Solopreneurs and freelancers often find filing their income tax returns an excruciating process. If this sounds like you, there's hope for the 2017 tax year. This post shares some practical tips to make the task a less daunting ordeal when tax time rolls around next year. Read More
When you start a business, you need to choose an entity type.

However, selecting the right structure makes all the difference. Read More
Whether this is your first time filing taxes as a small business owner or your 15th, tax season is rarely an anxiety-free operation.

Even if you’ve dotted every “i,” crossed every “t,” and placed everything in the hands of a capable accountant, you’re bound to be feeling some jitters. Read More
When you’re a customer, sales tax is pretty simple. You go to the store, buy something, and pay a small extra percentage on the item. But when you’re a product seller, sales tax gets a little more complex, especially if you sell online.

Read More
Most business people are aware that they can write off some of the costs of operating a standard gasoline- or diesel-based car, truck or van for business use. But with electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, we’re talking about money that comes right off the top of your tax liability — in the form of Read More
There are cases where someone has used the same tax professional for a long time and they are reluctant to change. Usually the client and tax advisor have built a great personal relationship over many years of working together.

Read More
As much as starting and running a business involves grit and good ideas, it also involves the delightful tedium of paperwork—and knowing which forms the government needs from you based on the type of business you own.

Read More
Quarterly tax payments come around every 3 months. For business owners, payments for the following year are usually estimated by your accountant or through which ever tax filing software you might be using.

To make it simple to remember when to pay your quarterly taxes, I’ve created a Read More
This guide breaks down the types of federal taxes your business may be subject to, how these taxes are applied to different types of business types, and the different rates applied to your business earnings.

Read More
Do you prepare and file your company’s taxes?

If you’ve been processing your business taxes, you might have been doing so incorrectly for years. You might have overlooked deductions that you could have taken. You might have missed credits and itemized items that you could have applied. Read More

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