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You don’t need a ton of startup cash to get a successful business off the ground. There are plenty of home based business ideas that you can grow simply through bootstrapping. If you’re interested in starting your own business at home but don’t want to put a huge investment in up front, read on for Read More
No matter what season it is, there’s an insidious war going on in offices around the country. The conflict is so pervasive that it’s been given a name; The Thermostat Wars. While it may not be as significant as the war on poverty or the war on drugs, it’s still contentious because it touches millio Read More
Unless you have a magic crystal ball, it's hard to know your business's future. But finding ways to future proof your business could be the next best thing. Read More
I interviewed Jim Sweeney on February 13. I wonder if Jim's favorite beverage is apple cider? I look forward to a followup conversation with MikeRaffone in the near future.

"As creator of the Trademarked MIKE cartoon sports character, Jim Sweeney has crafted some really good stuff."

Sweeney b Read More
In the right context and deployed shrewdly, outsourcing can be a fantastic way for small business owners to improve efficiencies and bolster their company’s bottom line. But that doesn’t mean the practice isn’t without its own disadvantages, too. To help you get started, here are 20 advantages and Read More
Almost every business can find a use for social media sites these days. You can use them for marketing, research, customer service and so much more. But managing those social media sites isn’t always easy. Here are 50 different social media management tools that can help you build your business’s p Read More
You’re caught between the holiday shopping frenzy and the anticipation of spring. Bad weather in most of the country (even in Southern California where I live, it’s been pouring rain for months) tends to keep shoppers indoors. On one of those days when you’ve been open two hours without a single sh Read More
Social networking site Facebook has a history of challenging, if not buying out, its competitors, and now it looks like it’s going after LinkedIn. Starting yesterday, businesses in both the U.S. and Canada could post job listings natively to their Facebook pages or in the new jobs bookmark. Read More
Inspiring small businesses are being recognized and rewarded every year. Share what inspired you and your core mission and you could be the next winner. Entering its fifth year, the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest awards tens of thousands of dollars to passionate small business owners across the Read More

How to Access the Ultimate Productivity Hack—Happiness

How to Access the Ultimate Productivity Hack—Happiness Avatar Posted by fundera under Self-Development
From 2 days ago
Made Hot by: profmarketing on February 23, 2017 5:13 pm
When looking for ways to boost the bottom line, businesses usually look for shortcuts—apps that automatically do work for you, or techniques to upsell your way to the top. But as in life, there are no shortcuts to the ultimate work hack—happiness.

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This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

What's more important than salaries at your small business? Small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes believe they …

Join Our Google Hangout Explaining Brother CreativeCenter Thursday Feb. 21

Imagine being able to click onto a Website to design business cards, flyers, and other marketing materials for your … More
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