Anyone who's been in the business-to-business (B2B) space for any amount of time knows that, depending on the product or service you're selling, sales cycles can range from days to years. Anything marketers and salespeople can do to expedite decision-making without pressuring prospects too much can Read More

How to implement a summer dress code

How to implement a summer dress code Avatar Posted by Workopolis under Management
From 7 days ago
Made Hot by: MarketWiz on July 24, 2017 12:53 am
With temperatures ticking upwards, hemlines at your office are probably going up too. But when the casual summer styles start popping up, it can lead to some inappropriate attire - and confusion about office policies. Here's how to handle it. Read More

22 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Worst Habit

22 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Worst Habit Avatar Posted by wmharris101 under Marketing
From 6 days ago
Made Hot by: marketingvalue on July 24, 2017 12:44 am
Don’t let imperfections get in the way of your success. Everybody has bad habits and those who have achieved entrepreneurial success are no exception. Some are created by the pressure of dealing with greatness while others are there just because we're human. Keeping those bad habits a secret helps Read More
Never tweet an Instagram link. Tweet images, yours and those of others. When you tweet right from Instagram the image isn't attached! Read More
The Chinese have created their own social networks, just like Facebook and Twitter — some with millions of users. This is why every small business that wants to sell its products in China needs to pay attention to these sites. Read More
In the age of Amazon and Barnes & Noble, how can an independent bookseller compete? Here’s how one small business owner took on the challenge. Read More
Small businesses аrе ѕоmеtimеѕ thе ѕlоwеѕt tо adapt to еmеrging trеndѕ. However, соmраniеѕ thаt quickly bеnеfit from new tесhnоlоgiеѕ аrе often thе mоѕt successful. Hеrе are 14 nеw tесhnоlоgiеѕ thаt сhаngе thе wау wе dо buѕinеѕѕ: Read More

Doug Wants To Buy A Franchise But Is Scared As Heck

Doug Wants To Buy A Franchise But Is Scared As Heck Avatar Posted by franpro under Franchises
From 7 days ago
Made Hot by: problogger78 on July 23, 2017 2:53 pm
What? You think folks who are getting close to buying a franchise aren't scared? Well, I have news for you. Unless you're a robot-you're going to be scared. Read why Doug is scared and what he did to help him alleviate some of his fear. Read More

Startup Marketing: How to Get Your First 1000 Customers

Startup Marketing: How to Get Your First 1000 Customers Avatar Posted by jondyer under Startups
From 7 days ago
Made Hot by: JoshRed on July 23, 2017 2:21 pm
So you're launching a new product, but who are you going to sell it to? One of the biggest challenges any company will face is finding their market out of the gate and reaching their first few hundred customers. In this post, Gleb Budman, co-founder and CEO of the online backup startup Backblaze, d Read More
Remember when social media first became a “thing” and businesses were obsessed with their number of followers, friends and likes?   Read More

Give millennials a reason to stay - The benefits that can help you retain young talent

Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

BizSugar Contributor Focuses on Coaching

Though she is a consummate professional with years of experience in the corporate world, her business clients today all … More
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