You Can Now Buy Ads in Facebook Marketplace

You Can Now Buy Ads in Facebook Marketplace Avatar Posted by stillwagon428 under Social Media
From 8 days ago
Made Hot by: Digitaladvert on June 19, 2018 7:33 pm
When Facebook introduced Marketplace in 2016 the goal was to provide a platform for buying and selling locally. Today the company is announcing businesses will be able to place ads in Marketplace so they can reach users while they are shopping. Read More
In Part 2 of this series of blog posts about Terry, an IT guy who was let go from his job, we find out if Terry is a good fit for the franchise business model. And more. Read More
it IS possible for small business owners to challenge their big competitors AND win. The key is finding the right talent and properly targeting your marketing effort. Read More

A plea for institutional knowledge

A plea for institutional knowledge Avatar Posted by estherschindler under Human Resources
From 9 days ago
Made Hot by: logistico on June 19, 2018 10:18 am
Team members come and go. When they leave, so does information that enables the company to run and thrive. Here's how to minimize that brain drain.
Read More
Savvy entrepreneurs start testing their ideas on potential customers even before the concept is fully cooked. They have enough confidence in their ability to deliver that they don’t worry about someone stealing the idea to get there first, and they don’t forget to listen carefully to critical feedb Read More
The sharing economy and online selling platforms have brought about many new opportunities for entrepreneurs and consumers. But it has also led to new opportunities for scammers. Sometimes, spotting a scam can be difficult for an individual. That’s where Fireball Approves comes in.
The company’s o Read More
The blockchain concept allows us easy access to the virtual blocks, so that we can take a look and figure out all pieces of evidence, in case there’s a need to know what’s happening out in the digital realm.

The phenomenon is heavily influencing or at least going to influence other domains as w Read More

Sub-Domains VS Sub-Folders - Which One To Use?

Avatar Posted by GaryShouldis under Strategy
From 8 days ago
Made Hot by: bloggerpalooza on June 18, 2018 5:27 pm
Should I use a sub-domain or a sub-folder? This is a common question people ask when adding a blog, landing page or ecommerce store to your website. In this video, I discuss the difference between a sub-domain and a sub-folder (or sub-directory)and which one you should use based on what you need Read More
You don’t have to sell fireworks or powdered wigs to enjoy a sales spike on the 4th. You just need Fourth of July marketing ideas for seasonal shoppers! Read More
The content marketing arena has always been changing and is getting updated from time to time.

One needs to get updated with the latest trends that are implemented every now and then otherwise you will be lagged behind.

Right from the beginning of the year 2018, there are a lot of changes hap Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

What's more important than salaries at your small business? Small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes believe they …

Suzie Poirier @aceconcierge Builds Virtual Partnerships

Growing a business, especially online, requires you to wear many hats. If you focus on all the little things, you can … More
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