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May 1 of this year marks the first day of National Small Business Week. That means its time for a huge variety of different events aimed at celebrating all things related to small business and entrepreneurship. Read More
But the fun and fresh look can quickly turn into dread and tears if you are not fully prepared for what life as a handmade entrepreneur is truly like. This article is designed to give you a heads up. Read More
For retailers, PWC’s Total Retail 2016 study has a wealth of useful information about shopper behavior. But one statistic stood out for me because it’s so surprising: Millennial customers actually shop at physical stores more — not less — than other generations. Read More
When you have just under two hours to determine if the person sitting opposite you is the right fit for your company or not, every question matters. We’ve accrued so much free advice on how to hire for customer support that we decided to put it together in one place and share the love. Read More
There’s certainly no shortage of pizza businesses already in existence. But there’s always room for more. If you’re interested in owning your own pizza franchise, but want more options than just Pizza Hut and Domino’s take a look at this list of pizza franchises. Read More
Fiverr is the largest creative services marketplace in the world, according to Aimy Ngo, business development and market strategist at Fiverr. She recently sat down with me in an interview to explain what has made Fiverr such a thriving creative services marketplace. Read More
Creating music for videos requires some level of talent and it might be expensive, too. Luckily, the advent of the Internet brought along many affordable, and sometimes even free, online tools for creating music for videos and podcasts. All you need is a decent Internet connection, a computer and o Read More
Spring is a time for renewal and new possibilities. Your small business may use some spring cleaning, too, with a few smart changes. Read More
Google has always been known to safeguard its applications to thwart anyone from using them for fraudulent activities. Recent developments in this regard have had Google defending its ad systems to prevent something known as clickjacking. Read More
There are plenty of different ways to reduce your carbon footprint or develop other eco-friendly business behaviors. Here are some environmentally friendly business apps to help your business go green. Read More

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