From career fairs and virtual internships, to the exploration of workplace environment in another state or country, we may soon be able to participate in these activities at any time, from our homes, schools, and offices. The holographic messaging of Star Wars and Holodeck of Star Trek come to mind Read More
A new patent granted to Apple suggests that the tech giant could be working on a waterproof smartphone. Currently, the company doesn’t offer any waterproof models, while one of its main competitors, Samsung, offers three.
But keeping up with the competition likely isn’t the only reason Apple is wo Read More
You know the eCommerce industry is on a roll when two market leaders post better than expected results.
In the second quarter of 2016, Amazon and Shopify beat analyst expectations to report impressive growth. And the success of these companies, though quite distinct from one another, may hold key Read More
We rely on our smart phones for virtually everything including business these days. In fact, smartphones is quickly replacing PCs as the preferred computing solution. But, if the mobile signal is weak and the user can’t get connected, all the potential of this technology is rendered meaningless. So Read More
Streaming data allows your business to extract near real-time insights from massive amounts of data. In this article, learn what streaming data is, how it compares with traditional batch processing, what a streaming data pipeline looks like, and some common applications. Read More
Happiness is something that's inside you. It's a mindset, an emotion, and a goal. It's something that has to be brought out passionately, so that you can not only find some type of happiness now, but also be happy for the rest of your life. Source: Read More
In the world of mobile website design, new innovations become a thing of the past within no time. The technological advances happen so quickly that keeping up with the pace can be tricky for designers. Read More
Dashboarding and data visualization are hot-button topics in the analytics industry, and for good reason. Effective dashboards can democratize access to data across an organization and help foster a culture in which data is used to drive more and more decisions with demonstrable business outcomes. Read More
SMAC is a stack made of a variety of components. These components can operate as an integrated solution to deliver maximum business results. The discrete implementation of SMAC components has its own scope and benefits as compared to the overall stack. Information Security is a common concern for a Read More
Apple releases iOS 10 beta 6 update for developers. You can download iOS 10 beta for your iPhone and iPad devices using our iOS 10 beta 6 download service Read More

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