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When it comes to sales, so much emphasis has been put on new media methods in recent years.
You need to know how to reach customers on social media.
You need to have a website that makes buying easy for your customers. And you need to have a comprehensive online communication strategy. Read More
In the early 1930s, Walt Disney Productions developed a way of organizing and visualizing a motion picture before it was developed. The storyboard, as it was named, involves arranging illustrations or images into a sequence of squares that represent sequential scenes from the video. Read More
There are few truly innovative and unique products available today. Even those that were once completely unique tend to face some stiff competition after a short period of time. Plenty of businesses have started under the assumption that they were the only one providing a particular product or serv Read More
By now, you may have heard or read the recent New York Times article shining a negative light on Amazon’s company culture.
The report claims the company uses “purposeful Darwinism” to regularly purge employees. The newspaper characterizes this as an “experiment in how far it can push white-collar Read More
Training is the backbone of workplace success, safety, and performance which serve as the catalyst for employee skills improvement and development. Instituting a concrete and comprehensive workplace training program will provide any company with charted results and measurable success. Read More
Nothing. Doing nothing.
Your Business Professor was advising a CEO after a train wreck caused by his team.
It was a case study on how to derail a project on each of the four parts of management. Usually crashing one part of management is enough. I marveled at the thoroughness of the wreckage. Read More
Business conversation is becoming more informal these days with the use of email and texting. The need to respond quickly has given birth to an entirely new vocabulary and acronyms. Many small business owners need to look them up to understand what people are talking about. Read More
For those looking to give your sales team a bit more incentive to try their best, one company has created an app that makes their sales statistics as simple and competitive as fantasy sports.
The app, created by FantasySalesTeam, provides a creative alternative to boring sales contests by using yo Read More
If you want to gain funding for your startup, you need to be able to grab the attention of investors. There are several ways to do this. But one of the more unique methods is the one recently used by Eliam Medina. Read More
Retailers, get ready for yet another opportunity to market and SELL your wares to customers, through social media.
The big thrust of social media, to date, has been content marketing to drive leads through a sales funnel.
However, with the implementation of buy buttons within your social feed, yo Read More

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