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A lot of first-time business owners are simply unprepared for what to expect their first year, and that leads to their own demise. But if you can survive the first 12 months, you have a decent shot at long-term success. Here’s what you need to be aware of if you’re planning to launch a business thi Read More
Sam Mallikarjunan, Principal Marketing Strategist at HubSpot and editor of, discusses how the site differs from the content HubSpot is best known for, why they built the site on Medium and how it’s helping them compete with established management brands like Harvard Business Review Read More
Is your business located in an area hard hit by winter weather? If your business has vehicles that transport goods between locations, make deliveries, are used regularly for business meetings or for making sales calls, then you may need to take some extra precautions. Here are 21 things you should Read More
Flight delays can be hard enough on the average traveler. But if you’re busy running a small business, those delays can be even more of a hassle. Fortunately, you don’t have to just accept a lack of productivity. There are plenty of ways you can use that delay to get stuff done. Here are 25 tips fo Read More
We all like getting paid. As entrepreneurs or freelancers (or both), you need that cash flow. Without it, your business doesn’t thrive and your family doesn’t eat. The cornerstone to getting paid is more effective invoicing. Here are five tips that can help you with more effective invoicing. Read More
If you’re a business owner you have other priorities, and these priorities usually have to do with profit. Your success in 2017 will benefit your employees, your customers, your suppliers, your vendors and your family. To succeed you need to grow, and to grow you need to invest. So here are three Read More
Given the importance of email marketing to retailers, your approach to email needs to be on point. Take this seven-step email marketing checkup and see how you’re doing. Read More
If you’re looking to break into the franchise business in the new year, but want to make sure it’s an environmentally friendly opportunity, you’re in luck. Here are 50 green franchise opportunities for you to consider in 2017. Read More
Running your own business is a great way to experience career flexibility and financial independence. While it’s an idea that has crossed nearly everyone’s mind at one point or another, very few actually capitalize on such thoughts. There are a number of common barriers that are inherent to the sta Read More
Livestreaming is becoming increasingly popular with individuals and businesses alike. But for businesses that actually want to increase revenue through livestreaming, there aren’t quite as many options. That’s where Peeks comes in. The company mixes livestreaming and social commerce in one platform Read More

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