8 Stellar Social Media Ideas for the Holidays

8 Stellar Social Media Ideas for the Holidays Avatar Posted by amabaie under Social Media
From http://www.pagemodo.com 37 days ago
Made Hot by: fusionswim on October 25, 2015 5:51 pm
Before the Internet, businesses celebrated the holidays by decorating their stores and playing Christmas music. Business-to-business retailers and service-based organizations celebrated with greeting cards and gifts for their clients. But with so many people getting their information from social me Read More
Did you know that on Twitter, tweets that include images receive significantly more engagement, nearly 23 percent more retweets, favorites, replies combined than tweets without images. And that Tweets that do not include links receive, approximately 25 percent more engagement, on average, than twee Read More

4 B2B companies that have mastered the blogging game

4 B2B companies that have mastered the blogging game Avatar Posted by cendrinemedia under Social Media
From http://www.b2bnn.com 40 days ago
Made Hot by: steefen on October 23, 2015 9:54 am
Today, the “build-it-and-they-will-come” approach does not work anymore for B2B firm websites. There are simply too many sites (close to 1 billion) and hence major competition for eyeballs on the Web. This alone explains why it has become vital for B2B firms and marketers to amp up their content of Read More
The next big leap in technology will be “smart” everything – cars, kitchens, entire cities. If you really want to be on the cutting edge of this technology, here is an example of its use in B2B marketing. Read More
You've seen the gigs on Fiverr offering you some large number of social media followers for $5. Or banner ads. Seems like a cheap way to get your accounts started with a bang. But buying followers will do more harm than good. Here are 5 reasons you should not buy followers and a bunch of tips on ho Read More
Beware of working with a social media company simply because the price is right. Read More

3 Ways Mobile Marketing is Influencing Social Media

3 Ways Mobile Marketing is Influencing Social Media Avatar Posted by SeanGallahar under Social Media
From http://www.i7marketing.com 42 days ago
Made Hot by: thelastword on October 21, 2015 4:57 am
When was the last time you didn’t check one of your social media sites for one day on your mobile device? Don’t worry – you are not alone. Everyone is mobile these days, so how is your business capitalizing on the mobile market? Read More
It’s hard to keep up with all the monitoring and automation tools out there! My job as a social media strategist requires that I manage content, keep track of all my accounts and be everyone’s eyes and ears. That being said, I am always looking for quick and easy ways to manage large amounts of dat Read More
Working with Social Media beginners can be very challenging. Learn how to explain Social Media to your clients that are just starting their first blog or website.
Read More
One misguided tweet can ruin the reputation of even the strongest brand, so if you’re running social media accounts it’s in your best interest to protect yourself against such risk by developing an efficient social media policy at your workplace. Read More

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