The Human resource manager and the human resource department are an essential part of the company. Especially the main job description of these human resource managers is to provide professional and experienced manpower for the development of the company. The manpower providing activity takes place Read More
Workforce analytics tools can help HR across the continuum of talent management, starting with recruitment. Here's a look. Read More
Millenials have different mindset, working habits and culture having a huge impact on how the organizations are managed. What do they really want in workplace? Read More
Longtime competitor Alfred Angelo goes belly-up without warning, so what does David’s Bridal do? Make an irresistible offer on an expertly-optimized page that a panicked bride will click on if she sees it in the search results. Read More
With so many social issues competing for the philanthropy attention of companies and individuals, how can nonprofits successfully break through the noise to draw attention to their missions? What can activists do to galvanize urgent momentum around the issues they care about?

In a word: collabor Read More
Case study interviews tests people in all manners so that the candidate becomes best in terms of action. They are designed to evaluate the process information as this can solve problems and how to react to difficult situations. The topics in case studies can be anything that are mediated and evalua Read More
Most of the companies these days are outsourcing the assets from outside to increase their quality as well as the quantity of work they provide. But, to what extent they have to outsource these from outside depends on various factors.

Generally there are 3 approaches in this direction they are – Read More
Dropbox isn’t interested in lip service. It wants citizen philanthropists.

That’s why the company has applied considerable energy and resources towards community impact in ways that can be embraced by all of its employees. The company’s “Dropbox for Good” program - with chapters in 13 global o Read More
Do you think executive coaching and mentoring both are same? No its different. Here we explain difference between executive coach and mentoring. Read More
Read more about on how to make a change management strategy and learn how this strategy will save you. Read More

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