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See Sir Richard Branson, Gwyneth Paltrow at Sage 2016 in Chicago

See Sir Richard Branson, Gwyneth Paltrow at Sage 2016 in Chicago Avatar Posted by lyceum under News
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He is, for many, the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.
Beginning his career as a magazine publisher at the age of 16, he eventually founded a mail-order record business, later to become a chain of record stores.
His business ventures have since expanded into airlines, mobile communications and eventu Read More
An increasing number of brands and companies are turning to chatbots as a means of enhancing user experience and reaching customers in new ways. With many such chatbots popping up on the widely used platform of Facebook, the spread of chatbots is gaining considerable speed.
Aside from being an obv Read More
As any retail shopper can tell you, checkout lines can make or break the retail experience. Even if you have a great time browsing and find everything you need, coming up against a massive or slow-moving checkout line can ruin the whole experience. Since checkout is a customers’ last impression of Read More
Having a business website is no longer optional. In fact, just having a site isn’t enough. You need a site that really works for your customers. And to do that, you need to look at your website from their point of view.
Smartlook is a tool that aims to help businesses achieve that viewpoint. Read Read More
Welcome to the golden age of social media and digital communications. That’s why breaking news circulates around the globe so quickly — and it’s also why life as a journalist has become more stressful than ever.
From a marketing perspective, that stress presents a golden opportunity.
As a journal Read More
Small business owners are always looking for effective ways to manage and save time running their businesses, and what better way to do that than with new software applications?
If you are one of those business owners who would like to easily create estimates and turn them into invoices for your s Read More
Business practices are constantly changing. And if you want your business to succeed, you need to keep up. Members of the online small business community know just what it takes to update business practices regularly. Check out some of their top tips below. Read More
There’s a busy summer already on tap, with events like Sage Summit 2016 in July and the #BlogHer16 Conference and Small Business Market Expo & Job Fair in August.
In September, events just keep coming with Content Marketing World 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio and TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016 in San Franci Read More
Courage isn’t a one-time feature of business (or really any part of life); yet we often tell stories like it is. We tell the story of the “garage entrepreneur” who gathers the courage to start the business or the employee who asks their boss for a raise.
The Courage Solution: The Power of Truth Te Read More
Many small businesses already understand the value of video when it comes to marketing. But what about if you want to make video the product that your business sells?
In that case, you wouldn’t want to just upload your content to a site like YouTube where anyone can access it for free. But buildin Read More

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