Being unprepared come tax time can create a cash flow crunch. Avoid this by incorporating tax forecasting into your cash flow management strategy. Read More
Choosing the right time clock for your business can be daunting it’s not just about matching your business needs with a solution. Read More
A common question that tax practitioners often hear from our small business clients is “Why doesn’t my business get a tax refund?” Taxpayers, in general, receive a refund only when they have paid in more tax than was actually due on their return.

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Tax credits are an important type of tax break because every dollar of tax credit saves one dollar in taxes. During National Small Business Week it’s helpful to take note of certain federal tax credits that can only be used by small businesses. Here are five credits — what they are and how you dete Read More
It can be confusing to determine your principal place of business when you operate in different locations. Some businesses have multiple store locations in different cities or states, and some smaller businesses operate out of a home or spend most of their time on the road visiting customers.

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The United States Treasury dropped a bombshell at the White House yesterday when Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin announced plans to slash taxation rates on all American businesses. The proposed maximum tax rate would fall to a paltry 15 percent — down from the current 39.6 percent rate cur Read More
Solopreneurs and freelancers often find filing their income tax returns an excruciating process. If this sounds like you, there's hope for the 2017 tax year. This post shares some practical tips to make the task a less daunting ordeal when tax time rolls around next year. Read More
When you start a business, you need to choose an entity type.

However, selecting the right structure makes all the difference. Read More
Whether this is your first time filing taxes as a small business owner or your 15th, tax season is rarely an anxiety-free operation.

Even if you’ve dotted every “i,” crossed every “t,” and placed everything in the hands of a capable accountant, you’re bound to be feeling some jitters. Read More
When you’re a customer, sales tax is pretty simple. You go to the store, buy something, and pay a small extra percentage on the item. But when you’re a product seller, sales tax gets a little more complex, especially if you sell online.

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