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The cloud can be an elusive concept for a lot of business owners. You probably know that it’s important. But you might not understand exactly what kind of impact it can have on your business or how you can best utilize it as a business tool.
Since there are many different cloud based tools and fea Read More
If you’re looking for some unique gifts for the people on your holiday gift list, you might consider purchasing some new tech gadgets. There are plenty of different items available with varying price tags and functionality. Here are some gadget gifts to consider for any tech geeks on your gift list Read More
Getting feedback from your customers is critical. Feedback let’s you measure customer response to your product, service or brand and make tweaks where necessary.
But when it comes right down to it, the real question is how your customers prefer to provide you that feedback. (How you prefer to rece Read More
We’ve been focusing a number of our recent conversations on analytics, relationship intelligence and other topics related to finding insights that can help drive your business forward. Mainly because it’s one of the hottest topics in business, and promises to remain hot for the foreseeable future. Read More
If you want to run a mobile business, you need mobile specific tools like a smartphone and a cloud management platform. This week, small businesses got a few new options. First, Verizon called a new LG smartphone perfect for content creators. And Staples launched a new cloud management and records Read More
Go on any social media platform on Election Day and you’re likely to see plenty of photos of “I Voted” stickers.
But even though it’s just a small token for people casting their ballots, those stickers aren’t free. So some cities have been ditching the practice in recent years.
But social media p Read More
Influencer marketing has been the buzzword for two years straight. It has retained the status of a “Breakout” term on Google throughout 2015-2016 experiencing search growth greater than 5,000 percent. Hundreds of tools and “influencer networks” have sprung up; and more than 80 percent of brands are Read More

Skip the Elevator Pitch, Sell With A Story Instead

Skip the Elevator Pitch, Sell With A Story Instead Avatar Posted by lyceum under Sales
From 30 days ago
Made Hot by: robinandy58 on November 9, 2016 10:05 am
How do you connect with strangers and get them to become customers? Businesses have an array of tools to interact with customers (email, phone, social media, mail), but are they really connecting? Perhaps what businesses need isn’t a new technology but a new story. Read More
If you have any artistic skills or crafty hobbies, you might just have one of the essential building blocks of a successful business. There are so many different business opportunities that allow you to share your crafting skills in a variety of different ways. Here are 50 craft business ideas. Read More
Videos can bring your product to life. They are powerful tools that can help you engage shoppers and drive conversions. The problem: they are still one of the most under-utilized ecommerce strategies.
Producing quality videos for your ecommerce site can be expensive and time consuming. Many ecomme Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

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The Next Big Markets for Small Business -- China and India?

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