Infinit-O listed 10 social media marketing Do’s and Don’ts on how to effectively build community and buzz for your brand through social media. Hope this guides you towards success! Read More
As Facebook tweaks their ads, the changes in their effectiveness may be reflected in increased prices, something that small business owners will have to account for. Read More
The great thing about social media is that you know how to use it, your customers are on it and you can scale it according to your resources. But there’s also a lot of scope for it to become a distraction, for you to waste time on it and for it to make no difference your business’s revenue. Read More
This infographic has undergo a major redesign which puts a lot more emphasis on visuals. It helps to marketers to make sure all the images they post to the site are optimized to show up with the right sizes. Read More

Google+: Looking Behind the Scenes of Profiles and Posts

Google+: Looking Behind the Scenes of Profiles and Posts Avatar Posted by brianjensen7982 under Social Media
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To help Google+ users understand what is happening behind the scenes of Google+ profiles and posts, I’ve dug into the source code to show you elements that affect how your posts appear in Google+ and in Google Search. In this guide, you’ll learn what tags are added automatically and how to optimize Read More
Forrester team's research, shows that every 11 in 50 adults use Google+ on a monthly basis, and that Google+ posts generate nearly as much interaction per user as their Facebook posts.
In short, if you are not using Google+ in your marketing mix, it's time to leverage.
In case you are not sure ho Read More
If you've thought about changing your social media usernames, you might not have thought about all of the content and information currently linked to those handles. I learned this the hard way and hope my lessons will help you avoid the same mistakes! Read More
What value is there in researching lots of content that you did not produce in order to publish it to your audience? Maybe none. Read More
Pay attention and learn precisely how to do this with the following top 10 ways of driving engagement to your social content. Read More
Despite the rising trend of companies jumping on board to connect with customers via social media, not all networks created equal. Take Twitter for example: Some use it as an advertisement for their services, not understanding the importance of engaging with their followers, while others harness it Read More

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