The traditional software applications are developed with “one size fits all” approach which means packaged software which has a set of particular features for every business. The businesses have evolved in a way that no two businesses have identical workflow or business model. Since every business Read More
Good news for small business owners / entrepreneurs as now they will be able to sell their products on facebook marketplace. Facebook has recently announced its entry in marketplace market by introducing facebook marketplace as a competitor to ebay and gumtree. Read More
Love or hate Microsoft, if your company uses Outlook, you need it to check in with your team, communicate with customers, and coordinate events.

While it’s great to have your email and calendar automatically synced, you can’t rely on Outlook to automatically solve all your productivity woes. Ins Read More
In the event that you maintain an ecommerce business, odds are your clients are dynamic on informal communities paying little heed to their sex, age, or monetary status. Read More
According to Gartner Inc., the global higher education sector technology spending will exceed US$ 38.2 billion in 2016. Technology is all set to transform the education landscape by providing a digital ecosystem which will solve the challenge of providing scalable personalized learning. Read More
We specialize in PHP, web design & development, eCommerce web development, custom online web solutions, flash-based web designs, mobile app and internet marketing services with affordable cost. Read More
The ability to track digital efforts to in-store visits can be the single most difficult challenge a local business conquers. Read More
Do you know you can earn money with your business mobile apps? According to statistics more than 80% user come to buy your products and services through mobile app and user friendly mobile app can give you huge sell. In this blog we are sharing information about how you can earn money from mobile a Read More
Apple opened up its iMessage app to third party developers. Here is what app developers need to know to develop iMessage apps in Apple iOS 10.
Read More
Consumers who have food allergies or sensitivities have a hard enough time finding food items they can safely eat. But now there are apps that can make the process a lot easier. ContentChecked is a small business that develops apps specifically for people with food allergies and sensitivities. Read Read More

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