Don't miss a step as you wrap up this year's payroll. Use this complete end-of-year checklist to bring your 2015 payroll program to a close. Read More
The year 2015 held many predictions as well as expectations in the HR world. We’ve complied a list of the top 10 HR articles in 2015 to recap the year to review what predictions held true and what expectations were met. Read More
In family business, planning for succession and leaving your role as family business manager to the next generation isn’t easy and can be a lengthy process. Because of this it is critical to prepare for succession by having a plan in place well before you need it. Read More
The topic of the evening was Where is L&D Heading? and some questions were posted through by the attendees ahead of time, while others emerged through the discourse. Read More
Summer is long gone and so is your fabulous intern. You would love to hire another, but you know that most college students can’t commit to a full-time job until the school year is over. But, you don’t have to wait until the spring to start your summer intern search. You can hire a co-op student no Read More
In the past three years, America’s Charities has been releasing the country’s most incisive and comprehensive series of reports on trends in employee volunteering and giving. This year’s much-anticipated report was just released, and it’s packed with encouraging - even inspiring - data for anyone w Read More
What should you do when you’ve given someone feedback but they’ve failed to change? Are you dealing with passive resistance to feedback, or is something else going on? All of these questions on the art of giving feedback are answered in this interview with people skills expert, Eleanor Shakiba. Read More
Learning to manage family businesses is an important skill for the family business leader. Set yourself and your business up for success by facing and solving these common issues. Read More
A college education no longer carries with it an assumption of career-readiness. An excellent education is still a great beginning but as an employer, I’ve stopped assuming that a six-figure degree is, by itself, any sort of qualification for a job. Read More
When you hear the word “lottery,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

1. People gambling who are very bad at math.
2. Going to the store to buy a paper ticket only to lose it one hour later.
3. A socially conscious fundraiser that goes a long way towards supporting state schools. Read More

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