SaaS Customer Support: The 4 Moments of Truth

SaaS Customer Support: The 4 Moments of Truth Avatar Posted by shatekpatrick under Customer Service
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Made Hot by: Angie593 on July 20, 2016 4:34 am
Customers relationships are the lifeblood of every SaaS business. However, regardless of their years of operation, there are moments when these relationships can — for better or worse — dramatically change.

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When it comes to brand building or rebranding, customer service is often the last and most ignored piece of the puzzle. Neglecting customer care is a huge mistake and a missed opportunity to attract and retain customers, differentiate the business and strengthen brand loyalty. Read More
You know the importance of having great customer support. As a young company, you take pride in this—it’s what separates you from industry giants. You’re able to give your customers the individualized attention in a fast turnaround time. You’re even able to have relationships with your customers, l Read More
Customer service is not just a once off exercise. Companies need to constantly tweak and adjust their customer services policies. But before drafting the policy it is essential to understand what customer service really means Read More
Nearly 92 percent of consumers who search online for products or services trust peer reviews over advertising and when they find negative reviews, they are more likely to sway from you’re your direction and instead choose one of your competitors. Top-notch SEO, massive social reach, and stellar cam Read More
Looking for a proven way to grow your business? Customer engagement could be a great way, since it often leads to organic growth. Thus, we put significant efforts to engage with customers after we realized how important this engagement can be. Read More

What customer success managers actually do all day

What customer success managers actually do all day Avatar Posted by joannw2016 under Customer Service
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Made Hot by: Liz_062 on June 17, 2016 1:39 pm
People with ‘customer success’ in their job title haven’t been around for very long. They’re kind of like sales, but not focused on selling. They’re a bit like support, but don’t deal with just any old tyre-kicker.
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Nowadays, psychology and strategy go hand in hand. It is really not a surprise that understanding human behaviour has become a key element in every field, be it fashion, entertainment, consulting etc.

Consumer psychology is even more important for marketers since their main job is to persuade pe Read More
Interested in boosting customer desire?
A classic study that demonstrates the psychology of scarcity reveals an interesting quirk of human behavior that may hold a clue. Read More

4 Tips on Managing Your Remote Customer Service Team

4 Tips on Managing Your Remote Customer Service Team Avatar Posted by smpayton under Customer Service
From 772 days ago
Made Hot by: JoshRed on May 12, 2016 12:20 pm
Managing your remote customer service team can certainly be hard, but it can be done. The following four tips will help you make it happen. Read More

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