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Coming soon after acquiring local online marketing startup Yodle, Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:WEB) has announced some new appointments as it integrates the new acquisition into its company.
Yodle, which focuses on local online marketing for small businesses, is an important addition to Th Read More
Sometimes in business we start with a product or service, a solution to a very specific problem. It’s very clear to us, and it’s clear to our prospects and our clients.
We have great messaging because it’s easy, because we understand the problem we solve. We can build our message around it.
And t Read More
British voters have been debating the implications of their country’s relationship with Europe for decades. On Thursday June 23, that increasingly messy debate will finally reach its climax.
The UK Government has called a public referendum to decide whether Britain should officially cut ties with Read More
You can start a business just about anywhere; it’s true.
But over the past four weeks we’ve taken a particularly close look at some of the cities across the U.S. where entrepreneurs seem to be starting them the most.
What we’ve found is that not only are there cities that seem to serve as hotbeds Read More
Going green is gaining increasing popularity, especially now that the population of the United States is projected to hit 394 million by 2050, while the world population will reach 9.7 billion by the same year, increasing the competition for resources even further. Companies of all sizes are beginn Read More
New York state just passed a paid family leave proposal that some see as the most forward-thinking piece of legislation of its kind ever enacted. Others feel it could turn into a bitter pill that the state’s hundreds of thousands of small businesses may be forced to swallow. Read More
Over the past couple of years, scores of maverick entrepreneurs have been working tirelessly to take the low-cost efficiency demonstrated by taxi service-disrupting upstart Uber and reapply it to a whole host of starkly contrasting industries.
This so-called ‘Uberization’ of the global economy has Read More
Small business owners are often told they need a mobile app to drive sales, boost brand visibility or just bring potential customers into the door of a brick and mortar store. But do apps really serve their purpose for the majority of businesses? It’s a question that should be on every business own Read More
I love running my own business because we have the freedom to move fast. When we spot opportunities we don’t hesitate — we jump on them.
Not long ago, late on a Friday afternoon before a big holiday, we got a sales call here at Small Business Trends. I received a text alert about the call. Only Read More
When you think of dating services, you probably think of platforms that help match people with potential partners based on their common interests. But what happens after that initial connection?
For plenty of couples, coming up with date ideas can be even more difficult than finding potential matc Read More

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