Why Content Consistency Is Key

Why Content Consistency Is Key - http://strellasocialmedia.com Avatar Posted by centralpawebster under Social Media
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Nearly every client we work with has one thing in common: Before they worked with us, they lacked consistency with their social media efforts. You must show up enough to make a difference. And, once you do, keep it going. It’s the key to making relationship marketing work. Read More
How many Instagram users are there? Hint: Dr. Evil knows the answer. Get some tips and tricks for making this popular platform work for you. Read More

How To Celebrate Social Media Day #SMDay

How To Celebrate Social Media Day #SMDay - https://www.thesocialmediahat.com Avatar Posted by mallton under Social Media
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Social Media Day is celebrated on or about June 30th, but what does that mean, exactly? What events can you attend? Find out: Read More
Are you afraid to tweet too often fearing that others will perceive you as a Twitter pest? Many people don’t tweet often enough thinking that they are overdoing it on Twitter. Often times I get asked,“Can I tweet more than once a day?”

After all, most people are used to posting on Facebook; but Read More
I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time. It isn’t completely a social media tip – but a splash of a few things that don’t get talked about in the social media field. So this one is for my fellow social media marketers, aspiring social media marketers, or just for anyone looking for a l Read More
Many tell me how difficult they find it to keep up with the never-ending changes in social media. However, dealing with all of that doesn’t have to be cumbersome. With the right plan in place, you can be ready for changes like these–and adapt with ease. Here are four tips to help you do that. Read More
In this episode, Amy explains how she researched and tested new content before rebranding her YouTube channel. Read More
Embedded Tweets is one of the best features of Twitter that almost everyone loves. Twitter lets users embed tweets in their blog and other content to improve exposure and engagement. Here are 5 other additional benefits of Embedded Tweets you probably don't know... Read More
Using Social Media to Leverage Marketing and Grow Your Brand

How Businesses can gear up for using social media to leverage their marketing efforts to influence their audience and drive big marketing gains.

Marketers have to adapt to new ways of marketing by using social media networks because Read More
Have you been to a discussion forum? Forum posting will make you a more successful blogger when you use these free blogging communities. Visit an online forum today and gain knowledge, traffic, friendship, and sales. Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

What's more important than salaries at your small business? Small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes believe they …

Daniel Sharkov @DanielSharkov Grows Up Blogging

Daniel Sharkov grew up in the blogging business. Usually when we say that, we are talking about someone who started … More
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