Customer Service section contains articles about customer service, one of the most important parts of any small business. This section is full of great tips on how to improve your customer service, what to do when your customer service is not-so-good and much more.

Choosing the right eCommerce fulfillment type is critical to running a successful online store, let's compare 3PL, self-fulfillment and drop-shipping.

You decided to start an eCommerce business selling awesome products, but you have to deliver them in a way that your customers like.

Speed, av Read More
Co-working spaces are fast becoming a global phenomenon. From Europe to the Americas, from Africa to Asia, the tide is on the rise. Almost every other hospitality player is taking note of this emerging trend. People are refusing the traditional office-style workplace. They want freedom, travel, and Read More
Improving customer experience should be a priority for all businesses. Here are 5 simple ways to do it. Read More
This is the time where we as Hoteliers need to be bold and innovative with new technology, transactional customer experience and prepare for the next chapter for the Hotel Industry.

Is your Hotel ready to make a blast with new transactional customer experiences?

Being an Read More
A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a detailed document companies compile to help their employees effectively handle processes and respond appropriately in a variety of possible scenarios. Usually, the scope of one SOP is one process, like onboarding a new employee, or ordering stock. Read More
Are you ready to discover some new innovative and creative ways to induce Happiness and enable your Hotel to Scale Productivity and Revenue?

To me Hospitality is Art. It is like the painter that uses a combination of colors to create a picture. And we all will have a different perspect Read More
There are so many layers to a modern support team.

Some companies will have countless reps working hard each day to champion the customer and empower them to do what they need to do.
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Customer Service A Dying Art

Customer Service A Dying Art - Avatar Posted by AreMorch under Customer Service
From 58 days ago
Made Hot by: AmyJordan on August 25, 2018 11:02 am
Today Customer Service is a dying art for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry. If you are a Hotelie by heart, worked for a Hotel or in the Hospitality Industry you been positioned to believe that customer service is the key to success. Customer Service has been the core of your role as a servant fo Read More
The Art of Customer Relationship Building in the Digital Age
Customer Relationship Building is the backbone of building brand awareness and creating a positive relationship with your customer.

The Art of Customer Relationship Building in the Digital Age

Customers are your lifeblood. If yo Read More

How to Create a Customer for Life

How to Create a Customer for Life   - Avatar Posted by SPCowan under Customer Service
From 130 days ago
Made Hot by: Digitaladvert on June 15, 2018 8:47 pm
Only 18% of businesses prioritise customer retention over customer acquisition. Find out the different methods you can use to create a customer for life. Read More

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