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Ruth Sherman prepares CEOs, Oscar-winning celebrities and entrepreneurs for public speaking and video opportunities. She recently spoke with Small Business Trends in an exclusive interview regarding the art of giving a great speech, whether live or as a video presentation. Read More
When trying to sell your brand, it’s better to understand effective sales techniques rather than just memorize a script. When you take the time to learn these techniques, you will introduce your company in a way that will make your company irresistible. Read More
The Apple Watch, not the iWatch, has now been on wrists for at least several weeks. So far, even with some first-gen hiccups, the Apple Watch has proven to be a well-constructed smartwatch that should come in handy for small business owners thanks to the eight following apps. Read More
Computers help us work, as well as play, without ever having to leave home. Unfortunately, there is a price to be paid for the opportunities and convenience that technology provides including poor health. Here are a few benefits you can reap by taking time away from technology. Read More
Smartphones are everywhere. Sixty-four percent of American adults own one, and that doesn’t even include the staggering number of American teens carrying them in their pockets. This has ushered in the era of mobile marketing. Read More
Marketing a local business is not necessarily the same as marketing a nationwide or online business. But that doesn’t mean that online tools like social media and search marketing aren’t necessary. ReachLocal knows the power that these online marketing tools can have for local businesses. Read More
You don’t need much money to start a business. In fact, with just $100 you can start a number of service businesses from pet sitting to tutoring. Read More
Etsy went public recently. The popular website for buying and selling arts and crafts has made a huge impact on the market. Still, the IPO met with some skepticism when first announced, with key concerns stemming from Etsy’s unprofitable growth. Read More
There are many challenges to starting and operating a daycare center, as well as many rewards besides just financial. Working with children can be fulfilling and inspiring in and of itself. Be sure to ask yourself these questions, and get the answers, before you begin your daycare business. Read More
You may have noticed a new Facebook Ads Relevance Score has been added for advertisers to help improve their algorithm and be more transparent with those advertising on Facebook. Read More

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Kenji Crosland: What Makes a Person an Entrepreneur?

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