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It’s a universal truth among small business owners: There are only twenty-four hours in the day – but a million and one things to do.
Business chaos is commonplace among entrepreneurs, but there are ways to overcome it if you recognize its causes and think creatively about its solutions.
Having s Read More
Evita Turquoise Robinson loves to travel. She has ever since her college years when she took her first trip to Paris. And it was that love for travel that led her to invite 100 of her Facebook friends to start a traveling group four years ago.
Now, that travel group is known as the Nomadness Trave Read More

5 Quick Ways to Set Goals for Your Small Business

5 Quick Ways to Set Goals for Your Small Business Avatar Posted by lyceum under Management
From 7 days ago
Made Hot by: Digitaladvert on October 9, 2015 8:34 pm
I know what you’re thinking: I am tired of not moving things forward enough in my business. I’m here to tell you that the reason why this is happening is because you are not measuring yourself against business goals. Are you one of these people who says, “Why set goals if you never end up meeting t Read More
What do retail customers really want? With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, now is a good time to ask this question. More than anything, it seems shoppers want their in-store checkout experience to be faster.
In a recent study commissioned by Digimarc, 88 percent of adults say they’d Read More
The single most important aspect of business is the finesse you exhibit when you are with your “audience.” In coaching and teaching communication leadership, I often remind learners to “be kind to your audience.” And I constantly remind them to, “Take responsibility for your audience’s experience o Read More
Angel investors often say they are looking for entrepreneurs with integrity.
After nearly 25 years of teaching entrepreneurship, I still struggle to explain what that means. But over the last two weeks, I had three successive speakers in my entrepreneurial finance class that have provided me with Read More
“Thought leadership” is one of those ubiquitous buzz phrases that dominate content marketing in 2015, right up there with personal brand building.
Your boss is doing it, your boss’s boss is doing it, and you’re doing it. If you’re not, you’re worried that you should be!
As Michael W. McLaughlin w Read More
Twitter has long been considered one of the most useful social platforms for brands. And this week, the microblogging site announced some changes, like removing share counts below tweets and redesigning buttons.
But it’s another social platform that seems to be catching more eyes lately. Instagram Read More
There are plenty of books on management and leadership today, but none comes close to the raw honesty and grit that you will find in “Boss Life: Surviving My Own Small Business” by Paul Downs.
In this short, but highly impactful read, Downs takes the reader on a year-long journey in the pursuit of Read More
If you are in the market looking for a router for your business, you are bound to be tempted by high speeds, flashy features and low cost of the consumer oriented routers. The latest models appear quite attractive to say the least.
But do you think a consumer router can deliver everything that is Read More

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