Internet of Things has already penetrated into every sphere of human activity and has given a new meaning to all the major industries. This FREE Whitepaper gives you an idea about its applications in sectors like retail, health, automobile, agriculture to name a few. Read More
Chatbots are changing the way brands engage with their customers, but what makes them tick? We look at what sets chatbots apart from typical web and mobile apps and how they use Natural Language Processing to turn human language into commands an app can understand.
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2017 is the time to ask yourself if you are really working with data or ignoring it. Here are three ways you can start working with your business data. Read More
“Time is money” goes the saying. Yet, contrary to what many small business owners assume, the integration of a time clock solution in your business doesn’t have to be a complex and costly project. Affordability, ease of use, and implementation speed are just a few of the reasons why web-based and m Read More
OneNote is a great all rounder for notetaking. It offers a plethora of tools for both business and personal needs. In this article, I review the application of OneNote features for blogging. Read More
Blogging is a lot different from other business processes. It’s a creative pursuit and requires inspiration — or caffeine, I can never remember. Read More
Now, that you have decided to have an iPad app for your business, the next step is to look for app development companies. At this stage, many entrepreneurs make mistake of hiring an iPhone app developer or iPhone app development company for their iPad application. Building mobile application for iP Read More
Every year thousands of companies mushroom claiming to be the best website design company in the market. While some of these companies are telling the truth there are chances that you may get the wrong firm, so it is the responsibility of the user in knowing everything about the firm. Read More
How mobile application beneficial for different industries? Here are most popular industries that are earning benefits using mobile apps for their business.
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3D printing has become a path breaking technology making it easy to replicate body parts outside the human body. It ensures quick solutions to medical conditions that were once thought to be untreatable. Here's an account on the role of 3D printing in the field of healthcare. Read More

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