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Managing a business is already tough, and for those who have a distractible nature, it can be even more difficult to get through some of the more tedious moments. Fortunately, through managing distraction and strategically delegating tasks, productivity can still be held to a high standard. Read More
The IRS recently released it’s latest information about what to expect in terms of tax-advantaged retirement accounts in 2015. Read More
The IRS has released its new brackets for 2015, which means that you need to pay attention to these starting January 1, 2015 Read More
When it comes to marketing your business, social media has proven to be quite beneficial and effective. Whether you’re a small or large business, using every outlet available for social media will help get the information, news and product arrivals to your audience quickly and immediately.
Read More
Your business logo is more important than you might have thought. In this article you will read out the ways that you can follow to get a powerful logo. Read More
Starting a new business isn’t an easy thing. And it’s even more difficult to make people know about your offerings. So, when you set up a business, marketing is a must. You need to think about different ways to reach out to people. Marketing for startups is a completely different thing. Read More
If I could go back three years and have a conversation with myself, as the person I was then, I’d have three important words I’d want to say. Those words are:

“Always be yourself.”

That’s because three years ago I was in a very different position. Three years ago it felt like my world was cra Read More

Top 5 holiday gifts for clients and employees

Top 5 holiday gifts for clients and employees Avatar Posted by devan under Management
From 82 days ago
Made Hot by: logistico on November 11, 2014 11:27 am
Besides the fact that Brad doesn’t believe employees should buy gifts for bosses, and the fact that Jill wishes that regifting was socially acceptable, Jill & Brad discuss their Top 5 gifts that make them, and the recipients, very happy to know each other. Things like food and booze don’t fly for s Read More

Fill Your Business Pipeline: How to Get More Leads [Workshop]

Fill Your Business Pipeline: How to Get More Leads [Workshop] Avatar Posted by mmangen under Marketing
From 82 days ago
Made Hot by: JoshRed on November 11, 2014 1:15 am
Want to nail new business prospecting and lead gen for your small to midsize business or agency? This free workshop should be on your must attend list. Read More
If you want to keep your audience engaged (and possibly spending money), there are a few cool ideas that can help you propel your business to the next level. Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

Today 4 in 10 women are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families,¹ and they do more than twice the amount …

Mike Allton @mike_allton Wears Many Hats in Business

It's often said that small business people wear a lot of hats. To BizSugar members, the hat most associated with small … More
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