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The problem with that is that the SERPs are not static. Just because you reached the top of the SERPs does not mean that you will remain there. SEO is constantly evolving. You can’t just ignore what got you to the top position. You have to stay up to date with the latest trends in order to defend y Read More
Most of us know about Windows 10 and Office 365, and rely on them daily. But I’m here to tell you there’s a lot more going on at Microsoft. Here are 10 highly useful Microsoft products and features that if you are not aware of, I suggest you explore. Read More
James Farhat, CEO of Applications Consulting Training Solutions, an ISV and technology solution provider based in Jacksonville, Fla., spoke with Small Business Trends regarding his experience in becoming a cloud-ready IT company and in transitioning his clientele to the cloud. Read More
Customer service is an essential function for any business. But it’s not always easy to manage. You need to have an actual system for helping your customers solve a wide variety of issues and concerns. That’s exactly the problem that AzureDesk aims to help small businesses solve. Read More

32 College Startups Compete in Madness Style Tournament

32 College Startups Compete in Madness Style Tournament Avatar Posted by stillwagon428 under Startups
From 148 days ago
Made Hot by: sophia2 on January 29, 2017 12:53 am
Taking place at South By Southwest in March, the Student Startup Madness tournament is a nationwide competition that focuses on digital media startups founded by college students. The 32 semi-finalist teams come from 23 different colleges and universities around the country and create products and Read More
We’ve collected these display advertising statistics from a variety of sources. If you’re unsure of the differences between the different types of display advertising, there’s an explanation beneath the statistics. Read More
Today, many small businesses still rely on methods to deliver goods and services to their customers with a fleet of vehicles; often times grouping jobs together loosely based on location, letting drivers decide, or plotting what seems to be the most efficient route on a free online mapping service. Read More
WiFi is considered the most useful and significant aspects of using a computer. But sometimes, working on a WiFi connection can get too frustrating due to poor signal strengths resulting in slow internet connections. There are certain ways that you can implement to boost your home/business WiFi sig Read More

50 One Page Website Templates for Your Business

50 One Page Website Templates for Your Business Avatar Posted by stillwagon428 under Marketing
From 150 days ago
Made Hot by: mikehartman1 on January 26, 2017 6:17 am
One Page, sometimes referred to as Single Page web design, is an interesting way to have your business details in one place. This type of website is particularly useful for highlighting a specific product or service. You could therefore use a One Page template to inform your viewers immediately of Read More
For entrepreneurs who want to start a business close to home and maybe spend some time outside too, a backyard business might be the right choice for you. It might sound like a strange concept, but there are actually plenty of businesses that you could potentially run right from your very own yard. Read More

Give millennials a reason to stay - The benefits that can help you retain young talent

Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

Rachel Parker @resonancesocial Makes Social Sensational

You may have heard this story before. Dedicated, experienced corporate professional grows tired of the lack of … More
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