As an HR manager or compliance officer, do you sometimes feel that most of your job is telling people what they cannot do, what they cannot have . . . and even worse, what you cannot do for them? Read More
If you think recruiting for Generation Y – Millennials – is a challenge, wait until Generation Z (born 1998 – ongoing) steps foot into the workplace. Many recruiters may think Generation Z’s work and communication preferences will be similar to that of Millennial’s or Generation X. However, industr Read More
When you don’t listen to your employees then it’s tagged as the biggest mistake ever in business. There are many people who can offer you with insight, but the employees are the ones who offer more. Read More
Employers may use phone screens to weed out applicants before inviting them into the office. The first impression that you make on a potential employer may be your last one – if the impression you leave is negative. That's why it's important to be prepared for an initial phone screening, which many Read More
Need to recruit millennials? Instead of trying to reach out on job boards where they probably don’t visit, you can put your budget into the channels where millennials spend every potentially dull moment of their lives: Facebook and Instagram. Read More
Whether you’re pitching a product, presenting at a staff or board meeting or speaking at a conference here are some tips you won’t hear from your typical presentation skills coach. We believe these are some of the most important things you need to know about presenting today. Read More
The role of the Department of Human Resources has changed over the years and must continue to evolve for the company to remain competitive. It needs to become more involved and be a strategic strength in the building of revenue. This means they must get involved in helping the business generate mor Read More
As an HR manager, do you feel that most of your job is telling people what they cannot do, what they cannot have and even worse, what you cannot do for them? If so, I would like to recommend three positive ways of leading that can help turn negative encounters into opportunities to solve problems, Read More
So you’ve whittled your supplier list down to some final your preferred HR software providers, the products fit your requirements, so how do you choose? Here are some key questions to ask, to help make that important decision. Read More
Want to make a proper careers site on your website to secure talent? Don’t just list your job vacancies. Convert visitors into your brand’s believers and prospective candidates. The candidate experience starts the moment prospects find you. Sweep them off their feet today. Read More

Give millennials a reason to stay - The benefits that can help you retain young talent

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