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10 Easy Ways Small Businesses Should Track Competitors

10 Easy Ways Small Businesses Should Track Competitors Avatar Posted by stillwagon428 under Marketing
From 3 days ago
Made Hot by: maestro68 on April 24, 2017 3:12 pm
How can small businesses track and monitor their competition? Small Business Trends caught up with Mike Tinz, VP at Money Mailer, a leader in direct marketing, which offers local businesses a unique portfolio of marketing solutions. Mike Tinz provided insight and tips into how small business owners Read More
If you’re self-employed and trying to boost your retirement savings, Solo 401(k) plans are a potential option. For an owner-only business, it presents an option for ensuring your savings are sufficient to fund your retirement years. Is a Solo 401(k) is right for you? Here are four reasons it’s wort Read More
If you are looking for ways to drive more users to your web and product pages, these are tried and tested strategies that will make an impact on your traffic and bottom line. Read More
For electronic devices ranging from printers to mobile devices, recycling can be a great option. There are plenty of benefits for businesses and ways you can recycle relatively easily. Here are some reasons why your business should recycle electronics along with tips for doing so. Read More
Innovation is about unleashing creative thought, looking at things from different angles and coming up with new ways to solve problems. Yet innovation isn't something that can be easily learned in a workshop or seminar. I think it's more effective to lead by example, and show others how to think an Read More
Social media marketing is powerful, but can become a time sink if you let it. And face it, none of us have unlimited resources -- we have to use the time and staff we have wisely. Setting up a social media calendar helps organize your business’s efforts and make the most of your limited resources. Read More
Eversign is a cloud-based digital signature software that allows large enterprises and small businesses alike to securely sign, approve and digitally deliver legally binding documents. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or freelancing solopreneur makes no difference. This tool perfectly integrate Read More
In general, the times when you need money the most are going to be the times when it’s hardest to get. Think about it from a lender’s perspective. If you’re hemorrhaging money, you’re a lousy risk. But even successful entrepreneurs have moments when there’s just an ugly money crunch, and the onl Read More
The cloud can be a powerful tool in many different areas of business. But it can be especially helpful when it comes to sales and marketing. SalezShark is one company that offers a cloud platform that’s made to help businesses manage their sales and marketing efforts. Read More

The Benefits of a Business Dashboard

The Benefits of a Business Dashboard Avatar Posted by stillwagon428 under Management
From 4 days ago
Made Hot by: FutureVision on April 21, 2017 5:42 pm
The vast majority of businesses today have a digital presence. This means they are generating data at all times, whether it is internally or externally. This data could include customer purchase history, website visitors, email and phone lists and more. This data can be important for future marketi Read More

Give millennials a reason to stay - The benefits that can help you retain young talent

Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

Miranda Marquit: Contributor, Journalist, Entrepreneur

There was a time when a graduate from journalism school dreamt of nothing so much as landing that first beat reporter … More
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