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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved a proposal that would make room for software, hardware devices and other technology innovations to compete with the set-top boxes that consumers lease from cable, satellite and telco companies. Read More
Many retailers are focusing on the wrong things when it comes to their customer loyalty programs. Here are three common mistakes retailers make when it comes to loyalty programs, and what you can do instead to make them right. Read More
If you’re considering seeking funding to either launch or grow your business, angel investors are one potential source of financing worth considering. But realize: angel investors get pitched every day, and turn down 90 percent of the startups that approach them. What can you do to put yourself in Read More
Pinterest is finally introducing Buyable Pins to the web version of its site — and a new shopping bag is being rolled out too. Read More
A new breed of artisan shops that offer specialty donuts topped with everything from candied bacon to cereal are making their way into markets across the country. If you want to build a business that’s a part of this growing trend, you’ll need a few key things to get started. Here’s a quick guide o Read More
If you don’t know your Pikachu from your Pichu or if you have no idea what either of those are, that doesn’t mean you have to stand out in left field as the rest of the world — and thousands of businesses big and small — capitalize on the Pokemon Go craze. Read More
Jason Mann, director of emerging solutions and product management for SAS, a leading provider of business analytics software and services, shares how companies can capitalize on Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities from both efficiency and revenue generating perspectives. Read More
The juice bar industry is thriving. According to IBISWorld, the juice and smoothie bar industry brings in about $2 billion per year and is experiencing a steady rate of growth. If you’re interested in being a part of that growing industry, here are some juice bar franchise opportunities to consider Read More
Sometimes a malware infection is plain as day. Other times it’s a silent killer. If you want to know whether or not your machine is sick, you first need to understand the symptoms. So let’s take a look at the telltale signs. Read More
Visits to food trucks may have been down in 2015, according to data collected by Foursquare. But food trucks remain a low overhead, popular business. Here’s a simple guide to setting up a food truck business. Read More

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Multiple Marketing Channels Increase Sales

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