It’s an age-old management dilemma, but we can all learn from the way other people handle such situations. Here’s the story of a real team “problem child” and the troubles “Tracy” caused her manager. You get the opportunity to decide what you would do if you were the project manager. Then you can c Read More
Try to (it works for us at least) get people to come to see the office, even if they’ll be working in another country, to meet the team in person to feel the vibe. It’s important to get people feel enthusiastic. When people come here, they’re already impressed by the office. They love the car, and Read More
Performance management is one of the rapidly changing part of talent management system. Here are the 5 Effective performance appraisal methods you need to implement Read More
Employer branding isn’t a new concept. In fact, it’s one of the most talked about business leadership terms of the past couple of years. If, as a business leader, you’re still not making efforts to maintain a strong employer brand, then you’re damaging your business. Fact.

Take a look around you Read More
Downsizing is a word that everyone hears once in a while when the market is down, when the company doesn’t perform too well, when the company merges with another firm or when the company breaks up. Through this downsizing the company tends to reduce their manpower or eliminate human resources. Read More
Digitizing HR processes frees up time for staff at Walsall Housing Group to work on strategic issues. Read More
Company culture change has been a hot topic for some time now; even establishing a precise definition of exactly what company culture is has kept researchers and academics busy for years. About the only thing everyone does agree on is that successful culture change has proved hard to do. Read More
In this day and age where there is such stiff competition among different top companies and there are numerous startups making an appearance each day, the directorial board of the company should ensure there is constant training of employees. Read More
What are the roles of a Human Resources professional in your organization? A common rule of thumb is that a company should have a dedicated HR function once it reaches 80 employees or so. Their potential responsibilities fall into three categories: acquisition, retention and strategic support. Read More
Salary is just one of many factors that influence whether you consider a job a good one or not. However, it’s without a doubt an important consideration for most people, not only because everyone has bills to pay, but also because a fair salary is a sign of respect.
Read More

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