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Here is my first podcast in 2014! What do you think about the format, three things in three minutes? Please listen to the show on Audioboo:

Show notes:

Business idea - podcast. Example: John Jantsch's latest podcast.
New media - newsletter. Examples: TinyLetter (MailChimp), Mad Mimi, Constan Read More
What does it take to be an Entrepreneur? Join us as Grant shares his Entrepreneurial mindset and an inside glance at his journey to becoming a successful Entrepreneur.

Grant has authored 4 business books and customized sales training programs for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, success- Read More

End of Week 52 Podcast Party

End of Week 52 Podcast Party Avatar Posted by lyceum under Social Media
From 109 days ago
Made Hot by: bigmoneyweb on January 4, 2014 5:39 am
How about having a cocktail podcast party on the last Saturday of the year? The risk is that it could turn into a hangover show... ;) I am a bit under the weather today, so I can't talk on the air. I am trying a special remedy: Keemun tea with a splash of Unicum.

Did you know that Twitter has be Read More

EGO Interview with Timo Kiander [podcast]

EGO Interview with Timo Kiander [podcast] Avatar Posted by lyceum under Success Stories
From 110 days ago
Made Hot by: deanuk on January 4, 2014 10:19 am
Listen to my interview with Timo Kiander, a.k.a Productive Superdad.

Show notes:

9 Valuable Lessons Learned After Writing My First Book - Lifehack.

Timo Kiander, The Productive Superdad teaches Us How To Live Life To The Fullest - Daniel Gold, DEG Consulting.

Evernote Smart Notebook by Read More

Fed Up with the Fed after 100 Years

Fed Up with the Fed after 100 Years Avatar Posted by lyceum under News
From 112 days ago
Made Hot by: AmyJordan on December 27, 2013 1:59 pm
Is it time to burn some hell bank notes? Maybe it could be a symbolic gesture after Ben Bernanke is gone?

Do you think that BitCoin could be the solution to the fiat currency that we have today? I don’t see it as an alternative due to the fact that it has no real backing of an objective standard Read More

Interviewing Tools

Interviewing Tools Avatar Posted by lyceum under Social Media
From 116 days ago
Made Hot by: seobromino on December 23, 2013 8:03 am
What kind of tools do you use in order to conduct an interview?

This morning I did an interview with Timo Kiander, also known as Productive Superdad. I wanted to talk about the writing process and content of his new book, Online Business Productivity.

I used an app called SkyRecorder, but aft Read More
It has taken a long time to develop my personalized kanban workflow system, but the pieces are coming together and I am starting to get an overview picture of the time management puzzle. I know that I should have one place for incoming stuff (ideas, notes, to-do activities, projects, etc.), but it Read More
How do you find applications (apps) for your worklife? Do you get tips from the apps highlighted in the app store? Or do you find it by searching for categories? I bet that you find many apps through tips from friends and business contacts. How about online reviews?

I recently upgraded to an iPh Read More

Tea For The Win Book

Tea For The Win Book Avatar Posted by lyceum under Social Media
From 129 days ago
Made Hot by: problogger78 on December 12, 2013 5:27 pm
As you could see, I have now started my new blog for my upcoming book, Tea For The Win. I am working on a subtitle…

You will be able to follow along the book project with the hashtag, #teaFTWbook. I have been using the hashtag, #teaFTW for some time now.

Some things that I have to “chew” and Read More

The Creative Process

The Creative Process Avatar Posted by lyceum under Self-Development
From 131 days ago
Made Hot by: robinandy58 on December 11, 2013 9:52 am
I will be studying the works by Robert Fritz during 2014. Tomas Löwstedt of Dynamic Urge will guide me through the creative process. Here is an excerpt from the post, The Most Successful Process for Accomplishment in History: ...

What's is your take on the creative process in your daily work? Read More

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