In the following talk, Belinda Armstrong, the HR Director for Australia and New Zealand at Isentia, shares with us the ways to make your next hire count, even when your number of employees crosses the 1000th threshold. Some key points: Centralize all hiring tasks and communication in one platform. Read More
Often employees express their frustration related to work by bitching about their boss on social networking sites. Doing so shows a lack of professionalism and paint a bad picture of the company among people. Read More
The Cambridge dictionary defines integrated HR as the process of combining all the systems that helps in managing and using human resources in a business so they work effectively together for the best results. Read More
You’ve no doubt heard about Millennials (also known as Generation Y, born after 1980) for years now. But recent reports indicate a new generation (dubbed Generation Z or simply Gen Z) is growing up behind the scenes, and is set to emerge as the incoming workforce.
Born after 1995, members of the e Read More
Quite a few headlines from the past 12 months suggest the UK continues to have challenges with employee engagement. There are plenty of businesses out there with great stories to tell about how they motivate and energise their people. But quite a few companies are still struggling to find the best Read More
Job recruiters for call centers can’t afford to hire the wrong people. As frontline brand representatives, agents take on a big responsibility. Put blatantly, there’s no room for incompetence in customer service. Read More
Your relationship with employees determines the success or failure of your business. Here are 7 practical tips you can use to build strong relationship. Read More
A survey was conducted that asked over 1,000 employees what their reasons for recent turnover were. The results might surprise you! Read More
One needs happy and productive employees to establish a workplace and grow. The key to keeping the employees contented is to have a great workplace. To make your office a better place, all kinds of change will be required from physical to modifications in the company culture and administration metho Read More
In today’s fast forward business world, telecommuting is something which cannot be replaced and it has become an important aspect as it directly benefits the employers in various ways possible. Read More

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