Best Zapier Alternatives

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What are the best Zapier alternatives?

In this post, I’ll compare alternatives to Zapier that help you integrate apps and automate workflows.

You’ll quickly see that most Zapier alternatives are actually courting different markets. For example, IFTT is more casual and consumer-focused, wherea Read More
It’s January, which means a time for reflection and resolutions. For many Americans, there is an urge to simplify and de-clutter. This includes dealing with our overflowing inboxes. Find out how to avoid the purge list. Read More

How To Embed a Twitter Tweet on Your Website - YouTube

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Have you ever wanted to embed a Twitter Tweet inside one of your blog posts? This short tutorial will show you how to easily embed a Twitter Tweet on your website or blog post Read More

How Goal Setting Increases Your Productivity

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Back in 2013 the founder of this blog, Darren Rowse, tweeted a question asking Problogger followers to share the biggest challenge that they face as a blogger. I think the majority of us can guess what the most common challenge was. You guessed it! It was time, or more specifically: finding time to Read More
Unquestionably, Facebook is the largest social network in the world with over a billion and a half active users monthly, and over a billion daily active users.

As a matter of fact, we used to say everything has pros and cons, and so does Facebook.

I am not going to discuss them in this articl Read More
A good entrepreneur is not necessarily born a good salesman. In fact, they are often the opposite, more focused on building things rather than selling them. Yet, in today’s world of information overload, marketing and selling skills are critical to the success of every startup. Read More
We live in a business world that’s largely ruled by automation. As a result, you’re losing time and money if you’re manually doing something that your competition is streamlining through automation. But are you aware of the various marketing tasks that your competitors are already automating? Read More

Why Your Small Business Needs Penetration Testing

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This may sound silly, but you should hire a hacker to launch a cyber attack on your systems. It is called penetration testing, and here is why you need it. Read More
Whether you want to grow your brand or keep it more successful, your main goal would always be to know the number of people’s attention your brand got and how well your brand has grown. New metrics help in determining, realizing and finding out new possibilities, realities, and facts. Read More

Small Business Optimism Surges: What Does It Mean for the Economy?

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Results from the latest National Federation of Independent Business’s survey of 619 NFIB members on small business confidence showed a dramatic spike in optimism—NFIB’s index rose to 105.8, the highest it’s been since 2004.

Why the spike in small business confidence? What does it mean for the ec Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

What's more important than salaries at your small business? Small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes believe they …

Miranda Marquit: Contributor, Journalist, Entrepreneur

There was a time when a graduate from journalism school dreamt of nothing so much as landing that first beat reporter … More
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