seeker can sustain the organizat Read More
A lot of recruiting comes down to timing. But you can make these right-place-right-time moments happen a lot more often with a talent network. Here's how. Read More
Human resource department is the back bone of any organization as they are entirely responsible for hiring employees to firing employees. They are the team of people who takes care of representing the employees needs to the organization as well as represents the organization to all the employees. E Read More
Organizations invest more of time and money for hiring purpose and hence, applicant screening must take as less time required. To reduce the time and money that is wasted in employees, the hiring managers must possess the capability to find out the good and bad candidate. It is also never easy to p Read More
What is Summative Evaluation?

A summative evaluation is one that takes place at the end of the evaluation cycle. It is a type of evaluation that judges the worth of the task by the end of program activities. The main focus of summative evaluation is based on the outcome. Summative evaluations ca Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

What's more important than salaries at your small business? Small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes believe they …

Carolyn Higgins: From Layoff to Living the Dream

We've all heard people say that losing a particular job may have been the best thing that ever happened to … More
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