Technologists, thought leaders, and writers who are focused on the IoT industry and love to share what they find. Read More
A speedier site makes much difference in various aspects. The success of your site depends on the time that it takes to load!

Yes, check the compelling reasons to have a fast loading WordPress website for your business. Read More
One of the first obstacles you’ll face when moving to the cloud is the bewildering array of licensing options available. To give yourself a head start on understanding cloud licensing, use this introductory guide to learn how software licensing, and Cloud licensing in particular, works. Read More
Kafka is a general-purpose messaging system that also stores and processes data as it passes through. It's becoming increasingly popular as more and more organizations turn to streaming data. Find out how Kafka works, and what sets it apart from other messaging systems like Flume. Read More
If you're looking to do A/B testing with the full power of Google behind you, the wait is finally over. This is a real game changer and might eliminate some of the costs associated with testing using 3rd party platforms. Read More
Hurry! We designed special IT courses training for 8-22Yrs students in this summer season. Learn how to design website, develop android app & promote website with SEO earn income online. Call: 8367670767 Read More
There are more than 2 billion smartphones users around the globe, helping businesses connect with target audience 24/7 hours. Hence, with easily availabilty, you can stay tuned in the mind of customers effortlessly.
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Today, mobile apps have become integral part of almost every business. The industry includes, Finance, Social Networking, Manufacturing, Estate, Advertising, Government & PSUs, FMCG, Medical, News & Magazine, Shopping, Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Utilities & Tools, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, mC Read More
From The Test Eye to thoughtworks, the article has brought for you most popular quality assurance blogs you must read in 2017. Read More
Slowly but surely, the practice of an IoT based project development has taken a sudden jump. Internet of Things is now being considered by all verticals and micro-verticals as the key enabler to optimizing energy consumption, improving life sciences and allowing for all possible “things” to communi Read More

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Ryan Donegan @ryanpdonegan Rocks Digital Marketing Possibilities

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