Choosing what kind of cloud-based service is a complicated question, the answer to which will depend on a wide range of factors, many of which will vary wildly based on your organization’s unique needs. Before beginning to discuss which is right for your organization, you need a thorough understand Read More
The development of technology and the creation of new techniques will continue to change the identity design profession. Gone are the days when fluency in the Adobe Suit was all that was required from your technical abilities. The recent years have brought VR/ AR and other web and mobile technologi Read More
Having a sidebar in your website is good for many reasons. If for any reason, you don't need a sidebar, you can remove it.

Here's how to do it in WordPress. Read More
We have so many apps at our disposal now, that there’s actually a need for apps that connect the rest of your apps. Two of the most well-known services that do this are IFTTT and Zapier.
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The first mass-market instant message success story, AIM, is coming to a close. For all its popularity, AOL never really gave it a chance to make money. Read More
Until recently there were three major contenders for the spot as top cloud container orchestration program: Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and Mesosphere. It’s now down to two. Mesosphere has thrown in the towel and is adopting Kubernetes into DC/OS. Read More
There are dozens of Web Hosting Services Providers available in the market today. In this article, we detail the main features and benefits of the top Web Hosting Services Providers in our database to help you shortlist and select the right provider for your business needs. Read More
If you’re into wristwatches, like me, and are also a fan of the Sketch app, then this is the tutorial for you. In it, you will learn how to create a very realistic and detailed vector illustration of a watch using basic shapes, layer styles and cool Sketch functions such as “Rotate Copies” and “Mak Read More
Trees are not so green anymore, and soon we’ll forget we were ever complaining about the bad weather in summer.

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Web Crawlers play an important role in bringing in the best results on search engines. They systematically browse the World wide Web, indexes pages in a well organized manner to support search engine queries and shows the best results. To know more about web crawlers, read this article.
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This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

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