Success of an organization irrespective of the any field depends on the strength of the employees. Employees are the backbone of the organization who hugely contributes physically as well as mentally to run an organization successfully. In order to motivate them and encourage them to work more effi Read More
With HR and CSR leaders increasingly aware that strong corporate volunteer and giving programs are an essential part of a positive employee experience, the question on everyone’s minds is: but how can I get employees to actually participate? Read More
The Cambridge dictionary defines integrated HR as the process of combining all the systems that helps in managing and using human resources in a business so they work effectively together for the best results. Pay roll is defined as the list of the company employees stating what their company desig Read More
CSR managers are always bemoaning the challenges of elevating participation in their volunteer and giving programs, and for good reason. Average participation rates for these programs are low, and that has a lot to do with the limited resources and attention that’s dedicated to most corporate volun Read More
Ralph Barsi, Senior Director of Sales Development at Achievers tells us what Sales Development job descriptions really mean for B2B Sales positions.
Read More
Here’s 3 things that employers and recruiters need to be aware of, and adapt to, when it comes to the talent that they’re trying to attract to their brand. Read More
It takes more than just skills to get hired. Here are 7 surprising reasons that can open the door to that job you always wanted. Read More
The focus groups are the groups of intellectuals, professionals who come together to form an opinion for the new product in the company. The focus group is the collaboration of people who come together to make an opinion, put forth their belief and perspective for the product or service initiate, i Read More
Group counseling consists of 4-8 students and will be held once in a week. It will lead by the respective trainers. Here group members will talk about exploring relationships, developing skills, improving self esteem. It will be especially effective for the people those who are more concerned about Read More
Uniforms, be it in schools or at workplaces, are used to distinguish employees of various designations. It is a widely discussed debate whether or not uniforms are needed at workplaces, because not only are they plain, but they also make the job look uninteresting. Uniforms do have its fair share o Read More

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