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If you like working alone and can sometimes get overwhelmed being around crowds of people all the time, you’re probably an introvert. But there are plenty of business opportunities for entrepreneurs who enjoy spending time alone. Here are some potential business ideas for introverts. Read More
If you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, there’s a new brand to consider. Snapchat — yes, that’s right, Snapchat — just revealed a new product: sunglasses that record video.
Like the popular smartphone app, the glasses record video in ten second increments. But since they’re wearable, Read More
At a time when the economy is growing and unemployment remains low, small businesses are once again populating job boards with available positions and hiring new employees. Yet, many face a daunting challenge: competition from other employers who woo job candidates with attractive salaries and a be Read More
You may have the best small business ideas in the world, but succeeding in business requires you to understand the business of running a business. Operating a business of any size is not like mixing together the right ingredients for a casserole and then letting it cook in the oven. It’s a continua Read More
While Apple might not admit it, the company seems to have a clear preference for iOS, leaving macOS and its users a bit under appreciated. But the company is slowly adding new capabilities to its desktop operating system, making its latest major release, macOS Sierra, the closest it has come so far Read More
Shopify (NYSE:SHOP), a cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform, announced September 20 that it has partnered with trade finance and insurance solutions agency Export Development Canada (EDC) to insure the merchant cash advances offered by Shopify Capital.
Shopify Capital is the new service th Read More

50 Business Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs

50 Business Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs Avatar Posted by stillwagon428 under Startups
From 2 days ago
Made Hot by: luvhealthcare on September 28, 2016 9:25 am
If you consider yourself to be creative, then you’ve already got one of the essential traits of a successful entrepreneur. But you can use your creativity for more than just building a business plan and solving unique problems. You can actually build a business that’s fully centered around creativi Read More
Nothing is worse than being bored at work. When you’re bored, the day drags by and it’s hard to feel motivated. Your work feels like work and that’s never a good thing. How can you avoid being bored at work? By finding a job that engages you, a job like one of the 10 in this video. Read More
Customers want the cloud. They expect it. They demand it. The only problem is, some IT providers aren’t giving them what they’ve heard about and want. IT companies that serve SMBs are having a tough time making the transition from providing traditional solutions to offering services in the cloud, s Read More

Think You’ve Tried Every Productivity System?

Think You’ve Tried Every Productivity System? Avatar Posted by LashonMcclure under Self-Development
From 2 days ago
Made Hot by: trivedirock91 on September 27, 2016 1:21 pm
Here’s a motivational fact: taking a process from start to finish without interruption saves you an average of 23 minutes. That’s 23 minutes your brain would otherwise spend getting back in gear and up to its previous efficiency after an interruption. Read More

Give millennials a reason to stay - The benefits that can help you retain young talent

Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

David Siteman Garland: Building a Community

When David Siteman Garland launched his online community and TV show, he had very few fans. "Back then only my … More
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