Movies are the awesome ways to inspire a person to make money online. Here are 10 Evergreen Movies That Will Inspire You to Make More Money - eAskme Read More
According to latest infographic release by GO Globe, mobile devices account for 49% of total time spent on consuming digital media. Mobile apps account for 47% of total internet traffic whereas mobile browsers account for 8% of the total digital media consumption traffic. The amount of time spent o Read More
Over the last couple of months newsweaver has conducted a lot of great industry research, we have got feedback from over 1,000 internal communicators plus some of the best thought leaders in the industry. We have pulled together some of the key findings into an infographic to help put a shape on wh Read More
Gamification 2.0 might sound like the latest buzzword in a long line of Internet trends that has gained widespread use, particularly in the technology and enterprise industries. Properly implemented, Gamification 2.0 can help your company cut through the clutter and increase productivity. Read More
Do your site have doorway pages? Save your site from Google penalties. DoorWay Pages SEO Penalty : Return of Google Panda Read More
If Cerevo’s new product, Hackey, catches on, you might never be able to start a sentence with: “I can’t just flip a switch. . .”
The Japanese company Cerevo used the SXSW festival this week to debut Hackey. Right now, the uses for the device seem limitless.
Hackey is a palm-sized, free standing l Read More
Back on March 1, HTC announced the new HTC One M9. Now today, March 18, a tweet from the president of HTC Americas, Jason Mackenzie, promises big news for the company’s new flagship smartphone.
So what is this big news?
It’s the UH OH Protection plan. This new protection plan will cover more than Read More
Paperwork is the bane of the modern office. Today, Adobe says 7 in 10 employees would seek other employment just to be rid of it.
What’s more, the company says its data shows 83 percent of workers believe antiquated paperwork and the processes behind it are slowing them down at work.
Adobe hopes Read More
Alcatel has just introduced a mid-range phablet that would normally get anyone’s attention on its own.
But the OneTouch Hero 2+ is making waves because it’s another device loaded with the open-source Android operating system known a Cyanogen.
This will be the third smartphone released that’s stoc Read More
Breadcrumbs are extreamly important part of any website, it provides your users an easy option to know their current location in the site. Read More

5 Things Your Latino Employees Wish You Understood

Latino employees are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. workforce – in fact, by some estimates one in three working …

Jane Sheeba @janesheeba Replaced Day Job With Blogging

After studying for a PhD in Medical Physics in the UK, Jane Sheeba was set by most people's standards. She returned to … More
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