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The May issue of Wired magazine (the printed version) was of special interest to me. Within the few pages at the front of the magazine, there were 4 full-page ads (one was a two-page spread) for major consumer brands, each featuring different mobile response methods to entice readers to engage furt Read More
To help you create effective and targeted email campaigns, here are some tips from the pros here at Knotice.
“A great campaign is tightly targeted, well tested and timely. Targeted, to make sure the message is relevant for the recipient while providing the best ROI for the sender.... Read More
When done right, your app can further connect with a highly engaged and active consumer base – one that is attached to your brand with a device they trust and carry with them all the time. Read More

The Evolution of Direct Digital Marketing

The Evolution of Direct Digital Marketing Avatar Posted by cb711 under Marketing
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Made Hot by: Ruth Stone on March 26, 2011 6:04 pm
Direct digital marketing is specifically about addressability. It’s what makes it “direct.” Two years ago, this was identified as the email address, the mobile phone number, and the web browser cookie. While that description still holds true today, the context around those addressable forms of mark Read More
When it comes to QR codes vs. Microsoft Tag, I feel there is space for both. In fact, the situational usage for each can actually determine the level of success of an effort or over time. As we’ve said before there are advantages to considering either technology. Costs are currently a moot point, w Read More
There are a myriad of potentially different experiences out there when one considers the combinations of devices (desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets), Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) and mail clients or readers (IE, Firefox, Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Gmail, various ISP Read More
One slick way to bring together online and offline marketing channels is with the use of PURLs (or “personalized URLs”). These individualized web experiences are a way for marketers to extend the personalization, segmentation and measurement inherent in direct digital marketing, addressable from, s Read More
Social media has to be understood by email marketers – or any direct digital marketer – not as a digital marketing channel to manage in alongside but in coordination with email, but as truly a new communications paradigm. Read More
At the end of the second week though, I logged in to find a slew of emails from vendors whose email lists I had apparently signed (tough to remember from two weeks ago). And the email marketing practices I’ve seen since have been surprising.

Whether you’re a small business or large organization, Read More
No doubt, if you care about advertising and marketing, you’ve read some amazingly in-depth reviews of the high-dollar advertising efforts of brands that sought to take “ad-vantage” of the 45th Super Bowl.

It was great to see such an exciting game, and I admit to working overtime during every com Read More

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